Lana & Scarlet’s Christmas Wishlists!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 23rd December 2010

Beautiful shots of Scarlet (left) and Lana Marshall (right) by Ian McPherson – kindly supplied courtesy LMNOP.

Beautiful shots of Liane Rossler, Lana and Scarlet by Ian McPherson – kindly supplied courtesy LMNOP.

In my quest to uncover the most coveted gift items this Christmas, I thought it would be most negligent not to ask for a kids’ perspective!  After all, primary-school aged kids really are the true experts on all things Christmas.  To help me on my mission I have enlisted the help of two of Sydney’s coolest kids – Lana (10) and Scarlet (7) Marshall (otherwise known as Liane Rossler‘s kids!).

Lana and Scarlet have each submitted a fabulous lolly-coloured Christmas wishlist… they seem to have conferred on a few items – I am guessing there is a fair bit of lobbying going on in the Marshall-Rossler household this year about a PET RABBIT!  I have my fingers crossed for you girls!

Huge thanks to Lana and Scarlet for sharing their brilliant wishlists with us, to Liane for organising, and to Ian McPherson and LMNOP for the beautiful portraits of Liane and the kids at home.  I am convinced Liane is the most photogenic person in Australia.

Lana’s Christmas Wishlist!

Lana’s Christmas wishlist! Itemised below.

Lana’s wishlist – clockwise from top left –

1. A phone.
2. Nerd glasses.
3. iTunes vouchers.
4. Cool 3D erasers.
5. A Nintendo WII.
6. Things from Typo.
7. Tea from T2.
8. A pet bunny.
9. Kikki k stuff.
10. Cool sunnies.

Scarlet’s Christmas Wishlist!

Scarlet’s Christmas wishlist! Itemised below.

Scarlet’s wishlist – clockwise from top left –

1. A Rose bush.
2. Polly Pocket.
3. A Nintendo Wii.
4. Licca Chan Doll
5. A pet rabbit.
6. A Lavendar bush.
7. Stickers!
8. Waki bands
9. Erasers
10. A lunchbag from Sanrio

Thanks so much girls!  I hope Santa is reading The Design Files today!  More lovely Christmas wishlists to come later today… stay tuned! x

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 23rd December 2010


  • Emma 6 years ago

    Love this list. Where did you find the lavender photo??

  • megan 6 years ago

    dear lana and scarlett,
    i hope santa gives you all this and more! i am super excited for christmas and also for all the great things for next year! santa is reading this list, i just know it!

  • jess 6 years ago

    A bunny!!!! I want one too.

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