Little Circus Design – Big Bird Giveaway!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 21st September 2010

Big Bird mobiles by Little Circus Design

GOOD MORNING!  Today it’s time for another fantabulous design files giveaway!  These beauties are the creation of one very clever Madeleine Stamer of Little Circus Design!

Madeleine is a talented Melbourne artist, illustrator and super busy working Mum of gorgeous kids Minnie and Ada!  (Madeleine and family also live in a beautiful apartment which you have all admired over here!).  Madeleine’s illustrations are incredible.  Her style is just so different from anything else out there in commercial illustration land, referencing a huge variety of influences including Mexicana, traditional folk art, street art and graffiti.

Madeleine has turned some her beautiful birdie illustrations into stunning hanging mobiles… and you can now also buy individual hanging birdies too (especially for grown-ups!).  I love the shadows they cast… so pretty, and guaranteed to make you smile!   The single ‘Big Bird’ mobiles come in 9 bright colours – Red, orange, yellow, purple, lilac, blue, lime, black and white!  Each bird measures 26 x 35cm, and is valued at $85.00.

Madeleine has offered one of her beautiful single Big Bird mobiles as a giveaway for one lucky Design Files reader – and,  excitingly, the winner gets to choose their fave colour! (for a good look at all the colours, pop over to Maddi’s online store!).

To enter the giveaway – you know the drill!  Please leave a comment here before midnight tonight Melbourne time, ensuring you include your favourite birdie colour, and your email in the email field so I can contact the lucky winner! A winner will be selected at random and contacted by email tomorrow.  If you subscribe to these posts by email, please don’t reply to your email, instead pop over to to leave your comment!

*Update – WOW huge response to this one, thanks guys!  The giveaway is now closed – the winner has now been drawn and contacted by email.  The winning comment was #155, congratulations Jane!

Thanks Maddi!

ps) also don’t forget to visit Madeleine’s cute blog!

Big Bird mobiles by Little Circus Design

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 21st September 2010


  • April 6 years ago

    I’d love to have some of these in black. Though any color would work.

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    Would love one in yellow! very cute!

  • Elli 6 years ago

    I love them all! But especially the purple one..

  • Leah 6 years ago

    these are so pretty! I’d love one in white

  • Melissa Hunter 6 years ago

    They are so lovely. My favourite is the yellow one!

  • mimi 6 years ago

    What a sweet mobile, I think the picture of the multi colored one is awesome! The more color the better!

  • Mallory 6 years ago

    I love them all! If I had to pick I’d say purple :)

  • Alisa 6 years ago

    I LOVE Madelines work! I think I’d like the yellow one too :)

  • Elizabeth Geddes 6 years ago

    It’s got to be yelllow, yellow, yellow.

  • joh 6 years ago

    Too many choices.too many choices…..ummmm ummm it would have to be Purple Love them all I must say such detail…they are just exquisite

  • Beth 6 years ago

    Thanks so much for another amazing giveaway Lucy! I love the purple birdie

  • donna 6 years ago

    Yellow pleeeease :)

  • Samantha 6 years ago

    love love love these beautiful birds! i agree the multi-coloured one is beautiful, but the black would also be lovely

  • Ailish Lydon 6 years ago

    TWEET! beautiful birdies…Love the purple xxx

  • Karyn 6 years ago lilac.. no wait orange yes orange :)

  • Bec 6 years ago

    oh, it has to be red, these are soooooo precious! thanks for the fantastic giveaways! xx

  • They are all so pretty it is hard to choose a colour but if I must choose I would say 1. green, 2. purple, 3 yellow, 4 black.

  • Liz 6 years ago

    My Red Mumma Bird and her 2 babies need a GREEN daddy to make up the family!

  • jodie 6 years ago

    Oh, gorgeous. A yellow one would be just delightful! Yes please. x

  • jess 6 years ago

    Yellow is always a winner :)

  • Nina McMahon 6 years ago

    lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!lucy!*breath*black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!black!blackbird, please…x

  • Michelle 6 years ago

    ooooowwww lovely. I think if i had to choose a colour it would be the purple one or red one….aaahhh i don’t know. Um ok…..Purple. Lock it in. I had a look at the Little Circus website and have added it to my Bookmarks!!!

  • Felicity 6 years ago

    A little white birdie told me that she would love to come and live in my nest and I said that she’d have to be a clever bird and spread the word to you, so….

    “Please let me live with Felicity, she has a lovely feathered nest and a bright litte room for me to ‘hang’ out with her family.”

