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Catherine of Little Glowing Lights

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 26th January 2011

Cute details in the Hobart home of Catherine from Little Glowing Lights!

Bunting never looked so good.

LOVING this loungeroom shot!  Which was not actually submitted by Catherine for this story but I stole from her Flickr at the last minute. SO naughty.  But really, Gorgeous, no?

Oh yes.

Pretty details.

WELL today is a bit exciting because would you believe this is the FIRST Tasmanian home to grace the pages of TDF?!  Oh my.  How very negligent not to have posted any homes from the island state earlier!  Judging by this beauty there are surely some gems to be found there!

Anyway.  This is the gorgeous apartment of Catherine who writes the excellent blog Little Glowing Lights!  WHICH incidently is instant bookmark material.  :)  Such a beautiful site full of stunning photos taken by Catherine, with a leaning towards pretty interiors and delectable home-cooked food.  Super pretty.  Well worth a visit!

Catherine’s home is close to the city in West Hobart.  She’s lucky to live in this beautiful little flat all by herself – ‘I like the freedom that gives me to decorate as I like : )’  says Catherine.  Here here!  That explains the sheer girly gorgeousness we see here!   Catherine has lived here for nearly two and half years now, and says she is inspired by lots of different things when it comes to decorating her home –  ‘I love Scandinavian design, but also elements of shabby chic, mid century modern, and Edwardian antiques.’  After browsing the beautiful sets on her flickr, her eclectic style is evident in the endless re-arranging of her surroundings – it seems her furniture, artwork and trinkets are always on high rotation!

Catherine especially loves the high ceilings, old floorboards, mantelpieces and importantly the pictures rails in her older style apartment.  She reckons the space itself is quite small, and says there is absolutely no built-in storage, so one of the biggest challenges has been to ‘hide the stuff that I don’t want to see or use every day’.  She would also LOVE it  if the landlord would repaint  in a cleaner white shade!  OH I hope they are reading!  We could start a Design Files landlord repainting campaign perhaps…?

When asked for interesting facts about the styling / decoration of her place, Catherine says her main consideration really has been a modest budget  – ‘I have decorated my flat with a very small budget and not buying very many brand new pieces at all. Most pieces have been hand-me-downs given a lick of paint or bargain finds. In the future I would like to splurge a little bit more.’  WELL I have to say it is SO inspiring to see just what can be done on a budget!  Catherine really had made this home such a beautiful, serene and welcoming space… super impressed.

HUGE THANKS to Catherine not only for sharing her beautiful place, but for taking such stunning pics!  Do make sure to visit her blog and Flickr for more lovely photos!

ALSO another huge thanks and pat on the back is in order for TDF sub-editor extraordinaire Jenny Butler – once again this home was sourced entirely by Jenny B and I can take no credit at all!   Stellar detective work!

Blue details in the loungeroom

Pretty details on the mantelpiece (an ever-changing display!)

Kitchen details

Bedroom details

LOVE THAT BAY WINDOW!  What a great spot to work.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 26th January 2011


  • tess 6 years ago

    I second that bay window envy! Love the entryway light as well. Lucky thing!

  • Sarah B 6 years ago

    Yay for Catherine!!! She and I are bloggy friends and I have had the pleasure of meeting her IRL. I love her interior styling and her photography is wonderful! :)

  • Sarah B 6 years ago

    ps. go Tassie!!

  • Dawn 6 years ago

    Oh this is just to beautiful to be true! Those bay windows.. Oh so beautiful! Thanks for sharing! : )

  • Great use of color!

  • Great use of color!!

  • captain kk 6 years ago

    one of my favourite blogs. beautiful super stylin home. absolute love catherine’s teeny tiny colourful bunting.

  • Esz 6 years ago

    Oooh I used to live in West Hobart – Really nice part of town. Most of the suburb has fantastic bay views.

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    Love Catherine’s blog and loe her home – she has such a great way of decorating and styling things.

  • Jane Flanagan 6 years ago

    I adore Catherine and her blog and am overjoyed to see her here today. Thank you both for doing this. It is such a beautiful, inspiring home!

  • Margit Rosenaa 6 years ago

    super nice!!!
    thank you for sharing

  • Debbie da Canha 6 years ago

    what a stunning place! very inspirational knowing there was no excessive budgett o make it so beautiful. Just goes to show, its what the ownwer exudes in most cases.Thank you for sharing her home.Debra x

  • Sayher 6 years ago

    Loving all the little details. The small little glass bottles and the little fish on the place look great! The bunting looks awesome too!

  • Lucent Imagery 6 years ago

    Thank you for featuring Catherine’s home here. I’m a relatively new follower of her blog after I’ve been searching for more blogs by fellow Aussies. I also don’t use Flickr so it has been great to get an insight into her home and her fantastic decorating style. It reaffirms my new found love for her blog.

  • Lulu 6 years ago

    Beautiful use of colour, very calming.

  • Josephine 6 years ago

    How lovely to see a Tasmanian home. More from this state, please! It’s got so many beautiful, older style homes I’d love to see featured. Can’t wait to check out her Blog. xx

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