Cumulus Inc. Porcelain Coffee Cups by Ingrid Tufts

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 13th September 2010

Cumulus Inc. Porcelain Coffee Cups by Ingrid Tufts – photos by Kim Brockett at Craft Victoria.

As every self-respecting Melburnian would know, one of Melbourne’s coolest cafes, Cumulus Inc. just happens to be nestled right next door to Craft Victoria at the top end of Flinders Lane.  I’m not sure if the craft has been rubbing off on the baristas, but it seems these two organisations have formed a close bond over their regular morning coffee runs(!), and this has resulted in a brilliant crafty collaboration!

The Cumulus Inc. Coffee Cup, featuring the restaurant’s iconic cloud design, was designed by Craft Victoria member Ingrid Tufts,  and was commissioned through New Craft Made in Victoria – a new product development service that matches Craft Victoria members with commercial opportunities.  Find out more about the brilliant craft initiative right here!

Ingrid Tufts is a brilliant Melbourne-based crafter who works exclusively in hand thrown porcelain. Her beautiful work is sold in retailers around the country, including the Donna Hay General Store in Woollahra, Sydney.

Each Cumulus inc. Cup is individually hand-thrown and glazed.  They retail for $20, and when you buy one your first coffee is free! (…and it is extremely good coffee!).  Cumulus Inc. is also encouraging customers to re-use their coffee cups by offering 30c off every takeaway coffee sold in a re-usable alternative.  Leeroy Kirk-Walker from Cumulus says the project has been an amazing success with one in ten of their regular customers purchasing a cup!

SERIOUSLY what is not love and this brilliant collaboration!?  Beautiful local craft, sustainable business strategy and excellent coffee.  Great work all round!  I am thoroughly impressed.

These photos by Ingrid Tufts

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 13th September 2010


  • Jess 5 years ago

    Oh wow! So gorgeous! I think I have seen some of Ingrid’s work in a past Donna Hay magazine. Pity I don’t live in Melbourne. I might just have to get my sister who lives there to pick one up for me!

  • fairchildstreet 5 years ago

    great idea, too many paper coffee cups in the world

  • Tricia Rose 5 years ago

    These cups are so simple and elegant! and I’m nowhere near Melbourne…

  • RayG 5 years ago

    What beautifully crafted cups, love the colours, design, shape …everything. Have to add them to my list of “must buy” when I come to Melbourne next.

  • erin 5 years ago

    oh my, those are incredible! Can they be shipped to Seattle, pretty please?!

  • The Art Cupboard 5 years ago

    wonderful! i definitely want one, or two! wish i was in melbourne
    amazing, thank you for sharing!

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