    Fingers and wings crossed,

    Felicity x

  • ooh.. all so delicious! I think orange is a winner for me today. But they are all lovely, it’s hard to decide.

  • amy sloss 6 years ago

    Love the yellow… please, please, please

    Amy x

  • Sophie 6 years ago

    They are so gorgeous. A lilac one would be lovely.

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    Love them all but the blue tickles my fancy the most. Count me in!

  • erin Davidson 6 years ago

    ooohh the birdie in yellow, is a cute lil fellow…

  • Valeria Camara 6 years ago

    who knows a bird?
    I do, a chickadee
    what does a chickadee say?
    chickadee chickadee fly through my window
    chickadee chickadee fly through my window
    chickadee chickadee fly through my window
    and find molasses candy
    fly through my window my sugar lump
    fly through my window my sugar lump
    and find molasses candy……………………………………………….. by Elizabeth Mitchell, a must for all little bird lovers

    Desperate seeking little bird for our window in any colour…but white would be fab!

  • Andrew 6 years ago

    Great giveaway, I love the green

  • julie gabriel 6 years ago

    I can just see a little black birdie living in my bedroom….Beautiful

  • Emma Strybosch 6 years ago

    Oh so birdie cute!
    I’m moving to a new house and the black would be ace!

  • Kristyn 6 years ago

    oh wow, the green birdie would look so beautiful in my window against all of the beautiful green spring foliage starting to appear at my house!! Thanks Lucy.

  • Stitchybritt 6 years ago

    These are really cool and unique… it has to be red!

  • Vanessa 6 years ago

    I would love to see these (purple) hanging from my deck,as I live in Brisbane my deck is a main living area and I could enjoy and share in Madeline’s creative spirit everyday.

  • sylvia 6 years ago

    gorgeous, green please !

  • Pamela Oberman 6 years ago

    One of these bird’s would be a great gift for my daughter in law Jenna Agius, who is having a birthday today and a baby in a couple of weeks

  • Binky 6 years ago

    Cheep Cheep! Black looks good to me!

  • Caroline 6 years ago

    How perfectly whimsical these are! The red is the standout colour for me!

  • Ainsley 6 years ago

    I like the purple and the white birds. The white one would go with my nightstand…

  • Carrie 6 years ago

    the beautiful happy green birdy would without a doubt brighten my grey cloudy days and promise hope of a bright springtime to come…(though I hate to discriminate…they are all bird-a-liscous…) x

  • Leila Sanderson 6 years ago

    Hi Lucy and thanks for the give away Madeleine! I’d love a white one please! X

  • LJW 6 years ago

    So many wonderfully creative people in Melbourne! Love love love Madeline’s birds, especially the red one! Thanks for sharing another amazing local talent :-)

  • Kirsti Tenni 6 years ago

    Those who desire the freedom of birds have never built a nest!
    I want a YELLOW bird for my LOVE NEST. X

  • Donna Quirke 6 years ago

    Wow what a treat, to see something so sweet, a multi coloured or lime green bird would look stunning in my brand new house.

  • Luz Algañaraz de Imbriano 6 years ago

    Yellow would be lovely pleaseeeee!!!:-)

  • Emma 6 years ago

    I would love one of these – especially in yellow!

  • ellyn 6 years ago

    My baby girls bedroom looks at the side of another house — these would look beautiful hanging in her window — love em!

  • Chandice 6 years ago

    They are simply divine….I adore the magenta (pinky) bird, but then Id have to buy more so theres a flock!!…..xXx

  • Kellie Christie 6 years ago

    These are adorable!! My favourite colour is purple and the aqua is lovely as well.

  • Cassandra 6 years ago

    Gorgeous! Love them in black…

  • Lena 6 years ago

    Spring time, tweet tweet, yellow please. Delicious.

  • Erin 6 years ago

    Oooh I want the black one… And the purple one… And the green one…

  • Lu 6 years ago

    Beautiful Happy Birdies, Lilac is my fave. Great giveaway, thank you.

  • Annika 6 years ago

    Gorgeous birdies. If I don’t win I think I will have to pop over and buy one for the nursery. Love the white.

  • Amelia 6 years ago

    Big Purple!

  • Amber 6 years ago

    Ohhh ohh ohhh, I have been working hard on my baby room – trying the balance baby & office (a shared space unfortunately) and these would allow a little fun without being too kitchy! Love love love! Red would be amazing! Thankyou!

