Cecilia Fox Flowers – Diary of a Sweet Pea

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 2nd November 2010

Today’s guest blog is so charming that I’ve just made a note in my calendar for next year to buy and plant sweet peas!  Thank you Melanie for sharing such an inspiring and beautiful story with us. – Jenny x

Photography by James Landsborough

I have to admit I’m pretty chuffed with my sweet peas this year, these babies are my pride and joy at the moment and if you think they just look pretty, think again… if only you could smell through the internet. People always ask me what me favorite flower is and I pretty much change my mind daily… if you asked me today I would most definitely say sweet pea.

If you are serious about sweet peas you HAVE to grow them from seed and you HAVE to remember to do this in the middle of the winter… That’s the hard bit – after that it’s easy, put them in the ground and wait for them to grow.  I get my seeds from the Diggers Club.

I love this place, they have one of Australia’s largest range of heirloom vegetable, flowers and fruit plants. When you are a member you receive a seed catalogue six times a year and just leafing through it gets me all excited about what heirloom veggie’s or flowers I could grow next. Take that Monsanto.

Photography by James Landsborough

If you speak the language of flowers… (it’s easy to learn) you would know that every good sweet pea whispers on the spring winds, songs of blissful pleasure, sweet good-byes, and gracious thank you’s for a lovely time. Can you think of a better flower to give someone!?

I’m a being a total ballet mum over these little sweeties dancing in the spring breeze.

- Melanie x

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 2nd November 2010


  • I used to have that exact colour of sweet peas in my garden, every year they would self seed and then pop up by themselves, but this year they didn’t! I do have about a million tiny tomato plants popping up instead, so can’t complain too much :)

    Anyway I love them too, and now whenever I see them I have sweet pea envy!

  • kingsley 5 years ago

    if you pop the seeds into the ground on st. pat’s day you get perfect spring flowering :)
    i agree that heady perfume sure is something else!

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