Georgeous Style – A Georgeous Day, A Georgeous Way

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 22nd September 2010

Another splendid day with Georgie! Today we get a look at a few of Georgeous’ special events. Cheese lunches, Portsea Polo and one garden shed converted into a very cute cafe on wheels!  Delightful!  – Jenny x

Jindi Cheese Country Marquee Lunch – what a wonderful setting! [Photography by Sarah Wood]

Celebrations of cheese in the middle of a paddock, the rustic Portsea Polo occasion, Arteveneta with 50 of your closest friends and a touch of Spring Carnival fever…These are a few of our favourite things…

Portsea Polo with all the lovely details [Photography by Joshua Robenstone]

Sometimes it’s the small and simple touches that bring an occasion to life. Take for example hay bails for seats, an embroidered napkin as a gift for guests, or just a collection of your favourite flowers in an old tin or glass jar. It’s these small touches  in unexpected places that give each occasion a story.  Steering guests from a pre-drinks location to their seats for lunch is all part of the fun when styling for any Georgeous occasion.

Spring Racing Carnival [Photography by Sarah Wood]

When Georgeous has a few moments, there’s no twiddling of fingers – quite the opposite, that’s when little inventions are born. Having spent many hours setting up at various trade exhibition shows, Georgeous wondered why there were so many rumbling tummies?  So what do you get when you combine the trading post, a simple idea and lots of hungry industry colleagues? Minnehaha! Minnehaha is a transformed old garden shed with a splash of paint and some very delicious quick bites served up for the hungry hoards at various events!   Since Minnehaha made its’ debut it has transformed from corporate occasion to a children’s garden show, feeding the crowds where ever it goes.

Can we get anyone a crusty baguette?

Georgie x

The incredably cute Minnehaha at Flemmington! [Photography by Sarah Wood]

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 22nd September 2010


  • Eva Heath 5 years ago

    It is great to see our type of “stuff” ( htp://www.heathsoldwarescollectables.blogsppot.com )in so many different settings, when the hydrangers are in bloom they are just the most beautiful addition of colour to any setting, well done!

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