The Finders Keepers wrap-up

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 11th October 2010

The Finders Keepers organisers Sarah and Brooke break some kind of blog record for getting their noggins on The Design Files two posts in a row! Nice work ladies! – photo by Stefan Duscio.

AMAZING crowds captured by Stefan Duscio and unfortunately squished to 520 pixels by me.  Sorry.  Very frustrating.

Buzzing crowds!  Photos by Stefan Duscio.

WELL I would like to confirm that everything they say about The Finders Keepers market is TRUE!  It is indeed one of the awesomest craft markets in the land and here are the shots to prove it!

There was SO MUCH GOODNESS on display and I can only apologise to any peeps I missed… it was overwhelming as usual!

ALSO I must say a massive thankyou to the very talented Stefan Duscio who is a brilliant young cinematographer I am working with at the moment in day-job land.  Stefan  just *happened* to be at the market with his camera and offered to take some shots for The Design Files whilst he was there!  AMAZING!  His photos are so so beautiful and much better than mine!   Thanks so much Stefan!

Highlights are here… but the FULL photo gallery is over here… do check it out!  And if I don’t know your name / business name, and you spot yourself or your work in a photo without a credit, please just leave a comment with your info and I will add it!  All professionalism ’round here. :)

I was captivated by these mad but brilliant knitted cacti by Melbourne crafting sisters Andrea Daniel and Renee Broders – aka Odds and Ends!  More from this talented pair available on Etsy.  Top photo by Stefan Duscio, bottom photo by me.

Cute Frankie mags, cute Frankie girls.. sorry i don’t know your names but you are cute.  *update – this is Georgia and Lou from Frankie mag!  Photos – Stefan Duscio.

The very lovely Madeleine Stamer of Little Circus Design was selling her gorgeous birdie mobiles and cards… and modelling some brand new almost released earrings!  Stay tuned on that one!  Photos by me.

I FINALLY met Liz Jones aka Betty Jo yesterday!  Liz is lovely and hilarious and let my Mum buy 4 brooches with the promise of  transfering the funds by EFT on Monday!  Now that is seriously lovely!  Keep your eyes peeled for Betty Jo creations soon at the very beautiful BIG by Fiona Scanlan stores!  Portrait by Stefan Duscio, product shots by me. LOVE the brooch Liz was wearing – a one-off of course!

One major STAND OUT for me was new collaborators Katherine Wheeler and Abby Seymour of Golden Ink.  Katherine studied gold and silver smithing and makes the ceramic jewellery and trinkets… Abby studied fine art / printmaking and hand paints each piece! OMG they are amazing!  It was so great to see something brand new and entirely hand crafted… beautiful rings and vases… seriously stunning.

Stunning hand painted vases by Katherine Wheeler and Abby Seymour of Golden Ink.

Melbourne’s The Cupcake Wrapper Company has a beautifully styled stand as always!

Genius notebooks and stationery made from repurposed vinyl records by Record Attempts!  These pics by Stefan Duscio.

My dear dear friend Madeleine Beatty aka Madz has Runaway launched an entirely new range (out with the resin, in with natural timber!) and it is SO seriously gorgeous!  Loved her stunning handpainted timber brooches and the pretty fabric inlays..

Gorgeous new cards also from Madz has Runaway – “Can I be in your fan club” and “you make my heart race”… so cute!

Shannon Lamden aka Aunty Cookie braved the markets despite being about to pop at 9 months pregnant.  Now that deserves a mention.

Loved these beautiful simple summer dresses and accessories by Tilli Michelle

Victoria Mason showed some fab new designs as well as her best sellers!  Love the kitsch ‘Australia’ pendant necklace!

Was great to finally meet Alarna Zinn from Little Jane st, all the way from Brisbane! (Rememer Alarna’s beautiful home featured here?!) Gorgeous things including new stationery and a beautiful range of cards.

Bunting bunting and more bunting!  These beautiful soft pics of the very gorgeous Rabbit & The Duck stand by Stefan Duscio.

