Modernist Australia – Interiors, Textiles & Raiders of the Lost Craft

by Jenny Butler
Friday 26th November 2010

For their final installment today, Pete and Patricia share some of their favourite mid-century modern fabrics and ‘lost crafts’! It’s been a fantactic week of Modernist marvels… huge thanks to Peter and Patricia for sharing their brilliant finds, and don’t forget to bookmark Modernist Australia for more! – Jenny x

Pattern and colour

For all the clean lines and simplicity of space, Mid-Century Modern homes are by no means boring. After the austerity of wartime, interiors suddenly had licence to go wild and fabrics, ceramics and surfaces incited a riot of colour. Hot pinks, burnt oranges, turquoise or Kelly greens were the order of the day.

The culmination of all these elements can still be seen in some unaltered, original and truly classic homes which we find coming up for sale every week…

String Art

Our final passion here at Modernist Australia is an appreciation for what we’d term The Lost Crafts, those kind of ‘hobbies’ often see instruction for in op shop craft books, the results of which hang in rumpus rooms and craft cupboards of many Mid-Century homes. They’re just awaiting a new audience to (literally) make them cool once more…….

Paint by Numbers


Adios dear readers, thanks to The Design Files for having us and remember – stay Modern!

Pete & Patricia ox
Modernist Australia

by Jenny Butler
Friday 26th November 2010


  • Natasha Dumais 6 years ago

    Dear Pete and Patricia, We love, love, love your Modernist Australia blog and love that TDF are such avid supporters of it too. Well done guys. BTW loving that Dimensional String Art Cover!!! Look at hubby go with that hammer and craft!

  • Ray Garrod 6 years ago

    String Art! had completely forgotten about it. I’m sure that will become cool again very soon. Love the enamel ware too. Thanks for a great week of posts for us Modernist lovers.

  • Kate 6 years ago

    These photos cast a spell on me- literally feel like I am visiting my grandpas house one more time. Glad to see there are still some of these places intact!
    Thanks, xkate

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