  • Fiona 6 years ago

    it’s red for me. how perfect to hang in the window for christmas

  • paula mills 6 years ago

    Very inspiring read – love the aqua one or the yellow one.

  • Su 6 years ago

    very beautiful design and would love to start at aqua……..

  • Karen 6 years ago

    Madeleine i heart you and your gorgeous designs. oh so talented!
    a little birdy says red is best

  • Donna 6 years ago

    My first time entering a Design Files comp! The white bird is my fave.

  • Jo 6 years ago

    I love the orange and the magenta is gorgeous also, lovely shadows, they work beautifully!

  • Jasmin 6 years ago

    Ooo, how i would love a yellow bird to go with my bright yellow front door! Although would not say no to any of those fab colours.

  • Jon Vincent 6 years ago

    a little yellow birdy would be sweet! This little gift for my wife would make her tweet!

  • delia 6 years ago

    These are lovely. What talent! I’m inspired and impressed and proud, I love hearing about clever Melbournians! My favourite colour would have to be the white one.

  • Alison 6 years ago

    I have my eye on the lovely green bird! Sooo pretty :)

  • Lee L 6 years ago

    OK LOVE the white and black ones (can’t pick between them).

  • Susie 6 years ago

    Yellow. Yes, yellow. Little splash of sunshine at the window…

  • Danielle 6 years ago

    Wow – theses are amazing!!

  • Amy 6 years ago

    Why these little birdies are rather awesome! You are correct Lucy…Madeleine’s illustrations ARE incredible.

  • Willow 6 years ago

    ‘Black bird singing in the dead of night…’

  • sarah 6 years ago

    Love these birds – would be perfect decoration for my daughter’s birthday party that is coming up – with a colours of the rainbow theme…. she’d particularly like the yellow one (or ‘lello’ as she pronounces it!!!)

  • Emily 6 years ago

    A beautiful birdy in black please! Soooo cute!

  • cilla maden 6 years ago

    Love one of these gorgeous designs for my bubba’s room he would love a red one, toooo cute and fun!!!!!!

  • Sally 6 years ago

    Ooooh, too beautiful. It would have to be yellow. It is my daughters favourite colour. Pretty please with sugar on top!

  • Camila 6 years ago

    Just love the green! Beautiful design. =)

  • Melissa simonetta 6 years ago

    I love them!! So cute
    Would love to hang them in my bedroom for when I wake up each morning!!

  • Andrea 6 years ago

    These are just darling little birds! And the site is amazing!
    I will have to go black to go with one of those beautiful prints that I am going to buy!

  • Gemma 6 years ago

    These are beautiful! I’d love one in blue for my little boy.

  • MEkalie 6 years ago

    … i once saw a bird in my jello,
    he looked a delightfully fun fellow
    when i asked him join me
    for some shortbread and tea…
    he was gone, in a flash, of just yellow!

  • susie 6 years ago

    LOVE the pink, have been following Madeleine’s blog and secretly coveting these for a while now!

  • So so gorgeous! I love the yellow too!

  • Karen Cunningham 6 years ago

    These are great! The black one would be perfect to hang over my newly renovated sitting area in the front room. Having said that, it may just give me the impetus I need to damn well finish the reno! :-)

  • sarah g 6 years ago

    birds and blogs the perfect combination. gggggggggreen please.

  • Rosie 6 years ago

    So sweet! Black is the new black, is it not? So, it would have to be black for me. Ta.

  • Kylie 6 years ago

    I can’t decide!

    Ok, I’ll pick the red one!

  • Sharon 6 years ago

    Every birdie is soooooo delightful…..white would have to be my pick…..for today!

  • Carmen 6 years ago

    Beautiful red birdy please!

  • Ali Smyth 6 years ago

    The lavender bird is divine x

  • Bridget 6 years ago

    A blue bird is the prettiest in my opinion! Very lovely, thank you!

  • Kate B. 6 years ago

    I’d love me some yellow big bird love please.

  • alex sunday 6 years ago

    after much deliberation, i’ve surprised myself by finding the purple bird to be my favourite. so lovely!

  • Marjory 6 years ago

    So beautiful! I’d love a lavender bird to sing at my window!

  • Sophie 6 years ago

    These are fantastic! I would love one in red please!

  • Nat Power 6 years ago

    new niece has her finger on the ORANGE fly away.

  • Kate 6 years ago

    I am expecting my first baby and think that the dark purple or dark green big bird mobile would look so lovely in our babies nursery. Pick me!

