The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 4th November 2010

The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar 2011 – kindly photographed by Rebecca NewmanKat Chadwick‘s incredible work is on the cover, and the layout / design is by Ortolan.  I really wish you could see fluoro orange on a computer screen.


I cannot adequately describe my EXCITEMENT this morning!  It’s been awfully hard to keep this project under my hat for the past few months, but today it’s finally time to say hello to The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar!  Yee ha!

The Calendar features twelve of the loveliest neighbourhoods from Melbourne and beyond, carefully selected and illustrated by twelve of Australia’s most talented illustrators – superstars including Kat Macleod, Beci Orpin, Rik Lee, Madeleine Stamer, Webuyyourkids and SO MANY MORE!  Each artist has illustrated a local neighbourhood close to their heart – Melbourne and Sydney neighbourhoods feature, as well as a handful of international ‘hoods for good measure!  Amongst the beautiful illustrations you’ll also spot the odd note from me here and there, because you know, I cant help myself :)

I owe an ENORMOUS thankyou to so many talented lovely people who have brought this project to life!  Jeremy Wortsman of Jacky Winter / Lamington Drive facilitated the whole project and did all the grown-up important stuff like, you know, make deadlines and pay people.  ALSO Kat Macleod and Liz Wilson at Ortolan, who designed the calendar SO beautifully you will DIE with the cuteness!  OH the fonts, the colour palette and the super sweet yellow spiral binding – delicious!  Last but not least, where would we be without all the incredible illustrators!?  They are ALL LISTED in detail on the official calendar page – please do pop over and learn a little more about each contributing illustrator!  You have never seen such a stellar line-up, seriously.

The Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar is 14 pages in total, 235mm x 370mm in size, and sells for $33.00!  It is available to buy at the Lamington Drive retail shop in Collingwood from November 17th, but can be pre-ordered online right HERE!  The great news is that ANYONE who buys a calendar between now and December 1st goes into the draw to win a limited edition A2 calendar print of their choice! Oooh la la good luck making that decision!  I seriously cannot choose one favourite…!

ALSO if you are in Melbourne please come for the ‘Neighbourhoods’ launch exhibition – opening on November 18th at Lamington Drive!  Limited edition A2 prints of all the stunning calendar artworks will be on display (and available to buy) and of course there will be Lamingtons!    If you can’t make the opening night, don’t fret, the show runs until November 24!

Buy the calendar here!
Learn more about the calendar illustrators here!

Some sample pages to whet your appetite..! That’s Rik Lee’s Fitzroy top left, Jane Reiseger’s Yarraville top right, and Kat Macleod’s Carlton bottom left.  Kindly photographed by Rebecca Newman.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 4th November 2010


  • Alice 6 years ago

    What a great idea Lucy!
    I’m leaving the country soon, it would be such a good souvenir. I tried to pre-order one via Lamigton Drive but unfortunately there is no “pick up” option. Feels silly to use postage as I leave few blocks away.
    Good luck for the sell, I’m sure it will be gone “comme des petits pains”! :-)

  • gemma jones 6 years ago

    rad! total love attack! go melbourne! go jeremy! go lucy! aghhhhhhh!!!!!!!

  • Leila Sanderson 6 years ago

    Hi Lucy, Brilliant!!! cant wait to get my pre-ordered copy!! I knew there was a reason I hadnt bought any of the millions of calendars I’ve been seeing online recently – cause yours is the best and it was waiting for me!! Hope to see you at the launch party. XX

  • Tess 6 years ago

    WOW. Wow. How superb!!

  • pen 6 years ago

    you’ve out done your self! (is that possible?!)
    congrats- it looks fabulous!

  • Justine 6 years ago

    What a gorgeous idea! It’s really beautiful. Congratulations to everyone involved. Melbourne peeps are so lucky!!

  • handmaderomance 6 years ago

    WOW!! awesome! what a lineup! i can not wait to see every part of this gorgeous project up close. well done to all you amazing peoples involved xx

  • Erin 6 years ago

    Love to know the list of suburbs featured in the calender….i hope my suburb of Richmond is in it!!

  • jess 6 years ago

    this is SOOOO great.

  • Madeleine 6 years ago

    Lucy Feagins + Jacky Winter + yellow spiral spinding = total radness!!!
    -Thanks for including me! xox ms

  • Madeleine 6 years ago

    Lucy I’m so excited about this! I saw it in my Insideout mag on Monday and pretty much decided right there on the spot that my Christmas present list for…er well EVERYONE is now covered!!
    You are one clever lady!
    Thanks xxx

  • Gabriela 6 years ago

    me want so bad! congratulations!

  • Madeleine 6 years ago

    p.s ‘spinding’ is the new binding or it could have something to do with my dyslexia…
    whatever the case the calendar R O C K S

  • imogen 6 years ago

    lucy! congrats! this looks amazing, can’t wait to see the fluoro orange in real life. xo

  • lindsey clare 6 years ago

    it looks SO good. well done :)

  • Claire 6 years ago

    What an excellent idea! Congratulations! To all of you.

  • megan 6 years ago

    here’s cheers to TDF for 2011!! your first printed baby and what a beautiful colourful, divine baby it is! mm

  • Christy 6 years ago

    Well done Lucy on such a stellar idea – can’t wait to get my pre-ordered copy up on my (Collingwood) wall!

  • Emily 6 years ago

    Hey Lucy – that’s all kinds of AWESOME! Congratulations – will have to get my mitts on one at Lamington Drive!

  • Kate 6 years ago

    ’tis a thing of wondrous beauty!
    Congrats everyone on such a great calender containing the work of many fine friends, definitely on my Christmas list!

  • Anna 6 years ago

    Great idea! There should be one for every Australian capital. I could co-ordinate the Brisbane one.

  • Jenna 6 years ago

    ahhh lust! I love anything stationery related, and am slightly OCD hence love being organised, and am hugely in lust with anything Ortolan related in terms of graphic design: therefore this is all things good all rolled into one!

  • Carrie (Lady Fable) 6 years ago

    THIS IS GREAT! Keep up the good work Lucy, you are truly an inspirational, motivated person!

  • Liss 6 years ago

    this is amazing!! well done Lucy

  • Sass 6 years ago

    What an excellent idea! So nicely done too! Love it! I now know what I’m giving for christmas this year.

  • WDF 6 years ago

    Looks fantastic Lucy!

  • henry Tyrrell Taylor 6 years ago

    can i haz calenderz?

  • Lucy 6 years ago

    AW GUYS I just want to say the HUGEST thankyouuu! WOW what a lovely response and so many kind words…! i REALLY appreciate your endless support and there most certainly would be no calendar without you all!

    ps) Jeremy is working on the pick-up option to Lamington Drive! In any case you can certainly pop in and buy one from November 17th when they hit the shelves at the Lamington Drive retail shop!

    Thanks again ! You guys are the bestest xxxx

  • Prakash 6 years ago

    Superb collection Lucy. It was really amazing & awesome. I really love these all.
    Thx for sharing this post. Keep up doing great jobs like this.

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