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Cristina Re

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 10th November 2010
The South Yarra home of Melbourne stationery designer Cristina Re

Pretty details in the loungeroom

Love those antique books!

Today’s super sweet Melbourne Home belongs to stationery designer / retailer Cristina Re!  Ooh la la it’s so very pretty and girly I can’t quite believe Cristina lives here with her fiancé Jason!  Now that is true devotion!  Although, given that Cristina has AMAZINGLY lived here for 25 years, I’m guessing she made her mark on the place long before her very devoted man moved in!  :)

Cristina and Jason’s South Yarra home is Spanish / Californian in style, with an eclectic interior that combines French antique furniture with more contemporary pieces, alongside Asian antiques and art – for truly international appeal!  The original vintage French Wallpaper in the living room is one of Cristina’s favourite elements… ‘a fusion of Art Nouveau and Baroque’ she says, with  intricate detailing in gold foil.  Ooh la la.  Many of Cristina’s upholstered pieces have also been covered with highly decorative fabrics – French Toile, Oriental designs, and even some of Cristina’s own pattern designs.  I am LOVING the layers of brave colour and pattern in this home… beautiful stuff.

As in the homes of so many creative people, treasures collected from travels around the world are displayed throughout Cristina’s beautiful home – this includes old teacups, artworks, glass statuettes, old vintage books and Cristina’s favourite – vintage cosmetic packaging!

If you weren’t already green with envy… I have one more thing to tell you.  This incredible home overlooks the Yarra River and has a view of the city… Swoon!  It just shouldn’t be allowed. Really.

A HUGE thankyou for Cristina and Jason for sharing their home with us!  Do pop over to Cristina’s website if you would like to know more about her products, retail store and other projects!

Christina Re at her Collingwood retail store

More beautiful details… I am loving the layers of colour and pattern in this home!

Newly renovated kitchen and bathroom details

Loving the details in this backyard shot!  It seems to be channeling Melrose Place, circa 1995… anyone agree?

Details from Christina’s stunning Collingwood store

In store

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 10th November 2010


  • Space by Eliana Tomas 6 years ago

    Really nice post.
    About the Melrose-Place-look-alike-backyard, completely agree! Loved the 90’s series and the same essence is pretty much mirrored on this shot.

  • Dayle 6 years ago

    i am getting the melrose place vibe from the backyard shot! love the double lamps on the table too……+ she is absolutely beautiful!!!!

  • Margo Carlon 6 years ago

    How refreshing, beautiful.

  • Really interesting that her shop and her home are so very different. Her shop is gorgeous, but her home is much more eclectic and whimsical. Especially love the dining room and the little gold coffee cups with the 70s ceramic lamps. Agree with you and the other commentators about the Melrose Place look – wow memory blast!

  • Allison Taylor 6 years ago

    Every photo shows an amazing blend of colour and texture that works brilliantly. Not overdone nor understated. Well thought out and executed. Inspiring!

  • mydesignchic 6 years ago

    Such a warm and fresh home…thanks for sharing!

  • Clare 6 years ago

    Whoa. LOVE the gold oven and rangehood, and the peacock splashback. Magnificent!

  • Barb Fisher 6 years ago

    Wow, gorgeous. And totally agree on the Melrose Place shot!

  • My goodness, I LOVE it! I’ve admired Christina’s stationery for the longest of times, and as soon as I saw your heading in my feed, had to pop over for a look (I just thought there would have to be pink somewhere)! The kitchen splashback is so unusual. I’ve had a glass splashback with some wallpaper or some sort of motif behind it as part of my ‘what I’d love to do’ list for years.

    And, my mum used to have a ‘kimono doll’ exactly the same as that one, but it unfortunately got lost somewhere along the way. I’ve always wished it was still around as it embodies a certain time in my life and has fond memories of the house I grew up in attached to it.

    Love all her little vignettes and displays of affection. And, I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the wallpaper with butterflies on it in her shop pic. I have a real ‘thing’ about butterflies….. it is AMAZING!

    Great post, thanks.

    Linda. x

  • Love the room in the first photo, the pink chair and the store. Yes the entrance is like Melrose Place!

  • Giselle 6 years ago

    Agreed that her shop and home are v different. Both quite feminine but her home is feminine in a more sophisticated way. Love the whimsy, love the oriental details, I could look at these pics for ages – gorgeous.

  • Really nice home. Not so in love with Spanish inspired architecture but the house has a very nice vibe. Anyone would know where Cristina could have sourced her backsplash or is it just wallpaper behind glass as Linda suggested?

  • Elly Owl 6 years ago

    My sister lives in south yarra. Everytime when I go to her place, I always wonder “these houses are so beautiful…I wonder what the insides are look like.

    Christina’s place has the exact aesthetic I’ve always dreamed what my place would look like one day – east meets French :)

    Now, I shall pay a visit to her collingwood’s shop.

  • Elle 6 years ago

    Fabulous… I wouldn’t expect anything less from such a stylish, talented and creative lady! Love your work Cristina. xx

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