  • Oscar Salinas 6 years ago

    Cool! Red bird!

  • Cmac 6 years ago

    Love the black one.

  • Bluecaravan 6 years ago

    I rarely enter giveaways, but here I am – I LOVE them! The Blue Birds speak to me, so hopefully they’ll find a new home here soon! jx

  • Grant 6 years ago

    These are brilliant. The colours are awesome. I can clearly visualize them hanging solo in a white room

  • Brenda 6 years ago

    I would love the big white bird – I love the idea of it not being always clearly visible, but that its shadow would be…

  • Buttons 6 years ago

    oh my, I thought I was getting in early at 9:30 am! Looks like I’m not the only one who subscribes to this fantabulous blog (surprise surprise!) I loooove these birdies! And all the other stuff by maddi. If I had the simple pleasure of winning I’d choose red. no wait…orange!
    fingers crossed!

  • Jo-ann 6 years ago

    Simply beautiful … would love a red one for my sister’s country garden! May even keep the locusts away!! Thank you so much!

  • Kerry 6 years ago

    These are beautiful! I’d love a red or green thanks :) I like how you’ve got them all hanging so I think I’ll have to buy some more!!

  • Lauren 6 years ago

    How very cool!!! I’d love a white one :) Thankyou!! x

  • Natalie 6 years ago

    Gorgeous birds. An orange one would be fantastic if I was lucky enough to win – thanks!

  • Pet 6 years ago

    I think the black or the white would fit in with all my turtle dove homies. Probably black – they are all soooo cute though, its hard to decide. Black. Black. Black. What lovely work!

  • Ruth Valentine 6 years ago

    They’re all so scrump-diddly-umpcious! I love lilac, green, yello, orange… who am I kidding they’re all awesome! Thanks for the chance to add to my birdie collection :)

  • Lucie 6 years ago

    Great giveaway! I’m partial to the yellow!

  • Ellie 6 years ago

    I think I’d love a red one- though I’m sure if I got one I’d be extremely tempted to start a collection!

    So beautiful.

  • Chhaya 6 years ago

    I love them all! If I had to choose I’d say orange :) Pretty please…

  • Amy for Grace 6 years ago

    My 5 year old said ” They are cute because their feathers are little cuuties” high pitched squeal…we would love the bright yellow one x

  • Kim 6 years ago

    My little Henrietta (14 months) is facinated with “Bir-bee’s” (her first real word!!), and would love a Lilac one hanging above her cot.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Margaret 6 years ago

    I think that the purple one is my favourite .. but then they are all gorgeous!

  • zette spaghetti 6 years ago

    I think I would choose the purple… how many purple birds do you see now-a-days?
    Plus it reminds me of the bird from Up! Kevin’s a girl? Classic :)

  • Mikhaela 6 years ago

    I like black the best

  • Emma 6 years ago

    My 5 month old daughter says yes please!

  • Clare 6 years ago

    How cool! Wish she’d shrink them down to jewellery size! My gut favourite is purple, but I can’t help but think that red or blue or orange would look so lovely swaying in the breeze in the outdoor undercover area I plan to cobble together this summer (in our unused carport). Near the daybed, and the faux-persian outdoor rug.

  • Elaine Pendlebury 6 years ago

    So fresh and cheerful

  • Natalie Townsend 6 years ago

    Beautiful! I love the black one please…. or the green… very cute.

  • Cristina 6 years ago

    Red! Although it was super difficult to pick. They’re brilliant!

  • Emma Anne Patterson 6 years ago

    White would be quite nice, if I’m lucky! I unintentionally created a bird theme in my bedroom, so Madeleine’s friend would feel quite at home with me!

  • Fiona Edge 6 years ago

    ooh I love all of the colours, they look great together

    But I do love the black ones, yes black it is : )

    I love anything bird!

  • Martine 6 years ago

    Lovely juicy yellow please

  • melektra 6 years ago

    Any spring colour for me orange, yellow or red. They remind me of the PaperCuts. LUSH!

  • saf 6 years ago

    It is too hard to choose just one! It must be RED!


  • JB 6 years ago

    Have just the place at home for an orange birdie.

  • Mimi K 6 years ago

    If I have to choose it would have to be lilac, but they are all gorgeous. They must make amazing shadows when hung in the sun.

  • Nola 6 years ago

    So hard to choose! But red is definitely my favourite colour.

