Christmas Gifts – for Mums

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 30th November 2010

Christmas gift ideas for Mums!

I don’t know about you guys but my Mum is so cool and fashion-forward I really can’t compete.  She owns about 45 pairs of limited edition Melissa shoes and buys all her furniture from Industria on Gertrude st.  By comparison I am downright dorky.

The good thing about Mums though – is that no matter how cool they are, they will pretty much like anything you buy them for Christmas.  As long as you’re thoughtful and generous and make an effort, they’ll open your present with enthusiasm and say they love it and display it proudly.  Mums are awesome aren’t they!?

Here are just a few fabulous Christmas gift ideas for the most important woman in your life!   You should totally spoil her this year…  you know she deserves it :)

Gift ideas – clockwise from top left :

Wire fruit tealight lantern – $14.95 from Mozi

Chanel no. 5 original vintage poster – $500 from Galerie Montmartre

Anna Black ‘Ruth M’ medium Pitcher – $98 from Safari Living

Nikki Gabriel ebony knitting needles from Cottage Industry

Lime Crystal Cluster Necklace by Dani M – $199.00 at Monkhouse

Basil Bangs Pixelated Sun Umbrella, $220 from Top 3 by Design

Crocheted doily sterling silver brooch, $180 by Madeleine Brown

Handblown Glass karafe and glasses – glasses $62, karafe $154 by Sia Mai from Elevate Design / Hard to Find

Missoni Home Lipki tote bag –  $277 from Safari Living and Spence & Lyda

Lavendar Bags – $19.95 from Mozi

Triangle timber and fabric brooch – US$77.00 by Madz has Runaway

Beautifully packaged candles, $40.00 by Ginger & Smart

Pretty much anything from Aesop

Maxx bath sheets $79.95 from AURA by Tracie Ellis

Embroidered house shoes reduced to $40.00 from Chimney

Almost all these products are available online!  Order soon to avoid that last minute freak out that creeps up every year around December 20th.  Nobody likes that.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 30th November 2010

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