CUTE Boniko girls!  Photo by Stefan Duscio.

As you can see, The Finders Keepers is a gold mine of girl-crush cuteness.  Cute girl, if you are reading, I cannot figure out who you are but please comment and tell me what your label is and I will add it!  *update – this is Kara from Perth label White Square!  Thanks for the tip off Sarah!  Photo by Stefan Duscio.

Oh my is that another cute girl!?  No way!  This is Retro Print Revival, photo by Stefan Duscio.

Beci Orpin‘s other half Raph serves up a storm in his Beatbox Kitchen.  Photo by Stefan Duscio.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 11th October 2010


  • satsuki shibuya 6 years ago

    looks like SO MUCH FUN!! i’ve been wanting to go to this and wished that i could just hop on my private jet and fly on over to attend… but alas, that won’t happen until i win the lottery. until then, i will live vicariously through your wonderful photos posted here! :) thanks for sharing!

  • Christy 6 years ago

    It was such an awesome day! I pretty much wanted to buy out every stall but limited myself to the pillows at ‘make me iconic’ – so in love with their stuff. Great coverage lucy!

  • Jennifer Maree Rouse 6 years ago

    I loved all the stalls and brought way to many brooches for one lifetime!
    The only thing that put a bit of a dampener on the day was the lack of info on how to get out to the docklands. My friend and I walked for ages in the industrial wasteland til we found the occasional Finders Keepers sign. We also managed to find a whole bunch of other people that were lost. Oh and the port-a-loos were a bit of a fail.

    OTHER than that the rest of the day was great. good music, products galore, new business cards for my collection. The good outweighed the bad for sure. I would go again next year. :B

  • Thea Samios 6 years ago

    Great wrap up! I love the knitted cacti… off to check out their site now. x

  • alex sunday 6 years ago

    yep, i’m checking out the knitted cacti too. so cool!
    and great to see rabbit and the duck there – what a lovely looking stall!

  • Cat 6 years ago

    Many gorgeous creations!! I am in awe of that amount of creativity, but have linked to Golden Ink, and am absolutely AMAZED!!! Thanks for that gem:)

  • Ahhh it was all so lovely, I was so happy to be there!

    Cute Girl #1 with the Snack Time sign is from – I bought one of her super lovely teapot brooches! I was so happy to meet her but it was closing time on Sunday, and I was a bit forgetful and can’t remember her name :)

    How cute are the Frankie girls! I wanted to take a photo because they’re pretty, but I got all shy!

  • daydreamlily 6 years ago

    All looks so good! crafty goodness. Loving that cloud blackboard!

  • milknhoney 6 years ago

    I had a lovely morning with lots of goodies from Frankie, Rabbit & Duck, Lark. I took my gorgeous 7 year old daughter who was the first person of the day to start the Oxfam 3 Things list.
    She is talking about this market and showing her three purchases with her own pocket money of a Only Midge purse, two buttons from Rabbit & Duck and some swap cards from Lark at School today for Show and Tell. Such a great market very inspiring!!!

  • Andrea Daniel 6 years ago

    Oh Lucy! the hugest of thanks for the beautiful write up, and for featuring my knitted cactus! I am so pleased that you liked them. It was an awesome weekend, so many talented makers. An all round fantastic market. Looking forward to the next one. Big Thanks! Andrea.
    P.S Stefan you worked your magic on our photo too :)

  • Donna 6 years ago

    I was unable to attend this brilliant event, but thanks Lucy for letting me have a peek into what I missed. What a fantastic market! Will make it a ‘must do’ for next year, if they (hopefully!) have another in Melbourne. Thanks again for the great pics.

  • Caroline Wilde 6 years ago

    I have been going to the Sydney Finders Keepers for the last few years, it is always great but it looks like I will have to fly over for the next Melbourne one, gorgeous style, very Melbourne! Great article Lucy.

