5 Colours in 5 Days with Kate Banazi – Yellow

by Jenny Butler
Monday 10th January 2011

Welcome to the first Guest Blog for 2011! We’re kicking off this year with a seriously colourful guest blogger- Kate Banazi [remember her interview on Friday?] Each day Kate will be blogging on a different colour AND is offering a free downloadable desktop wallpaper! Aren’t we lucky yellow ducks?! – Jenny x

This is today’s FREE DOWNLOADABLE DESKTOP WALLPAPER, custom printed by Kate especially for us! Visit HERE to download! There will be a different desktop wallpaper everyday this week. Check out the video below on how it all came together.

Yellow from Kate Banazi on Vimeo.

I am truly honoured that Lucy and Jenny have asked me to do this for a week, I’ll try not to bore you but be warned, I like the super mundane stuff. If you don’t like the interiors of car parks and lego, this could be a challenge for you.

So, I’m doing 5 colours in 5 days… fantastic! How do I limit myself to five colours though, especially as one of the more common client comments I get, is ‘That’s marvellous Kate! But can you tone it down a bit, you’re scaring the children? ‘

I don’t know about you, but colour is very emotive for me, it brings back memories and smells of different eras (the 1970’s really did smell of plastic, I promise you) but to be honest, I relate most colours to food. Possibly that’s why I love brown, that’s usually the colour most deep fried stuff ends up.

These are the things I’ll show you…. things around me…. things I like, some of my husband Alistair’s photos and something printed every day, especially for you. Every print will be available as downloadable wallpaper for your computer in different sizes, plus, leave a comment and at the end of the week, one reader will win your favourite original colour-themed screenprint to hang on your wall at home!

Today’s colour.. mmmmm… Yellow.

I love yellow.

Portuguese custard tarts, canaries, labradors and daffodils.
It’s also the colour I go in winter with a nice greenish tinge.
In honour of yellow, we’re having ceviche for dinner… thanks to Marcela for teaching me.

My great Grandfather was the sign writer at London Zoo, here he is attempting to pull his fist out of a leopards mouth. (If you want to see my family and many other animals look at my Mum’s flickr stream. I especially like the one of my grandmother playing with a Komodo dragon. As you do.)

Alistair’s perfect capture.

I love my Bobby Weber shoes.

Sydney (pic by Alistair).

Everyone should play with lego and rubber ducks for at least an hour a week. It should be the law. Look! That Lego man is wrangling a duck who’s wearing a tie and sunglasses! Can life get any sweeter? Check this out too…

Slides from my dad and uncle’s trip around Europe when they were teenagers.

Eley Kishimotos flash top on sale… bargain!

The War Memorial, Hyde Park , Sydney, beautiful, moving and the central sculpture is poignant. Whenever I’m in town I stop in for a moment. (pic by Alistair)

My Grandfather, Uncle and Step Father flew aeroplanes…. I just eat eggs out of them and feel vaguely nauseous every time I get on one.

The old Mark Foy building, Sydney.

Rodeo screenprint

On our way home from…

Screen cleaning

On my print table

A gift from Kat Macleod

Screenprinting after a trip to Bronte beach. I got dunked and lost my bikini bottoms. It wasn’t pretty.

The night my heart turned summersaults (I love you A.G!).

See you tomorrow

by Jenny Butler
Monday 10th January 2011

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