  • Clare Raney 6 years ago

    Yellow, yellow, a hundred times yellow!

    Also I would probably hang this in my Pre-K classroom for my students to enjoy!

  • Kate 6 years ago

    I loooove the yellow bird! I would love a cheery early bird to hang in my window

  • Sal 6 years ago

    for me world P E A C E day is G R E E N ;-) x

  • Rosa Piciocco 6 years ago

    Purple… Obviously for me!! Wow what a gorgeous product and amazing prints at her online store…Kudos to Design Files, always bringing us something a little bit unique and spesh!

  • Dee Peraic 6 years ago

    Wow, I thought I was reading this blog early at 10.15am….would looovvvvveeee the green birdy!!! Please please please………

  • clea 6 years ago

    Yellow please!

  • MissSYKORA 6 years ago

    Oooooh. Me likey, especially the orangey one!

  • Hannah 6 years ago

    These are just so cute and summery. What a talented lady! I shall definitely be procrastinating today by checking out her blog and shop!

  • Pip 6 years ago

    a beautiful blue bird would be lovely, thank you

  • Laura 6 years ago

    How delightful! A gorgeous yellow birdy would brighten any space. Please count me in for the draw.

  • Sandra 6 years ago

    wow! they are just lovely. it’s so hard to choose one colour but i’m thinking the sunny yellow is my favourite.

  • Joyce 6 years ago

    These are so sweet, I would love one in lime! thanks!

  • Marie 6 years ago

    The birdies are so cute, just gotta love the orange ones – perfect to hang above the (soon-to-pop-out) baby crib! I was just lying in bed this morning listening to the blackbirds wake up admiring their tune, well I would have admired it even more if it wasn’t 5.30am!!!

  • Susan Charal 6 years ago

    A symphony of well-fed, sleeping birds, a vision of content and freedom. Just like my son leo.
    He would love a (unisex) red one for his nursery. Mumma Susa

  • okologi 6 years ago

    oh my goodness…a bit of competition for this one! continuing my love affair with yellow, i would love a gorgeous little birdie to hang up in the boathouse!
    thanks lucy and madeleine xx

  • Fi 6 years ago

    How super sweet are these? And what a simple idea to bring a bit of cheer to a place. The purple is my fave ( I think). Actually I’m just smiling at the whole concept of fun mobiles for adults.

  • Amy 6 years ago

    The orange is adorable!! =)

  • Annabel 6 years ago

    A gorgeous yellow birdie to brighten up our lives please!

  • Emily Treganowan 6 years ago

    Black please!!

  • Sandra D 6 years ago

    Such calm looking birds. Although… I prefer the black. x x

  • Robyn Levin 6 years ago

    i would love a black bird singing in the dead of night.

  • Cat 6 years ago

    Oh little white birdy, come and sing on my window sill.

  • Eleanor 6 years ago

    These would be perfect for our nursery for baby to be! I’d pick yellow!!! :)

  • Eye (bitofeye) 6 years ago

    A yellow is super duper cute ><

  • jane 6 years ago

    Lets hope that this is not a bird that got away!! Just adorable

  • Clare 6 years ago

    These are BEAUTIFUL! Love the purple!

  • Megan 6 years ago

    oh boy. Lots of peeps like these already! love the orange! x

  • andrea navascues 6 years ago

    Her work is gorgeous!!! i would love a blue birdie please!!

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    oh yes, me please. these are lovely. Jess

  • Powdermoon 6 years ago

    Yellow (tweet-a tweet)
    Is sunshine (tweet-a tweet)
    Is springtime (tweet-a tweet)
    Is buttercups tweet-a tweet)
    Is sweet-a sweet (tweet-a-lee-tweet!)

  • Annabellarina 6 years ago

    They are absolutely delightful!! I would love an orange birdie pretty please. Tweet tweet. xx

  • Michael 6 years ago

    I’d love to win a black one Lucy!

  • mamideux 6 years ago

    162 already! wow.
    although they are all very cute.

  • jac 6 years ago

    dreamy….how about an orange one for me please x

  • Priscilla 6 years ago

    lovely, can’t go past the lime green

  • finchbird 6 years ago

    Being a ‘finch’ by name and a longstanding fan of Madeleine’s work I would LOVE to win one of these gorgeous birds! Red, White or black would be my favourites! :)

  • Blue Penguin 6 years ago

    This would be such a lovely gift for my first girlfriend to have a baby! The lilac one would be just perfect for her new little girl…

  • Morgan Wills 6 years ago

    I love Madeleine’s work – she is so clever! I asked my 5 year old daughter which colour she liked the best – and we both thought the Emerald green one would look beautiful in our house.

