Sarah Dingwall’s Favourite Things – The Studio

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 17th November 2010

Today we get an insight into The Studio where Sarah spends her days creating, as well as the talented ladies that she shares this space with. Sarah also offers us a special invitation to visit this breathtaking location for ‘Christmas at The Studio’! I’m going, are you? – Jenny x

All photos by Sarah Dingwall

Let me tell you about it. 25 Years ago, Glassblower Leisa Wharington built this amazing mud brick studio in Merricks North. Since then, she’s been sharing the space with Jeweller Flick Pope, and a little more recently, Painter Julie Niekamp. Another beaming face you’ll see around the studio is Jeweller Caroline Jones – Flicks’ assistant.. Upon starting my degree in 2006, a very helpful Sue from Pomme suggested I get in touch with The Studio, and now I’m lucky enough to be working for Leisa, and involved with such an incredible group of ladies. Oh!

Leisa Wharington. Ultra-inspiring, generous, encouraging, and understanding. More on her tomorrow (you’ll see!)

Flick Pope. Brimming with passion, warmth and whimsy. ‘Maker of special jewels and things’, indeed.

Caroline Jones. Super-cute, clever and witty. Chief maker of tea. Check out this lass’ new site!

Julie Niekamp. Mysterious and wonderful! Hilarious, in fact.

Now I must tell you about one of the reasons I LOVE this time of year. Each year at the end of November, the studio holds the most exciting open day / market. May I invite you all?

=Christmas at The Studio=
For two golden days in November, the works of Leisa Wharington, Flick Pope, Julie Niekamp and Caroline Jones will fill the studio, while a number of talented makers and designers will be offering their wares outside in the meadow. Alongside fine food, coffee and wine of course.

Friday 26th & Saturday 27th November: 10am-4pm.
Bulldog Creek Road, Merricks North.
Melways Ref: 152 A12

Ooh YES how I look forward to this event! Golly.

Here are some images from previous years:

And I’m really quite excited to say that this year at the market I’ll be sharing a stall with dear friend and fellow maker Lucy Knol.

Such a great season!

Sarah x

All photos by Sarah Dingwall

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 17th November 2010


  • Meaghan 6 years ago

    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and your blog. It is pretty inspiring :)

  • Annalisa Giudici 6 years ago

    Sarah, what beautiful images. I love how nature features so prominently in your designs and photos. The open studio sounds like a fabulous event and I’m changing my weekend schedule to be there on the Sunday! Thanks for sharing, Annalisa

  • cleamoureuse 6 years ago

    what an amazing place to work! So lucky! Well done! clealmond

  • angela raven 6 years ago

    I loved seeing those beautifully inventive hanging flowers in vases/pots! inspiration for my place, thanks Sarah! (and Lucy!)

  • Case 6 years ago

    ah i always love christmas at the studio! hopefully its good weather this year x

  • Ames and Tash 6 years ago


  • Joy 6 years ago

    Damn, I wish I had a car. Looks like it will be a wonderful weekend filled with beautiful things.

  • Olivia Lynn Robertson 6 years ago

    Love all the glass vases :)

  • Bev 6 years ago

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures this week. Love glass and am always amazed at what people who work with glass produce. would love to win one of your rings.


  • Jessica 6 years ago

    Thank you for posting the story and the pictures of the studio – they have really inspired me to get my own creative space in some sort of workable order. It’s not in such a magic location but seeing those pictures makes me remember how important space is to start something beautiful! And I’m also going to try and come and visit next Friday – how wonderful. Thanks for sharing this.

  • leah 6 years ago

    so beautiful, thankyou x

  • G 6 years ago

    what a great crew

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