Trent’s European Travel Diary – Life in Pontedera

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 5th October 2010
Today we get a glimpse into Trent’s life in Pontedera outside of his design residency at Edra. Delightfully charming apartment, secondhand blue pants and lots of cheese! “Chi parla male del prosciutto è uno sciocco!” Am I right Trent?! – Jenny x

Trent looks over the piazza below his apartment in Pontedera

Trent’s super cute room in ‘Il Falchetto‘ hotel in Pontedera!
I am living in a beautiful little village called Pontedera (thank god! I am becoming a bit of a country bumpkin in my old age). I am staying in a little hotel called ‘Il Falchetto‘ (The Falcon), and I have the loft, an amazingly kookie apartment where some interesting characters have stayed over the years (I am told). Apparently Massimo Morozzi has stayed here, as well as the playboy son of the Anieli family (the family that owns Fiat). The best thing about the place is the terrace that looks out onto a piazza and the duomo. It is a great place to spend the weekends.

I am an absolute bandit for second hand stuff. Luckily Pontedera has a great second hand clothing store (where I got some great blue pants) and it also has what looks like a great second hand furniture and stuff store, although it is a little hard to tell because it is never open. It is only open between 9-12am everyday (not good when you work), so I made a point of going down last Saturday and it was still closed.

One place that I love in this town in the local alimentari (deli). The guy knows me well and we have a little chat every time I go in. If you could die from eating too much prosciutto and mozzarella I would be in trouble.


Trent’s local alimentari (deli)…. and the pretty streets of Pontedera, filled with wanderers every afternoon.

Trent recently had a visitor from home – Sydney-based designer Henry Wilson rolled up to Edra in his wonderful old Volkswagen camper van (Herman)… He stayed for a couple of days and the pair had a great time eating, drinking beer, chatting and cycling through the farmland surrounding Pontedera.

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 5th October 2010


  • Gabriela 4 years ago

    Trent’s room is super cute, indeed!

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