Justin Lamont – LifeSpaceJourney

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 5th October 2010

Lights and designed pieces by Justin Lamont – photography Giang Do

Various stools by Justin Lamont – photography Giang Do .  Clockwise from top left – Stools made from recycled packing crates, Typography stool and Spun Stools.

I got an email from Justin Lamont about a million years ago and it somehow slipped into The Design Files email vortex, only to be recovered yesterday!  Sorry Justin!  Shocking.

ANYWAY. I am really loving his work!  ESPECIALLY those spun copper (or brass?) lights at the top there…  Nice huh?

Justin is a self-taught designer (I *think* he is actually some kind of eye specialist!?), but he has recently joined forces with brother Glenn to set up LifeSpaceJourney – a property development / design consultancy based in Melbourne.   His fabulous Spun Stools (pictured above) are currently  part of the Fringe Furniture exhibition, where they were Highly Commended by the judges.  (You can still check out Fringe Furniture this Thursday through to Sunday at the Substation in Newport….!   All details over here.)

Justin’s own house in Seddon is also well worth a mention in it’s own right… Designed by Justin in collaboration with architecture firm ODR.  Jeepers.  Beautiful.

Justin Lamont’s Seddon home.  Photographs Derek Swalwell for Belle Magazine.

Photographs Derek Swalwell for Belle Magazine.

Photographs Derek Swalwell for Belle Magazine.

Photographs Derek Swalwell for Belle Magazine.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 5th October 2010


  • Margo Carlon 5 years ago

    Love the stools, timber recycling and metal are some of my favourite materials.
    Thanks guys,

  • Lizzie 5 years ago

    Man, We saw Justin at the design market in the fed square carpark a while back and have been lusting after his light ever since (the same white copper one). It is on the to buy list

  • Gabriela 5 years ago

    I saw those stools at Fringe Furniture and fell in love with them… and what an amazing house!

  • Rowan A 5 years ago

    Lots of natural light in his house, just what I like! Also appreciate that big “32” house number outside his house. Must make the postman happy!

    As for the metal composite lights… I think they look great, but unsure about their illuminating qualities. The first set of lights in this post look useful though.

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