Georgeous Style – Wedding Dreams

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 21st September 2010

Who doesn’t love a wedding?! I’m off to one this weekend, and today’s guest blog from Georgie has made me even more excited! Beautiful flowers, inviting table settings and the special couple at the very centre of the day. Perfection! – Jenny x

How amazing are these cakes?! By Julie Gunthorpe

Queen Vic Markets converted into a delightfully bright wedding venue

Just like every little girl, when Georgeous first discovered her love of weddings she opened an old shoe box and began to fill it with cut out photographs of wedding dresses, bits of ribbon, string and lace material and a set of vintage crockery she was once given.

Nowadays that shoebox is a small yellow folder perched on her computer desktop entitled…“My dream wedding.” Luckily for Georgeous, almost every weekend is another version of this dream wedding! With a new beau and bride each time, every style is so personal and individual and yet Georgeous still manages to add a few minor touches from her old shoe box.

It is somewhat of a blessing that each bride and groom to walk through the Georgeous doors have their own beautiful story, on how they became an “us”, and therefore also have their own dream wedding.

Georgeous finds it a thrill to peek into new and quirky unknown spaces and venues – places with walls that one would never guess would hear the words “I do”. When Georgeous recently heard a bride express a love for all things food, her ears pricked and her mind wandered into the very Melbourne, very raw and very unexpected ceremony space inside Queen Victoria Markets.

LOVE the old family photos behind the bridal table. Floral arrangements by Cecilia Fox

Georgeous loves vintage and rustic, simple touches like a piece of brown string wrapped around Grandma’s vintage napkins gives the sweetest touch. And don’t leave out Grandpa…I’m sure if you ask nicely he would lend you his old suitcase to fill with love letters and a flower or two…or ten?

Georgie x

Photography by Sarah Wood & James Grant

by Jenny Butler
Tuesday 21st September 2010


  • jess 5 years ago

    LOVE the pom poms!

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