Upon A Fold In Japan – Paper Show

by Jenny Butler
Friday 3rd September 2010

Oh my goodness! Friday already! Once again I am so sad to see this week’s guest blogger leave the nest! :( Luckily you can still get your daily fix of all things Japanese and/or papery on Justine’s own gorgeous blog here! (SO GOOD!) Huge thanks to Justine for her incredible and very extensive posts this week! …and now onto the paper show! – Lucy x

Sculpt your very own work of art with these paper airvases by Torafu Architects.

Infinity by Masahiro Chatani, the master of Origamic Architecture.

Oh my, Friday already and my last guest post. I know, I know, we were just getting to know one another! I have loved it here at TDF, and Lucy has been so wonderful to allow me to go on and on for 5 whole days about all my favourite things and obsessions too – paper, design and Tokyo to name a few. Thanks so much Lucy and thanks to everyone who left lovely comments and showed support. But now it’s time to talk jaw-dropping kind of brilliance of the paper kind!

Our little shop of paper and folds came to be because I kept on finding amazing paper goods online that were only available for purchase in Japan – very upsetting I tell you! So I decided my mission would be to change that, if only for selfish reasons. I really had to have and hold those awesome paper creations I kept finding. So, the search began and after many, many months of emailing, I finally started getting a response and slowly but surely Upon A Fold was born!

Today, so many of my all time favourite paper finds are in the shop for all to access and enjoy – mission complete! Many of them have never been available outside of Japan before, and the 10 products seen here are all first timers to Australia too. They all have 3 things in common – they are designed in Japan, made in Japan, using only Japanese materials. Oh and that’s right, they are all absolutely beautiful too.

Enjoy the paper show people and thanks again for having me Lucy, it has been so much fun!

Justine xx

Designed by artist Ayame Kikuchi, this beautifully illustrated Carrier Pigeon is actually a card that opens up so you can write your message inside.

Beautiful, minimal Paper Blocks designed by Mai Miura for Shirara in Japan.

A perfect little paper bicycle model – Michaux 1864 designed by Shinichi Iwami.

Le Rokkaku – Hexagonal House best represents what Upon a Fold is all about. What a beautiful way to package a gift. Designed by the Origata Design Institute in Japan.

Broom Broom designed by Hidehiko Miura. This fold out dustpan and broom is Japanese minimalism at its best!

These Kami-Megane glasses have holes punched in all the right places making it possible for the wearer to focus their eyes clearly without lenses, brilliant! Designed by Azumi Mitsuboshi.

Take a journey through the seasons with this beautiful Harmony concertina book by Yae Haga from 8 Plus studio in Japan.

And I thought I’d end on a high note with this completely incredible Pepakura Electric Guitar Model by paper engineering gurus in Japan, Handson.

by Jenny Butler
Friday 3rd September 2010

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