Susan Buret and Faye Sampson

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 6th October 2010

The Burrawang home of artists Susan Buret and Faye Sampson, as featured in the latest issue of SOHI – out today!  All photos by Todd Sutherland.

Paintings by Susan Buret.

The very clever Rebecca Wolkenstein is at it again with another beautiful issue of SOHI magazine.  As I am sure most people know by now(!), SOHI is a very special limited edition publication which documents the creative side of New South Wales’ beautiful Southern Highlands.

So I CAN’T take the credit for finding or photographing today’s gorgeous home… this beautiful space belongs to artists Susan Buret and Faye Sampson, and features in the latest issue of SOHI – out today!  Huge thanks to Rebecca and photographer Todd Sutherland for sharing their lovely work with us!

Susan and Faye moved from their inner city Brisbane home to this peaceful (and slightly cooler!) cottage in Burrawang, not far for Bowral in the Southern Highlands.   The creative pair built a studio here which they now share – Faye makes grand garden sculptures, whilst Susan creates stunning paintings, many of which can be seen in these pics (and on her website and blog).

I love the relaxed feel of this home… it’s clear from just these few photos that this is a very special place with a unique sense of calm.. a space where creativity flows freely,  and where evenings are spent engrossed in great company and conversation – there’s no TV in sight!

If you love this story I am sure you’ll love the latest issue of SOHI – it is SUCH a truly beautiful issue… and it’s all about LOVE!  Rebecca says –  “In our quest for stories of romance, we found love in many modern forms. We visit the Burrawang home of Susan Buret and Faye Sampson. We talk with Liza and her struggle with her small son’s heart condition. She explains how Date Night saved her marriage. And we tell the story of Karen Stanton who has honoured her late husband by taking on what she imagines would have been his dream architectural project.” Awww…. such romance.

SOHI Issue #4 – purchase online here (only $5.00 for a hard copy, or $2.00 for an electronic one!)

Random beautiful details – antlers collected by Faye, illustrated artwork by Jena Mafe, geometric artwork by Susan.  Disposable cutlery sculpture by Susan too!

Love the busy patterns and bold colour… that bedspread especially!

Another of Susan’s paintings in the hallway


SOHI issue #4 out today.  OH is that Rachel Castle bedlinen again!?  Also featured is a 1970’s-inspired string artwork by Tamara Maynes... you can purchase instructions on how to make your own right here!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 6th October 2010


  • Courtney 6 years ago

    Lovely home! I really appreciate how they have luxe items next to grounding, earthy elements. So well balanced and comfortable.

  • Margo Carlon 6 years ago

    Very calm, tranquil space, I like the mix of furniture and furnishings but still minimalistic.

  • mydesignchic 6 years ago

    How lovely their home is, but the yellow painting…stunning!!

  • Looks Good To Me 6 years ago

    Oh my god Susan Buret’s paintings are just captivating! I can’t believe I’d never seen them before!

  • daydreamlily 6 years ago

    I seriously want that bedlinen!!!

  • Cat 6 years ago

    A beautifully balanced interior: old/new; neutral/vibrant; spacious/cosy… Some people just seem to “know”!! daydreamlily – I’m not certain, but the bedcover might be Ralph Lauren, from a collection not long past (I’m recalling a coverlet covet of mine!!). Check an RL website… never know your luck!

  • E R I N 6 years ago

    Gorgeous place! The art works perfectly with it!

  • Rebecca 6 years ago

    The bedlinen is Ralph Lauren. Not sure if they still make it but Susan bought it in the US.

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