Craft Hatch – Emily Green

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 14th October 2010

I’ve fallen in love with a lot of things thanks to The Design Files but today I fell so hard that I couldn’t even get through a blog post before emailing Emily and ordering one of her delightful brooches! No doubt you will love them just as much as I do! – Jenny x

Sky Brooch by Thornbury designer Emily Green

Emily Green is a first time Craft Hatch participant. Her striking geometric designs would be equally at home on lapel of a big heavy coat in winter or complimenting a light and breezy dress in the summer time. Perfect for Melbourne! We spoke to Emily about her inspiration, works space and emerging craft practice.

“I have been making these resin brooches for about 4 months now but I have always enjoyed creating things. I love the idea of accessories being mini wearable artworks.

I work from my home in Thornbury. We have a spare bedroom that I’ve turned into my pseudo-studio where I like to paint/draw/create/hang out with my little dog Hank. But when I need to work with messy resin my empire expands to a table in the kitchen, and then often further out into the dining room!

Some of Emily’s brooches drying [I suspect on the dining room table?!]

Emily’s studio overlooking the garden at her home in Thornbury

I am a great hoarder of images and draw my inspiration from a variety of sources including: 1950s screen printed textiles, children’s books, vintage crockery, embroidered table cloths and Japanese textiles as well as the works of artists such as Sonia Delaunay, Wayne Thiebaud, Hilary Pecis and Morgan Allender. I love colour and am always taking photographs and collecting postcards and magazine clippings with interesting combinations of colours to use as starting points for my work.

Hello Emily and Hank! And hellloooo Pen Jewel Brooches!!

At the Craft Hatch Market I will be selling a few different types of geometric resin brooches. Some of the designs are vibrantly coloured fractured shapes incorporating elements such as woodgrain textures, cloudy skies and watercolour and others are hand-drawn gemstones. I will also be selling colourful painted faceted pendants. My products will be priced between $20 and $35.

Come down to the Craft Hatch Market and say hello!”

Thanks for sharing Emily! Emily has recently started a blog that you can read here!

The Craft Hatch Market will be held at on Saturday 23rd of October at The State Library of Victoria from 11am-4pm.

Pip x

by Jenny Butler
Thursday 14th October 2010

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