Michi Girl – a week of rejection

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 6th December 2010

In addition to fashion forecasting across the globe, running a brilliant new online shop and launching her latest book What on Earth are you Wearing?, Michi Girl has somehow found the time to spend a week guest blogging with us on The Design Files!  Wow.  Nice multi-tasking Michi! – Lucy x

I have been asked to be a guest blogger for this week on The Design Files. At first I thought I could tell you about the design-y things in my life, but on reflection I don’t have too many, so thought I could take you on a journey of rejection instead.

You see, it is not all Carrie Bradshaw writing a book. So, in this month of the release of my second book What on Earth are you Wearing?, I will give you an insight into the pain and turmoil that comes with writing.  Most things hit the studio floor, trust me.  You are left with a nice edited version of gold, sure, but what you don’t see is the urine coloured bits lying around for no one to see. But seeing as I like you guys, I thought this might be a way to get the other voices in my head heard – the ones Penguin thought better of publishing.

I thought to illustrate the torture, I will show you the rejected titles along the way to the epiphany that is What on Earth are you Wearing? (Which, incidentally, I dreamt of, so no accounting for genius after all.)

Rejected title number 1 of 5 :

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 6th December 2010

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