The DesignVlog at Sydney Design!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 9th August 2010

Emma Elizabeth is back at Sydney Design with her DesignVlog series!

The DesignVlog captures the Space Furniture/Edra Residency Award announcement, awarded to Trent Jansen. (pictured here with Massimo Morozzi from Edra)

OK so I am sure many of you know this week  it’s Sydney Design week, and clearly it is pretty obvious I am NOT THERE to cover it. (Ah well we all have a pesky dayjob, don’t we?).  BUT never fear, fresh from her DesignVlog debut in Milan, Sydney-based Emma Elizabeth is back with more DesignVlog madness from Sydney Design 2010!  The videos are just SO super brilliant… nothing phases EE, she just shoves her microphone at all the right people, ad-libs along with cheeky confidence, and the results are fabulous every time!

HIGHLIGHTS from The DesignVlog so far include Brook Andrew‘s ‘The Cell’ installation – an enormous inflatable bouncy installation you can crawl inside, and of course Emma Elizabeth’s studio visit with Trent Jansen!  Trent recently won the Space Furniture/Edra residency award and will be off next month to Milan to undertake a 2 month residency with Italian furniture design giant Edra!  Total superstar.  And whats more, he is just so NICE.  He looks completely baffled during most of the video, which is kind of the best bit. :)

Sydney Design 2010 VLOG I – Edra and Trent Jansen from on Vimeo.

Do pop over to the DesignVlog for more!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 9th August 2010

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