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by Jenny Butler
Thursday 4th November 2010

Today’s post sees Melanie bringing us her insight into practical home gardening with some cute ideas from her and her friend Pip, as well as Melanie’s take on finding everyday beauty in suburban life. – Jenny x

I love growing herbs they are sooooo easy, most of the ones in my garden have self seeded and just popped up on their own…. Herbs are great in pots on a balcony or just about anywhere that gets plenty of sun. These cute little boxes of herbs are from Studio Lipp. My AMAZING designer/artist friend Pip is making these individual seedlings planted in a peat pot and packaged in a biodegradable box ready for planting.

Pip did all the graphic design for Cecilia Fox and my website and blog, she is so talented! She is also putting together these little packages of dried herbs that she picks and dries herself…..Pip was telling me how when she was trimming her rosemary hedge it made her so sad to just throw out the clippings, she started drying them and so these little packages of dried herbs were born. So cute!

At the moment our garden is a mass of parsley and roquet flowering and going to seed, we are about to start preparing it for all the summer things we love to eat… tomatoes, zucchinis, salad greens, beans and basil. All of things you can grow in pots and there is nothing more exciting and satisfying than growing your own food. If you have limited space try growing a planter box of salad greens or get a large pot or vessel and grow a heirloom tomato plant with basil around the base… tomatoes and basil are best friends, and some of the heirloom varieties of tomatoes are something else.

This is another project of Studio Lipp. ‘I went walking’ is a monthly exercise, a walk in the garden, Pip selects flowers or buds or fruit or beautiful finds and draws them, October is the first of the series, and she will print 12 large art prints for each month.

I went walking with Lindsey and here’s some shots of the wonderful and amazing things growing around Brunswick. I’m never short of inspiration around my neighborhood.

Melanie x

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 4th November 2010


  • Tara 5 years ago

    Gorgeous guest blog Mel love your work honeypie. You are a true inspiration xo

  • jess 5 years ago

    cute pictures. there are so many beautiful roses to smell in brunswick!!

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