  • kathy 6 years ago

    Thanks for the cute photos of our stand. Lovely to see you yesterday but we were a bit busy for a chat! You’ve done a great wrap up – love all the photos. It was all so much fun and we were so happy be a part of this amazing event! Cant wait for the next one xx

  • Oh wow, great photos! I really wish I could have attended Finders Keepers, but I am glad that at least I got to see some great photos of the stalls. :)

  • kat-TeamKitten 6 years ago

    Looks like a great turn out – i can’t wait for the Brisbane finders keepers! woot woot!!

  • looks amazing.

  • Elly Owl 6 years ago

    FANTABULOUS! I’m glad to be part of Melbourne’s first The Finders Keepers market. Can’t wait for the next one already!

  • Christina 6 years ago

    Sarah & Brooke did such an amazing job organising the first ever Melbourne fk. They worked so hard it was so great to see it come to life first hand. Always lovely to be involved and can’t wait to get started on Sydney planning! X

  • Jen @ Bluecaravan 6 years ago

    I drooled over each and every image! Oh how I wish I was there…
    The Brisbane Finders Keepers AND the Sydney Finders Keepers this year were sensational, amazing, inspiring AWESOME. I’m a self-confessed Finder’s Keepers groupie! jxxx

  • tiel 6 years ago

    flew from Brissy to go. it was such a fun day.

  • stav 6 years ago

    Thank you so much for the post, it was an inspirational read! Being from Sydney and unable to go, i still felt the love, care and true crafty design in your pics and words. Awesome! x

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    Thank you so, so much Lucy for this amazing post! Brooke and I were having breakfast together this morning in Melbourne post crazyness and saw this post together on my iPhone and were absolutely blown away! I even got all teary as it was a lovely reward after the massive weekend!
    We are so grateful for this amazing wrap up, your lovely words and BEAUTIFUL photos from Stefan, and we can’t believe we made double post history on your fantastic blog! haha..
    Thank you Melbourne for having us! We worked so hard, and believe us we’ll work harder to make next year bigger and better! (So sorry Jennifer Maree Rouse re: your comment, we had a few venue/location dramas..)

    Thanks for all your lovely comments! xx

    P.S Frankie girls from left are Georgia & Lou (they are amazing! we love Frankie)
    Mystery girl is Kara from Perth label White Square

  • Kellie 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for the great post and pictures. I have a terrible feeling that I missed out on some of the stalls, next time hubby can stay at home!

    I managed to buy a few little wall treats from Bespoke Press and Nikki Catalano. I’m so excited and can’t wait to get them framed :)

  • RayG 6 years ago

    What a great market, and great post Lucy. The photos are superb too….so luscious. I love the Knitted Cacti :) puts a smile on your face.

  • RayG 6 years ago

    Oops typo

  • Madeleine 6 years ago

    Thanks Lucy for the awesome coverage! Lovely to meet you and your cool mum. Those earring are on their way PROMISE! More pics here if anyone wants to take a peek x o x

  • Madeleine 6 years ago

    My last comment reads like we’ve never met… Post Finders Keepers exhaustion me thinks.

  • ejorpin 6 years ago

    Um, wow! Beautiful photos, so much amazing crafty stuff. Awesome wrap up – I almost feel like I was there (and I really wish that I had of been there! Next time…)

  • Liz 6 years ago

    Hey Lucy,
    It was great to finally meet you and your Mum too!
    Thanks for your most excellent support and all round niceness.
    And you’ll be pleased to know I won’t have to be sending my heavies round for brooch payment.
    x Liz

  • Simone 6 years ago

    Best darn Market I have ever visited. Could have gone bananas and bought something from every single stall. Quite seriously! Did loads of Christmas shopping for ‘tricky to buy for’ loved ones.
    Not only the stalls though, it was the live music to sip bevies by in the little lounges, the DJ, the bar, the beat box kitchen and the venue. Thank you for he PERFECT market. Had a happy day! Come back to Melbourne soon!

  • Rosalind 6 years ago

    fabulous wrap up of the market – am marking it in the calendar for next time!!

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