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Lisa Madigan

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 20th October 2010

The Kangaroo Valley cottage of artist Lisa Madigan – all photos and styling by Lisa Madigan.

Loungeroom details – all photos and styling by Lisa Madigan.

Kitchen (OMG those benchtops!) – all photos and styling by Lisa Madigan.

The resident of this dreamy beachside cottage is artist, stylist and online retailer Lisa Madigan – plus one husband and two devoted dalmatians (Oberon & Mia)!  Four years ago Lisa discovered this perfect little cottage in Kangaroo Valley on the South Coast of NSW, and completely fell in love.  She was SO taken with this special place, she turned her life upside-down to acquire it, and moved from Sydney just to live here.  The cottage was in need of some serious TLC so the pair took to it straight away – scrubbing the beautiful original wide floorboards, painting all the walls white, renovating the kitchen – even pouring their own concrete for the bench tops!  After an exhausting first day moving in they were woken up by their new in-house wombat, not too happy to have had his residence taken over!

The cottage was built in the 1880’s, and was originally home to The Kangaroo Valley Times – for this reason Lisa refers to the place affectionately as her ‘little paper house’.  Recently she held a ‘cottage exhibition’ of her artworks in the house – WOW how special!  (And brave!)  Although I must say if I had been there I would probably find myself constantly distracted from the work, admiring the details of the home and snooping through all Lisa’s beautiful trinkets!  If you missed out on the cottage exhibition, you can still catch the show, entitled ‘Salted Grace’, at Sydney’s Global Gallery in Paddington from the 10th – 21st November.

Lisa is currently working towards her 10th solo exhibition, ‘Aphrodisia’, to be held in February next year.  Then she has a dream to exhibit in New York sometime over the next 24 months.  I have no doubt she’ll get there!  Lisa also has a blog and e-store – do pay her a little online visit – there are such gorgeous things to see and even more shots of her beautiful home!

All shots you see here are are taken and styled by Lisa – picture perfect!  Thanks so much Lisa for sharing your beautiful home with us!

Dining room details – all photos and styling by Lisa Madigan.

Dining room details – all photos and styling by Lisa Madigan.

White on white in the bedroom – all photos and styling by Lisa Madigan.

Details details!  (mainly bedroom, one loungeroom!) All photos and styling by Lisa Madigan.

Puppy in the bed.. aww – all photos and styling by Lisa Madigan.

Bathroom details

Home office

On Lisa’s desk…

More designer details in the office

In the paint studio…

The Paper House exterior

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Wednesday 20th October 2010


  • Will 6 years ago

    Goodness me those exposed brick walls are something special!

  • Natalie 6 years ago

    Wow! Those exposed brick walls and dark floorboards are amazing. LOVE!

  • gorgeous house! have always loved her office.

  • Tricia Rose 6 years ago

    Delish! Where is Kangaroo Valley?

  • Ryan James 6 years ago

    WOW. That is so amazing. LOVE the countertops!!

  • Georgy 6 years ago

    Gorgeous house. Always a fan of black, white and wood or natural combination. Just wrote a post on Melbourne black (and white) –

  • Amanda {Mocking Bird} 6 years ago

    Such a beautiful home!
    Lisa has amazing style and oh, Kangaroo Valley is lovely.

  • Rebecca 6 years ago

    god, makes my house look like a 12 year old’s – so grown up!

  • Tammy 6 years ago

    I love the use of found objects especially the barnacle clump. Very well done!

  • paul 6 years ago

    i really like the white and Grey/black thing happening !!

  • Ray Garrod 6 years ago

    Looks such a relaxing place. There is something about black/grey & white. Love the floorboards and benches.

  • Debbie da Canha 6 years ago

    wow, so welcoming and gorgeous! love your blog-thank you!

  • Dalmations! The house is so gorgeous, it looks like it should have little tiny birds flying around inside. Or bunnies running around. So nice.

  • Virginia 4 years ago

    Her shop in Berry is stunning as well – an extension of this

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