  • Deb 6 years ago

    These are all gorgeous … but I’d love to adopt a red one! PS. have just discovered this blog and loving it – on speed dial every morning :)

  • Clare 6 years ago

    We would love to have a black bird in our house. So gorgeous!

  • flori 6 years ago

    soo cute! love them! they would be gorgeous anywhere inside or out and even adds an element of fun to any interior! If I had the to choose…I’d love a yellow one! Keeps the element of fun even on a rainy day!

  • Marina 6 years ago

    I think the purple birdie would be an excellent start to my collection.

  • KT 6 years ago

    Red would bring beautiful colour to our roof garden which is surrounded by light industry. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  • Liza 6 years ago

    They are so beautiful they remind me of Frieda Kahlo. I love the ORANGE one.

  • TJ 6 years ago

    So cute, I would love the red one please.

  • Carolyn Edwards 6 years ago

    YELLOW is my favourite….would look wonderful hanging in my old vintage birdcage in the garden

  • neddy 6 years ago

    Love Madeleine’s work and her blog. Birdies are so cute! would love the purple one.

  • george 6 years ago

    how beautiful. impossible to pick a colour but i have! – purple please x

  • Lisa Rowden 6 years ago

    So many comments…so many people wanting a birdie…if I were to be lucky enough I would graciously accept any bird…but if I were even more lucky to be able to pick a colour I would say purple please…there is a perfectly sunny spot on my kitchen window sill with this birdies name on it. Ta for the daily love x

  • sam 6 years ago

    these are awesome. i love the yellow, red, orange, purple… i think yellow would be my first pick.

  • Peta cleary 6 years ago

    Bring on Spring …….with these gorgeous birdies. My little girl would yell with delight to see one in her bedroom window. Lilac colour please. :)

  • jessica 6 years ago

    white, i think!

  • Ray Ranoa 6 years ago

    I heart Little Circus Design’s Big Bird Mobiles! Oh – I love love love the black Big Bird! :) x

  • claire 6 years ago

    red delicious please.

  • mae 6 years ago

    i’m obsessed with the orange birdeee pls. thank you :)

  • Vanessa 6 years ago

    Sooooooooo bewdiful – I like Green best

  • mae 6 years ago

    Orange pls :)

  • Jasmine 6 years ago

    Black bird!!!!!!

  • ErinW 6 years ago

    Gorgeous, love the purple!

  • Carly Wallman 6 years ago

    How to choose! It was a very tough decision but I finally settled on the lime, it seemed to sing just that little louder…

  • Lisa 6 years ago

    I think yellow would be my pick!

  • Liza 6 years ago

    Simple, sweet, Springtime fun, very talented Madeleine, these are just lovley!
    Thankyou Lucy for your always inspiring and interesting reads and insights to new designers, products, talented people – you brighten my day!
    If I were lucky enough happy springtime “yellow” would be delightful thankyou xxx

  • Donina 6 years ago

    Hulloh! I’d pick the black one. Thanks :-)

  • Toni 6 years ago

    Oooooh! Green birdie please!

  • Gael Joyce 6 years ago

    Spring has sprung and what better way to celebrate than with a little black bird

  • amanda 6 years ago

    I never enter anything coz i never win; so i thought i would cut to the chase and pop over to buy one…then i saw the price :(
    so if i should be so lucky lucky lucky i would like yellow, i dont own anthing yellow

  • samantha lynch 6 years ago

    love a little white one to fly to sydney xxxxx

  • Natalie Kitzelman 6 years ago

    While I save for some blinds I’d love to see a yellow bird bask in the sunshine.

  • kristen 6 years ago

    ‘birdie birdie’ my little man squawked with delight. We would love a little bird
    to head west for the spring. x

  • Bec 6 years ago

    These birds are divine! I’m loving the little yellow one!

  • Tamara 6 years ago

    Oh so lovely! The aqua is beautiful, but that white is hard to resist!

  • Bianca 6 years ago

    Oh which to choose. I’d have to say white !! When in doubt I always go classic (white). All are sweet though.

  • Narelle 6 years ago

    Orange is my favorite!

  • Christine 6 years ago

    All colours look beautiful! Would like any but love the white the most!

