Modernist Australia – The Beach Shack

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Today Patricia & Peter of Modernist Australia focus in on The Beach Shack. These unique & iconic beauties that line the shores are real treasures of our past. No doubt some childhood memories of summer holidays are set to come flooding back… – Jenny x

Australian homes of specifically Mid-Century design are an endangered species and none is more at risk, yet so loved than our humble, fibro beach shack.

They were the first and maybe only mass-produced housing which were constructed with Modernist Architecture principals such as clean lines, open plan living and floor to ceiling windows.

Nestled between tea-trees and memories of New Years Eves past, these little pastel boxes are a reminder of all that is at once carefree, modest and beautiful.

No flashy appliances, no townhouse living, no media rooms, no matching furniture, no worries.


Modernist Australia x

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 23rd November 2010


  • Kate 4 years ago

    I can see a few Anglesea shacks there.
    Lots of memories of boiling hot summers with only the freezing ocean to take the edge off – no flat screens or airconditioners then!

  • Ray Garrod 4 years ago

    Oh my….that brings back memories of a childhood at the beach, getting sunburnt one day and freezing the next.

  • neryl 4 years ago

    Oh to be able to afford the humble beach shack! Sandy floors and mismatched furniture. Baby boomers have a lot to answer for, badly renovating and redeveloping these lovable beauties. Loving the modernist posts this week!

  • G 4 years ago

    and all full of asbestos…

  • Donna 4 years ago

    I love this Beach Shack post – and the quote with the last pic – ‘No flashy appliances, no townhouse living, no media rooms, no matching furniture, no worries.’
    So true. There really is something to be said for the simple life.
    Will be heading over to Modernist Australia now to check it out!

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