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by Jenny Butler
Friday 24th September 2010

This elegant wedding is absolutely beautiful, full of inspiration and I love every part of it – much like this whole week with Georgie!! A big thanks to Georgie and the ladies at Georgeous, it’s been a wonderful week! – Jenny x

I know! Isn’t this the sweetest table ever?! So delightful.

Photography by Jonathan Ong

A simple and rustic country wedding styled by Georgeous is no less elegant than any other. In this fast paced world we are all bombarded with options, for anyone planning a wedding this is magnified. Sometimes it is forgotten that the most charming things are the simplest and what separates a good designer from a great one, is restraint.

Above left – The bride’s inspiration for the day Above right – Cake!!  We really need a week dedicated to cakes!

The bride had a very strong vision for her wedding, but a lack of time to organise it all.  Georgeous takes a vision of a dream wedding and makes it happen, ensuring it is unique and personal.

The bride wanted this to be a very family orientated day – black and white photographs of family members’ wedding days were arranged around the wedding cake, and children were made honorary photographers, given their own disposable cameras and task list of scenes to capture; ‘the brides shoes’, ‘the flower in the groom’s jacket’.

On a rusty wrought iron gate outside the tiny church, glass jars fastened with twine held bunches of fresh flowers. These are the special little touches that Georgeous loves, believing that when you have a life uncomplicated, wholesome and full of love, “life is good”

I hope you’ve enjoyed this week as much as I have!

Georgie x

The beautiful bride & beautiful Georgie!

by Jenny Butler
Friday 24th September 2010


  • handmaderomance 5 years ago

    beautiful! i love the simple palette of white flowers. and in the last shot the wonky post with little lights – gorgeous ; )

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