Milly Sleeping – 5th Birthday Giveaway!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 25th November 2010

Milly Sleeping birthday giveaway goodies! (all items listed below)

Leah Muddle is a particularly great name.  There’s a little bit of Harry Potter magic about it.

If my name was Leah Muddle and I opened a shop, I would most certainly name the shop after MYSELF. But the real Ms Muddle is far too modest for that, so her beautiful little shop on Elgin st in Carlton is known, somewhat mysteriously, as Milly Sleeping.

Milly Sleeping is a truly special little store that stocks a beautiful collection of garments, jewellery and accessories by over 20 Australian design labels (and one New Zealand label!)) – almost all of which are locally made.  So much love and care has been poured into every aspect of the store, and every carefully selected product.

“The best thing about Milly Sleeping are the designers and our regular clients” says Leah “…but just having a space in which to do interesting things is a real luxury. We like to move things around a lot, and have relatively regular exhibitions and little gatherings!”.  It’s a particularly special shop also because Milly Sleeping is a partnership between Leah and her Mum Janette!  Yes, a mother and daughter team – I LOVE that!  Nice work ladies.

Pretty pieces at Milly Sleeping

Leah has been in touch recently because her beloved little shop is turning 5 tomorrow!  WOW – a fantastic achievement for an independent local fashion retailer! Happy Birthday Milly!!!

To celebrate Milly’s 5th birthday, Leah has offered a ridiculously generous giveaway for Design Files readers!! She’s pulled in favours from a few very talented friends, and the incredible prize pack includes –

– a Milly Sleeping gift voucher to the value of $100 (which can be used online or in store)
– Milly Sleeping postcard set
– Lavender sachets made by Janette, Leah’s Mum (these sweet little gifts are slipped into all of the shop’s parcels and layby purchases!)
– An original rosette brooch made by Leah! (similar to the one pictured above… Leah is putting the finishing touches on the actual rosette!)
– ‘Ok ok’ polka dot socks!

AND a bundle of truly beautiful books (generously offered by a few of Leah’s lovely friends in publishing-land!), including :

Vintage Shoes by Caroline Cox
The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman
Timeframe by High Tea With Mrs Woo
– a signed copy of Homelove by Megan Morton!
The Melbourne Design Guide edited by Viviane Stappmanns
Penguin 75: Designers, Authors, Commentary by Paul Buckley
She’s Leaving Home – a super cute cookbook by Monica Trapaga with illustrations by Meredith Gaston.
– All gifts will be stashed in a large handmade Milly Sleeping tote bag! (if they fit!)

WOW how come if it’s Milly’s birthday we get all the presents!?

To enter, simply leave a comment here before midnight tonight Thursday November 24th! If you subscribe to these posts by email please don’t reply to your daily email – just pop over to thedesignfiles.net to leave your comment!  A winner will be drawn at random and notified by email tomorrow.

HUGE THANKS to the ladies at Milly Sleeping for this most excellent giveaway!

Next time you’re in the area do pop in and visit Leah and Janette and say I sent you!  Speaking of which, they’re having a very casual little birthday gathering in store this Saturday night (the 27th), between 6.00pm & 8.00pm.  If you’re in the neighbourhood you should drop in to wish Milly a very Happy Birthday!

Milly Sleeping
157 Elgin st

ph. (03) 9347 1333

Open everyday except Mondays. (hours listed here)

Lovely pieces at Milly Sleeping – Including Limedrop accessories and dress by Penelope Durston / Cottage Industry.

Some of Leah’s collected ephemera, handmade leather rosette (she’s so good at making Rosettes!) and fashion illustration…

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Thursday 25th November 2010

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