  • Belinda 6 years ago

    A black bird, beside my bed, singing songs in my head…………

  • Nicki Lever 6 years ago

    Very pretty. If I had to choose it would be red. Then I could hang it on the Christmas wreath. Thanks.

  • Tiffany 6 years ago

    I can’t go past the red bird!!!

  • daisy 6 years ago

    all the colours are splendid.
    eenie meenie miney mo……

  • Lamina 6 years ago

    OMG I love the Yellow birdie… so bright and happy :D

  • emma 6 years ago

    one of these funky little bird would be the perfect addition to my latest space – the nusery. Any colour would look fabulous but i think my fav is the canary yellow

  • Nicola 6 years ago

    any except green! so pretty ☁☼☮♡✌☺♪

  • mish 6 years ago

    ooh, would love a blue bird!

  • Annalisa Giudici 6 years ago

    Yay – another great giveaway. Thanks Madeleine and TDF. I’d love a red bird. Or a yellow one. They’re all v.pretty.

  • yan yan Teoh 6 years ago

    Gorgeous! Love the black ones! x

  • Elle 6 years ago

    Wow! I LOVE Madelein’s work!
    Those birdies would look beautiful in our new baby’s room!

    xxx elle
    ps Love red but love all the colours!

  • Shernern 6 years ago

    I would have to say the yellow one! Very cool.

  • Mary 6 years ago

    Madeleine’s illustrations are gorgeous. Love the orange bird.

  • Em 6 years ago

    A hard choice between black and purple, I think I’d say black under pressure. Love it!

  • Jenny 6 years ago

    I love the timber one, but I guess that’s not an option since it’s not in the picture. So I have to say the white one. I love the way it drops the shadow on the wall. And it would look really nice in my window! Please let one bird move to sweden for winter!

  • Stephanie 6 years ago

    Beautiful! Tough choice… but yellow wins!

  • Amber 6 years ago

    So sweet! Lime green birdy please

  • Janine de Waal 6 years ago

    White White White… always so fashionable and timeless! Gorgeous design!

  • Erin 6 years ago

    What a treat for my room,
    My housemates would swoon!
    Standing out from the Herd,
    My choice, the beautiful black bird!

  • dinja 6 years ago

    “Blackbird singing in the dead of night
    Take these broken wings and learn to fly
    All your life
    You were only waiting for this moment to arise”
    Madeleine’s inspirational artwork is as timeless as The Beatles’ song,

    The Black Bird is my favourite, but they all enchanting.

  • sam pisano 6 years ago

    lovely little birdies…all fab colours…but i think i have to favour the bright ORANGE birdy!

  • Jen Colwill 6 years ago

    Tweet! Tweet! Timber would be a sweet treat!

  • dee 6 years ago

    gorgeous! would love one!

  • Rebecca 6 years ago

    oooh, how very tempting. green would be an utter treat…!

  • Jacqui 6 years ago

    ooo they are so cute! The Red birdie is my fave :-)

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    I think lilac is the happiest of birds!

  • Isobel 6 years ago

    Oolala I love these little birdie!

  • Christina 6 years ago

    so cute – love them all – but black is best!

  • Lilac for my little one please! If it was for me, I’d pick yellow. But for the littlie it shall be lilac. Thanks for the great giveaway. x

  • MissD 6 years ago

    Oooo, I actually love the wooden birdy most of all.. but I think they only come in a trio? In that case, sunny yellow.

    Thanks Lucy & Madeleine!

  • Carrie 6 years ago

    Black is best, so cute

  • Jessica Nicol 6 years ago

    These are simply stunning – I adore the yellow!!!

  • chloe o reilly 6 years ago

    So lovely .

  • chloe o reilly 6 years ago


  • Paula 6 years ago

    Gorgeous all of them. Sweet and funky and cute and love the shadows they create. I think black is best too.

  • Paula 6 years ago

    Gorgeous, sweet, funky and cute all rolled up. And love the shadows they create. I think black is best.

  • Ames 6 years ago

    tweet tweet i was chasing a bird. hmmmm, purple. yay!

  • Liss 6 years ago

    awesome giveaway!! I love the white, or red.

  • Nat 6 years ago

    ooo, springtime love birds, it must be blue or black as we leave the shadows of winter…so sweet tweet

  • They are all so gorgeous. Would love the black one.

  • suzy 6 years ago

    alittle imaination goes a long way. amazing.

  • Cath 6 years ago

    It simply must be purple for my gorgeous god-daughter!

  • Daphena 6 years ago

    oh tweet, so sweet, any colour at all would be tres neat!

