Top 5 Australian Homes re-visited – Katie Marx’ Northcote warehouse

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 27th December 2010

The gorgeous home of Melbourne florist Katie Marx.  Incredible artwork by Dane Lovett.

Stunning blossoms all over the house! Paper ball sculpture by Kristina Sundstrom.

OH yes sorry another similar photo but couldn’t choose :) Artwork by Dane Lovett.

Open plan kitchen.. screenprinted boxes by Bonnie + Neil, vertical garden planter by Joost. And those fabulous LPG bowls by Industria!

Kitchen details

This week I am going to do something I have NEVER done before.  I am going to have a week off!  Agh!  It makes me a bit nervous!  BUT  the very lovely Jenny B assures me it is a great (and necessary) idea… and I tend to agree… It’s been a huge year and I could really do with a week to get The Design Files sorted out for 2011!

BUT it’s not strictly a week off.  I couldn’t possibly leave you stranded with a week of Design Files silence..!  Instead Jenny and I decided to spend this week re-visiting The Design Files’ Top 5 Australian Homes!   We’ve gone back through the archives and based on pageviews, your comments, and a little of our own personal bias(!), we’ve shortlisted the most popular Australian Homes of 2010.

We’re kicking things off today with the stunning Northcote loft apartment and studio of Melbourne freelance florist Katie Marx – better known to her nearest and dearest as ‘Katie the Fabulous Florist!’  You guys loved this tour first time around – there were many enthusiastic comments and sweet Katie was most excited to see all your kind words!

Katie’s warehouse-style apartment above her studio is full of so many beautiful pieces she has made or pinched from creative friends. In these shots you’ll spot a chair by the very talented Greg Hatton (aka Twiggy!), incredible pieces designed by Katie’s friend and mentor, Joost Bakker, as well as beautiful artworks and prints by friends including Dane Lovett and Bonnie + Neil. You’ll also see gorgeous flowers absolutely everywhere of course!

For the full tour of Katie’s gorgeous place, please pop over to the original post in all it’s glory!

The fabulous florist herself! And yes, leopard skin jeans.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 27th December 2010


  • tess 6 years ago

    Woohoo – house tour week! Have a great break Lucy, you deserve it!! Thanks for all the amazingness you’ve brought us this year! xx

  • ...love Maegan 6 years ago

    such a great work of art …I love the beach wood mirror!

  • Mikkili.com 6 years ago

    Beautiful all those compositions.

  • Margit Rosenaa Platz 6 years ago

    Great pictures – thank you :)

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