Guest Blogging this week – Joyce from CycleStyle!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 6th September 2010

This week’s guest blogger! – Joyce Watts from CycleStyle

Hello and happy Monday to you all!

Now allegedly it is SPRING.  I am seeing no evidence of it in Melbourne really…. but to celebrate (and perhaps encourage..?) the impending warmer weather and longer afternoons, I thought it was time for a little bicycle-themed guest blog!  And who better to take us on a bike-loving blog adventure than Melbourne blogger/bike-lover/lawyer/online retailer Joyce Watts of CycleStyle!?

Launched just this year, CycleStyle is already gathering a loyal following!  Because really, riding a bike and looking cute at the same time really shouldn’t be that hard, should it?  I have no idea how Joyce manages to be a grown up lawyer and also run the CycleStyle store – not to mention write TWO supremely excellent blogs! (Here + here).  Sheesh.  I thought I was busy.

Somehow Joyce also found the time to write us an incredible guest blog this week – a world cycling tour, if you don’t mind!  The tour starts today in Sydney… with stopovers in Europe, London and NYC later in the week!

Here is a little intro from Joyce… don’t forget to pop over to the guest blog and read her first post – Cycle Style in Sydney! -

Hi everyone!

My name is Joyce and this week Lucy has asked me to share my passion for cycling with all of you at The Design Files.

I’ve just opened an online store called CycleStyle where I sell stylish clothing and accessories for the urban cyclist.  It’s gear for the kind of cyclist like me – someone who rides a bike in heels and dresses to get to work, to the shops, to meet friends, who doesn’t go fast and never, ever, wears fluorescent lycra.

You may have noticed that cycling as a mode of transport is becoming a trend all around the world, with lots of blogs popping up about cycle chic thanks to the grand-daddy of them all, Copenhagen Cycle Chic (Mikael visited Melbourne recently as part of the State of Design Festival). Even The Sartorialist has a section devoted to bicycles!

The Sartorialist hearts bicycles!

This week I’m excited to take you all on a virtual around-the-world trip where we’re going to meet some of my fantastic suppliers and to check out the cycle chic scene in different cities. I hope you enjoy the ride!

- Joyce

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 6th September 2010


  • Lily 4 years ago

    Is anyone else having trouble bringing cyclestyle up on their browser? It won’t show at all on mine! I’ve tried in Chrome, Safari and Firefox!

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