Lucy’s Redesign Roundup – Homewares

by Jenny Butler
Monday 18th October 2010

This week we’re excited to welcome the beautiful Lucy King to the guest blog! Lucy will be sharing some of her favourite designs that use recycled items to make wonderfully unique new items. Lucy has done an amazing job with topic, every day is GOLDEN! – Jenny x

A cluster of Lee Broom’s stunning ‘Decanterlights’- LOVE!

Hi, my name is Lucy King and I love hunting, sourcing and collecting all sorts of cast out and second hand things!  I have a particular fondness for old kitchen paraphernalia, and can often be found staking out op-shops and markets for jettisoned goodies.

Some of my treasured finds form the basis for illustrations, get re-worked into new creations, or simply find their way into my own house and garden.  It seems I’m not the only one obsessed with the discarded, with many designers switched on to the concept of transforming old and unwanted items into clever new designs.

I have the pleasure this week in profiling some of my favourite designs resurrected from second-hand or found materials, all with the common theme of products that have been Recycled, Repurposed, Upcycled or Reused in some form – with many of the designs reflecting my love for utilitarian kitchen products.

Today I’m focusing on Homewares!

Suzie Stanford – ‘Teaspoon lights’

I think I have a design crush on Suzie Stanford. All of her designs are one-off pieces created from second-hand finds – and all of them are stunningly beautiful.

Suzie’s Teaspoon Lights are made from layers of collected souvenir tea spoons –who’d have thought kitsch souvenir spoons could be transformed into something so stunning!


Focus on Art – ‘kitchen owls’

These owl sculptures from Focus on Art are assembled almost completely from recycled kitchen items – and don’t you think they suit their adopted body parts so perfectly well?!

Tea-strainers, colanders, bottle tops, jar lids, serviette holders, metal cake plates and washers etc have all been scavenged and then pieced together to create individual owls, and they all have their own names to match their personalities! I own one. He hangs around in my kitchen guarding my favourite teas.


Me Old China – ‘Polly Put The Kettle On’ wall plates’

These tongue-in-cheek plates are my playful take on traditional wall plates!

As a ceramic designer by trade I’ve gone full circle from once designing patterns for tableware, to now utilising cast out plates to create individual and one-off pieces. I like the idea of revitalising what many people see as mundane plates and making features of their old fashioned design style.


Gregory Bonasera – Electric Mavis teacup lightshades

These gorgeous lightshades from Gregory Bonasera are made from recycled pretty china teacups and saucers, and are a particularly cute way to utilise op-shop crockery.

You’d think the cups and saucers were originally designed to be hung upside down as lightshades, because they’ve evolved effortlessly into their second-life!


Lee Broom – ‘Decanterlights’

Lee Broom is an English designer, and I just love his sophisticated range of ‘Decanterlights’.

Each light is made from a lead crystal decanter sourced from antique markets and vintage shops. Some are left as original clear crystal, and others covered in a polished gold – ether way they are quite stunning.


Finally, I thought I’d share a couple of items in my house created from recycled or repurposed materials.

First is one of my favourite pictures, made for me from a friend (I’m very lucky to have such clever friends!) It’s made from pieces cut from used tin cans; tuna tins, jasmine tea canisters, coconut milks, anchovy fillets etc have all been collaged together, and I love the mix of colour and pattern it creates.

And lastly, one of my own teacup planters.  I also love collecting old teacups and saucers and think they make wonderful pots for small plants!  The colours and patterns on the old cups are a perfect contrast to plants foliage, and the saucers are a perfect drip tray!

Lucy x

by Jenny Butler
Monday 18th October 2010

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