Christmas Wishlist! – Kat Macleod

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 14th December 2010

Kat Macleod‘s Christmas wishlist – itemised below

Well I must admit it’s been a bit bonkers in Design Files land these past few weeks and my Christmas gift guides have been more than a little sporadic… BUT I have been a distracted by another fun little Christmas-inspired blog project – Christmas Wishlists!  I’ve been pulling together gift wishlists from some lovely local creative people including Clare Bowditch, David Bromley, Jeremy Wortsman and more!  Of course being super talented creatives, they’ve all got impeccable taste, so I hope these lists might inspire some of your own gift hunting ideas.

FIRST UP is the wonderful Kat Macleod!  As someone passionate about colour, pattern and illustration, Kat’s a very photogenic list indeed! Kat and hubbie Cam are also expecting a little bundle of joy in the new year(!), so it’s fun also to see some gorgeous ideas here for anyone expecting a new bub!

Of ALL the people I asked, Kat approached this task with the most gusto – even sending follow-up emails weeks after her original list to add additional coveted items!  Well, it pays to be thorough about these things! (I hope you are paying attention Mr Teys!)

Kat Macleod’s Christmas Wishlist

Nos da Pouf by Donna Wilson – ‘One of each!’ says Kat!

– Marimekko Siirtolapuutarha bowl and anything else in this range, by Maija Louekari, Kat’s favourite Marimekko illustrator.

– Bakelite pencil sharpener from Kiosk / Third Drawer Down – ‘you have no idea how hard it is to find a good one!’.

– Eley Kishimoto dress. Either this one or this one!

– Marimekko Ilta-aurinko duvet cover and pillowcase.

– Ubabub Nifty Timber Cot for the new bub!

– Some vinyl to add to the collection – ‘There are still lots of holes with some old favourites missing: Nick Cave – No More Shall We Part; New Order – Substance; and, The Sundays – Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. Also maybe an old Righteous Brothers record to get Unchained Melody. Bit of a mix!’

– MMMG cute cards from Notemaker and also available at Borders.

– Easton Pearson designer rug. – ‘I love the Pollen, Night Walk or Cosmic Garden designs… I saw two of them in the Easton Pearson store in Brisbane and I want one!’ says Kat!

– Artists print by Gracia & Louise.

– The Sumi Ink Club baby cot sheet, and the Camilla Engman Polar Bear one too!  From Third Drawer Down.

– Organic seasonal fruit and veg home-delivered each week. (Me too Kat!)

Thanks so much to Kat for sharing her wishlist with us… Fingers crossed at least a few of her wishes come true!  x

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 14th December 2010

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