Upon A Fold in Japan – Oedo Antique Markets

by Jenny Butler
Monday 30th August 2010

– This week I am SO excited to welcome the lovely Justine Fahd from Upon a Fold to the TDF guest blog!  Justine has a serious paper-addiction, so it is not surprising she’s also a huge fan of all things Japanese!  This week Justine will take us through highlights of her recent trip to Japan… be warned, you’ll be itching for a plane ticket by Friday! (I am already!) – Lucy x

Some of the amazing treasures at Oedo Antique Market – wooden dolls, printing materials and so many prints and scrolls!

Hi! My name is Justine and I have a little online paper shop and blog called Upon A Fold. Paper makes me happy, yes it does! And well, it seems sharing all my paper finds makes other people happy too. So that’s what I do on a daily basis and it’s seriously loads of fun.

Much of my focus is on Japan, simply because paper is truly celebrated there and very much a part of everyday life. Thankfully Japan is only a 10 hour flight away from my home in Sydney and on a recent visit to Tokyo I discovered a few interesting facts, like…

– 7 hours is not nearly enough time to discover a 9 level paper shop,
– There is no such thing as too many paper shops, no siree!
– 2 weeks is nowhere near enough time to discover all the paper shops in Tokyo, and be warned paper lovers, I left my heart in Tokyo and so might you!

When Lucy asked me to be a guest blogger on this gorgeous blog, I thought it would be a great opportunity to relive some good experiences and to share with you some of my favourite Japanese things – from products to take pleasure in, design to desire and places to pay a visit to next time you’re there, starting with this wonderful outdoor antique market called Oedo.

Oedo Antique Market in the Tokyo by Tokyo guidebook

I learnt about these markets from a little guidebook called Tokyo by Tokyo. Momoko Tsuruya a travel writer and Tokyoite, had it as one of her ‘must visit’ places in Tokyo. And I’m so glad she did, because there was no better way to start our Sunday exploring, than this. I love a good market!

The Oedo Antique Market takes place on the first and third Sunday of each month in the beautiful leafy courtyard of the Tokyo International Forum. It started in 2003 and has now become the largest open-air antique markets in Japan, with around 250 stalls.

There is so much to be found here from traditional Japanese pieces like vintage Kimonos and wooden dolls to retro toys, antique tools, rare books, prints and scrolls, fabrics, furniture and more.

These markets offer a glimpse into the way the Japanese lived and the things they collected from the Edo period through the Meiji period, to the present day. This is a great place to pick up some authentic Japanese souvenirs and rare antique pieces.

Next up I’ll show you a great place to visit to indulge the designer in you! And if you would like to discover some amazing paper shops in Tokyo just visit my blog. There you will find many Tokyo and paper posts with lots of pics and lovely links too.

Back soon! x

Vintage glassware, tools and kitchenware – oh my!

by Jenny Butler
Monday 30th August 2010


  • Jason 6 years ago

    WOW!!! I love the Kokeshi dolls the best! I wish I knew about the Oedo flea market when I lived in Japan. Now I want to go back there too! But just for a holiday. Five years in Japan was enough for me.

  • Funny how paper can make us feel this way – walking along some back streets in Xi’an (China) I stumbled across “street market stationery” – wow, I wanted to buy everything!

  • RayG 6 years ago

    As Jason said WOW! cant wait to see the next post. Absolutely amazing gear.

  • Justine 6 years ago

    Thanks for you comments!!

    Jason – 5 years in Japan, you lucky thing!! Yes, you must visit these markets next time you go back.

    Jessica – Oooh, street market stationery in the back streets in Xi’an!! Sounds like an adventure of the paper kind to me!

    Ray – Thank you and hope you like the rest of this weeks posts – A good mix of stuff coming up :)

  • Lizzy 6 years ago

    Justine! These photos are beautiful! So so inspiring! I think I need the ‘Tokyo by Tokyo’ book and the other one in your shop ‘Made Of Paper’. I’ve decided, tonight I’m going to sit down and take notes on all your advice about Tokyo and then book some tickets to get there! You’ve talked me into it! Just caught up on yesterdays post, and I cant wait to read todays! Thanks for the burst of inspiration! xx

  • Justine 6 years ago

    Lizzy, you go girl!! Gosh maybe I should consider a career with Japan Tourism?? Hehe, so happy to read your comment and thanks so much. Make sure you check the archive link on my blog (under artists links) and that way you’ll see all the Tokyo + Paper posts dating back to May. You will love it in Tokyo – it’s impossible not to! xx

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