Lucy’s Redesign Roundup – Garden

by Jenny Butler
Friday 22nd October 2010

Do you remember how sweet Lucy’s garden is? Lucy sure is a gardener and Guest Blogger extraordinaire!! Thank you Lucy for such a great week & putting together this brilliant redesign roundup! [Please also extend your thanks to Lucy in the comments!] – Jenny x

Baaaaa! Sheep sculpture by Think Outside

Today is my last guest post, and I’m highlighting some of my favourite recycled garden design objects! A big ‘thank you’ to both Jenny and Lucy for letting me indulge in sharing some of my favourite current and previous recycled designs with everyone – it’s been a pleasure to highlight so many talented people and creative products!

Think outside – EE I EE I O garden sculptures

How about these fab ‘ee i ee i o’ garden sculptures from Think Outside for integrating a colourful and fun design aesthetic, with a great recycling sensibility. All of these quirky farm animals are sculpted from old 44 gallon oil drums, showcasing the original barrel colours and even parts of the company logos. Super clever – and very cute!

Think Outside also creates a range of rubber garden pots called ‘Tread’. These planters are hand-made out of recycled truck tyres! Perfect for planting flowers, herbs and veggies – and what a great way to reuse the enormous growing stockpile of discarded tyres. Very clever!


Emerald+Ella – vintage garden markers

I know these very cute cutlery garden markers from Emerald+Emma were only featured recently on The Design Files, but I thought they are well worth another mention!

I’m a bit drawn to old cutlery with their charming patterns and detail on the handles – just not seen on contemporary cutlery. I thought they deserved another mention as they do make very sweet plant markers.


Tryanny Of Distance – Cafe Garden

Tyranny of Distance is a cafe, housing a great collection of recycled lighting and plant sculptures in the garden created by jeweller and silversmith Marcos Davidson. The cafe is on the site of an old petrol station – and this launches the theme for the cleverly conceived industrial sculptural pieces.

The main centrepiece is an outdoor heater concocted from an assortment of used colourful gas bottles – genius! Old gas bottes have also been cut up and twisted to form outdoor hanging lightshades – they almost look like flowers and petals. Other reworked objects include rusty gas cylinders and jerry cans as plant pots, and second-hand customised cutlery which has been bashed, punctured and inscribed with TOD.

www.tyrannyofdistance.com.au & www.marcosdavidson.com

Recycled garden planters – My Style

And lastly, I thought I’d finish with a few recycled and reused garden planter images and ideas from my little corner of the earth.

As usual most of my recycled planters are hi-jacked second-hand kitchen items – saucepans, colanders, woks, teapots and cups all house a variety of plants at my place. Used food tins also work equally well – and I’ve even planted into an old plastic shopping bag!!

I love the crazy mix of colour and pattern, and I like how over time the pieces weather, discolour and breakdown. And so my little garden grows and matures with each new find unearthed from the local op-shop or salvage yard!

Thanks again for a wonderful week!

Lucy x

by Jenny Butler
Friday 22nd October 2010


  • Allison 6 years ago

    I’ve loved all your posts on the design files this week Lucy. It’s been such a great mix of creative finds, some I’ve known of and some I didn’t – so thank you. And I always love seeing your restful, quirky garden plot!

  • Ray Garrod 6 years ago

    What a great post again…those animals are soooo cute. Thank you for sharing some fantastic ideas this week. RG

  • Meaghan 6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! It has been a lovely week!

  • swellsy 6 years ago

    great inspiring posts, I’m ganna get out into the garden now!

  • Fran 6 years ago

    Such a gorgeous collection of talented people and creativity showcased all week! Thanks Lucy – what a treat to have you as the guest blogger! I need to rethink my junk pile for the op shop now…

  • Carly Wallman 6 years ago

    Any story about ballet gets a girl’s imagination going – who didn’t want to be a ballerina?

  • Lane 6 years ago

    What an amazing and stylish insight into the Australian Ballet- thank you.

  • Chris 6 years ago

    The photos of the ballet made me want to walk through the costumes, touching and feeling and smelling! Wondering who wore what, when and will the costumes ever be worn again. Probably thinking ‘how would I have looked in that?’, if you could see me you’d realise I never could have made it! Wonderful photography.

  • Karen 6 years ago

    Love the red tutus :)

  • Katie 6 years ago

    These photographs of the Australian ballet brought to mind the undeniable parallel between fashion and dance. The spectacle, the creative planning, the sewing machines. Thank-you, design files, for this pictorial expedition into the delicious sartorial world of the ballet. Now to book some tickets!….

  • Diana Kelly 6 years ago

    Fabulous collection to such diversity of talent and skills that go into very production.
    Thank you for covering these special areas in such detail for us. You have gone to a lot of trouble but as it shows in these files, you can feel it is all done with love and true dedication to the final outcome. Truly collaborative too. What fun. Well done and thank you.

  • Lucy — I’ve just caught up on your last guest blog and am once again impressed. I love the work of Marcos Davidson and will be sure to keep up with what his creative talent is getting into: I absolutely need to learn to weld!! Thanks again for including my Kitchen Owls in your blog. I’m completely aghast that my little guys have been posted amongst such superb artists. XD = tickled pink

  • Also I loved finding out more about Emerald and Ella on your blog today. I could probably find some things for them as I’m in op shops every other day trying to satisfy my insatiable need to repurpose stuff. I ‘have’ to go to source items for my assemblage sculpture owls and more often than not find some quirky old piece that I have to convince myself I don’t need. The difficulty is that I also ‘have’ to look at the books as well as the kids shoes so it’s not always such a quick process. :o\ Check out my owls on my Facebook Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Melbourne-Australia/Focus-on-Art/101635023210614?v=photos or on Lucy’s Redesign Roundup blog (Oct 18) on your very own ‘The Design Files’. ;o)

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