Craft Hatch – Liesl Pfeffer

by Jenny Butler
Monday 11th October 2010

This week we have Pip Carroll from Craft Victoria sharing some of the wonderfully talented designers who will be taking part in the Special Edition Craft Hatch Market that’s happening on Saturday 23rd of October. It’s going to be an inspiring week! – Jenny x

One of Liesl Pfeffer‘s Mountain Collages

Liesl working hard in her studio on tiny mountains- cute!

Liesl Pfeffer is photo-media artist from Melbourne, Australia. She makes collages from toy camera photos, vintage fabric and found drawings. She also shoots street photography with Polaroid, Holga and Canon Demi cameras. Liesl is one of 5 Craft Hatch stallholders that we will be profiling this week on The Design Files. This month, the market makes a special move to the State Library of Victoria to celebrate the end of SLV exhibition ’til you drop – Shopping: A Melbourne History.

Here’s what Liesl had to say about her work, her inspirations and what you can pick up at the Craft Hatch Market on October 23.

“I’ve made needle-based crafts, particularly sewing and embroidery since I was a kid, and have long had a burning love for fashion and textile design. I graduated from university in Brisbane with a degree in photographic art practice in 2005 and have been exhibiting in Melbourne and Brisbane since then. My art practice is primarily photo-media collage, and lately I’ve been working on embroideries as well. As a craft, the making of my collages is very labour-intensive, involving many hours of drawing, cutting, pasting and arranging. The slowness and careful consideration is part of the reason I enjoy craft so much.

I work from a studio space at home in Brunswick, which I moved into a few months ago. It’s the first time I’ve had a dedicated place to work from (that isn’t a kitchen table) in five years. It’s amazing! Natural light, a garden to look at outside, and the kitchen just a few metres away when I need a coffee break.

Liesl’s home studio space- lots of light and desirable artwork [love the Berkley Illustration Owl!]

Another close up of one of Liesl’s work- this time from the Iceberg series

More and more I’m finding visual inspiration in contemporary sources thanks to the internet. I read a few art blogs – particular favourites are The Jealous Curator and Brwn Paper Bag. Mostly I am inspired by people who work hard and try new things! It makes me want to work hard too.

The colours and pattern in the dress on the right inspired me when I was working on my photo collages of mountains earlier this year. This picture is from a 1968 edition of French fashion magazine L’Officiel (which can be browsed online here)

Left: The dress of the right inspire Liesl and her work Right: Lovely Liesl Pfeffer herself!

At the October Craft Hatch Market. I’m selling a range of collages as 8×10 inch prints, framed ($50) and unframed ($25), and some little embroideries of mountains ($45). I also have some of my pictures printed on cute one inch buttons ($2).

If you are in Melbourne come down and say hi at the Special Edition Craft Hatch Market on Saturday 23 October at The State Library of Victoria.”

Thank you Liesl for sharing! You can see Liesl’s portfolio here and if you can’t be in Melbourne for the Craft Hatch Market, Liesl has an Etsy store too.

The Craft Hatch Market will be held at on Saturday 23rd of October at:

The State Library of Victoria
Experimedia, Ground Floor
328 Swanston Street, Melbourne
(corner of Swanston and La Trobe Streets)
Time: 11am-4pm

Pip x

by Jenny Butler
Monday 11th October 2010

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