  • Adele Louise 6 years ago

    I’m not sure whether I posted my comment in the right spot – I’m knda new to this so here goes for a second try: The orange bird is my favourite they are made beautifully and are so very pretty

  • Jess Kav 6 years ago

    I love all the warm coloured birds, particularly the red and the orange xx

  • Priscilla 6 years ago

    How gorgeous- they are all absolutely beautiful have admired maddies designs for ages. Hot orange is my favorite

  • Tara 6 years ago

    They are so happy and gorgeous, I would love the yellow one to fly into our home! Thanks for creating such happiness xx

  • Hannah 6 years ago

    I love the yellow, so cheery

  • Rochelle (mum) 6 years ago

    My mum said i could tell you i love the white one and i typed this myself! TWEET TWEET
    Aimee x

  • Carmen Hui 6 years ago

    A little birdy told me the yellow one would add sparkles to my new apartment.

  • ruth hickson 6 years ago

    They are all so sweet and would look great on my verandah

  • Julie B. 6 years ago

    Blue blue blue birdy!

    So cute!
    Julie B.!

  • Jane 6 years ago

    I love, love, love Madeleine’s work. The red or the white big bird would be more than welcome here!

  • Summer 6 years ago

    Lilac is my pick, though they are all gorgeous! Thanks Madeline and Lucy :D

  • Juliet williams 6 years ago

    Orange all the way!

  • little bird big chip 6 years ago

    you know what?, i think i wanted the yellow, but to make those little birdies pop i believe i would love the black one, please and thank you x

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    Just in time for Spring! These gorgeous birds are singing my winter blues away! Purple is my favourite!

  • Jess 6 years ago

    Oh it’s so difficult to choose! I love the white, and the black, and the lime! But I keep going back to the lilac – so that’s my favourite :) I would love to have this hanging in our room – once we’ve finished the renovating and painting of course!

  • Bec 6 years ago

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them all!!! Any of them feel right at home in my rainbow inspired classroom, but the green one looks the chirppiest! x

  • Samantha Lewis 6 years ago

    LOVE them…so colorful. I never did have a favorite color…Any and all of them!

  • Nate 6 years ago

    LOVE these! Makes me think of my wife :)

  • ana 6 years ago

    awesome! ma favorites are black and yellow. :)
    such nice giveaway, I hope I “win”. :)

  • Cécile 6 years ago

    Wahoo !
    those birdies are so lovely, i personnaly prefer the yellow one. But all of them are stunning.
    Bravo to Madeleine

  • Liz 6 years ago

    Love these designs! Very folk art inspired!

  • Marna 6 years ago

    Black or lilac for me. They’re cute!

  • Eliza Eggert 6 years ago

    I love the yellow one! I’m a big fan of bright colors.


  • Toni 6 years ago

    OOOh, love the delicate-looking white birdie!

  • kate rogers 6 years ago

    { ‘>
    / ,\
    /_/ /

    tweeet | tweet | white would be neat | x o x

  • nicole crawford 6 years ago

    These are so cool. Have to go with purple!

  • Joseph kim 6 years ago

    I really like the yellow one

  • Charlie Gratz 6 years ago

    Blue is my favorite.

  • Nancy Moy 6 years ago

    The black one would compliment me well…yes, black please!

  • Marc 6 years ago

    Sweet, reminds me of my mum. & green

  • Julie 6 years ago

    These are very cool! I’m torn on the colors because I love them all, but I would have to choose the black one though.

  • milk tooth's rain 6 years ago

    I love them all! But if I have to choose I’d like the violet one <3 Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Brenda Rozzi 6 years ago

    Here birdie birdie birdie, c’mon purple birdie
    Fly away home to me birdie! I think I love you birdie…

  • Minnie 6 years ago

    Since my name is Minnie too, I’m hoping luck is on my side with this giveaway. I love folk art, especially Mexican-influenced. Orange is so beautiful and could go in so many places in my home.

  • Anil 6 years ago

    coloUr coloUr coloUr coloUr

  • Madeleine 6 years ago

    Hey thanks Lucy for organising the giveaway and for everyone’s kind comments! A big birdy mobile will fly the coop today heading to Jane’s home. Hope to meet some of you at the Melbourne Finders Keepers market in a couple of weeks, pop by to say hi! x o madeleine

  • camgurl 6 years ago

    so cute! black is my fav… always black!

  • Cassia Conte 6 years ago

    Would love one in red! very cute!

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