Binny Talib

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 26th October 2010

Wallpaper by Sydney-based illustrator Binny Talib – available in Australia from IMGS Custom Wallcoverings.

Some of Binny’s super cute repeating designs – Clockwise from top left, Pups in a Cup, Cloud Princess, Raindrops, and Living in a Droplet (!!)

Top design – Two Little Ears, Bottom design – Squishy Family.

Binny Talib is a brilliant Sydney-based illustrator and surface / textile designer who appears to be as switched on in business as she is with a paintbrush! Binny creates beautiful illustrated designs in a naïve style, inspired by childhood dreams. Her work has graced many local and international products from children’s toys to clothing, textiles, wallpaper, books and greeting cards.

After originally studying Visual communications at UTS in Sydney, Binny found work in broadcast and web design, and became a Creative Director. After the dot com crash she took the plunge and went into freelance design / illustration – and she says it’s been onwards and upwards since then!  In the past few years she’s landed a New York agent, developed a children’s clothing label, moved into the children’s book market – and even worked as creative director for a Japanese children’s charity!

After successfully securing varied licensing deals in the US, UK, Japan and Australia, this year Binny has launched her very own wallpaper collection, available in Sweden and Australia! SO freaking CUTE!

GOD I need a child just so I have an excuse to wallpaper these amazing raindrops all over his/her bedroom.

oh ps. Binny has a cute little blog over here!

Binny chose ‘Cloud Princess‘ for her own daughter’s bedroom at home!


by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 26th October 2010


  • Sandra 6 years ago

    These wallpapers are seriously gorgeous! Love that awesome chartreuse in Living in a Droplet.

  • Thea Samios 6 years ago

    Adorable. You don’t need an excuse Lucy – go for it! x

  • rebecca 6 years ago

    gosh, i’m having a little girl soon, and these are amazing… just wish i wasn’t a renter, but thanks for the intro! :)

  • The raindrops are so cute!

  • alex sunday 6 years ago

    i love those pups in cups! it would be great if these designs came in wall decals too.

  • Emily 6 years ago

    Pups in Cups! Hilarious! Living in a droplet is amazing. What a creative, clever woman.

  • Jessel 6 years ago

    love your stuff!!! :)


    – Jessel

  • Gabriela 6 years ago

    so pretty! i thought the exact same thing… i want this paper, wait… i need a child!

  • theaxx 6 years ago

    oh so very cute!!!

  • Veronica Darling 6 years ago

    Happy Birthday Lucy! Hope you had a really great day! xoxo

  • Linda Friend 6 years ago

    Love the cushions and they have a conscience!

  • Cat 6 years ago

    I have children… but the wallpaper would be for me!!! Fun and fabulous. Very talented Binny! Thanks again for sharing Lucy!

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