Nikki Gabriel knitting workshops + Giveaway!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 10th August 2010
Custom screenprinted tent by Anthony Chiappin for Nikki Gabriel‘s knitting construction workshops in Sydney this weekend!

Do you know what this is? It’s a knitting tent! Purpose built, and custom screenprinted for Nikki Gabriel‘s inspired ‘Construction Knitting Workshop’ in Sydney this Friday, Saturday and Sunday as part of Sydney Design! This brilliant little temporary structure was designed and hand-printed by Nikki’s very clever fella, illustrator / designer Anthony Chiappin. 10 x husband brownie points right there, Anthony.

Anthony Chiappin screenprints Nikki’s tent!

I can’t think of a better place to knit, can you?  This magical little tent will be pitched at Sydney’s Powerhouse museum this weekend, and here Nikki will personally be taking small workshop groups through the basics of knitting her brilliant construction patterns!   The workshops go for 3 hrs and cost $80.00 per person.  All workshop attendees will also receive a limited edition ‘Workshop Kit’ – a gorgeous screenprinted bag, Nikki Gabriel handspun wool and knitting patterns.

IF YOU ARE IN SYDNEY you should totally sign up to meet Nikki and hang out in her super cool tent this weekend!  BUT, if, like me, you are not in Sydney, don’t fret – you can still win one of Nikki’s fabulous Workshop Kits right here! PLUS Nikki has thrown in an extra gift just for us – a set of her exquisite ebony knitting needles!

Nikki Gabriel super special Design Files giveaway!

Nikki has generously offered the following packs for 2 lucky Design Files readers!

– Custom screenprinted tote bag
– Construction knitting pattern
– Nikki Gabriel handspun wool
– Nikki Gabriel Ebony handmade knitting needles.

To be in the running, please leave a comment here before midnight today, Melbourne time!

*THANKS so much for all your great comments! This giveaway is now closed and the two winners have been notified by email! :)

Huge thanks to Nikki for this fab giveaway!  Don’t forget to head to the Sydney Design website to sign up for Nikki’s workshop if you are in Sydney and in the mood for some tent / craft action this weekend!

Nikki Gabriel Construction Knitting Workshop
Powerhouse Museum, Sydney
This Friday 13th, Saturday 14th, Sunday 15th August

More info and bookings here

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Tuesday 10th August 2010


  • Laura 6 years ago

    What a fantastic giveaway! I wish I lived closer to Sydney so I could attend the workshop – sounds like a perfect place to knit!

  • shipbuilding 6 years ago

    what a gorgeous tent…it’s looks like a modern day gingerbread house but even better when you can learn to knit inside. Nikki, please bring this tent to Melbourne soon!

  • Caroline 6 years ago

    What a great giveaway! I love to knit. Pick me! :)

    Red Glasses

  • Rachel Franks 6 years ago

    Funky tent!! Awesome looking tools for the knit!! hope I win?????

  • Rachel Franks 6 years ago

    whoops… is…

  • kay 6 years ago

    I would love to win this prize,Nikkis blog is on my “favourites”.I think she is very clever and talented.I move to Melbourne in 3 weeks and cant wait to see her patterns at her stockists.

  • mark 6 years ago

    nice prize! i would like to knit my way to first prize.

  • ana 6 years ago

    oh waw, this is fantastic!!!

  • suze2000 6 years ago

    Ooh! Pick me! I’m almost finished the hat I’m knitting. :)

  • Kirsty 6 years ago

    The perfect winter buddy! I just sewed my first piece a few weeks ago!

    Fun times! X

  • Alice 6 years ago

    Hi Lucy!
    Looks great, shame I’m not in Sydney. Would love to play around with the knitting pack though…:-)

  • charmaine 6 years ago

    An inspiration and very generous. For me this year is all about getting in touch with my creative side. I amI am a knitter and have signed up for a screenprinting workshop in Melbourne. Also doing a photography workshop so I can start my own blog soon and have impressive photos to attach.

  • Su 6 years ago

    Oooo… Awesome knitting needles!! Me please!!

  • T.A DESIGN 6 years ago

    Is it strange that I am a man and want to knit? I don’t think so! :-)

  • Anna 6 years ago

    What a great tent, it would be so fun to go and learn to knit, only if I lived in Sydney!

  • megan morton 6 years ago

    what wonderful effort and what a stunning knitting tent. powerhouse museum will be electric this weekend! m

  • Designani 6 years ago

    Awesome Giveaway…^_^

  • Bec Vincent 6 years ago

    OMG yesssssssss please! Awesome knitting tent! SWOON

  • Lamina 6 years ago

    Hi.. LOVE this giveaway :)
    I have only just discovered the joys of knitting about a month ago, just wish I had started before winter!!! Drat!! I really love the screen printed tent… gorgeous! I am in Sydney but won’t be able to go.. money is a bit tight… sob sob!
    Love Nikkii Gabriels construction ideas very cool and the knitting pack looks fantastic :)


  • Loredana 6 years ago

    I can only imagine how divine it would be to knit with ebony needles. II love the clank of bamboo needles but solid timber must be something else!

  • Marina 6 years ago

    Nikki please turn this into a travelling tent and visit us all! The knitting pack looks like a lot of fun to play with and I think I could even create something to make my grandma very proud.

  • justine 6 years ago

    Golly! I wish I were in Sydney this weekend. Alas, I am not :-(
    I will have to enter your delightful giveaway and keep my fingers crossed.

  • Pip 6 years ago

    *sighs* oh how I wish I was in Sydney, what an inspiring alcove to knit!
    Good luck to all attendees, I hope you come up with some gems!

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    I’d love to take up knitting! Wish I lived in Sydney, but winning this fantastic prize would ease the pain a bit!

  • holly 6 years ago

    what an inspiring place to create! i’m just finishing up my first baby blanket and am anxious for my next project! .best.

  • Alice 6 years ago

    Great Prize! I came across Nikki’s kits on a visit to the Hawkes Bay recently and have been kicking myself for not buying one ever since, especially with how chilly it is in the South Island over winter… Today our office is -2 degrees inside!

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    was just thinking that I’d love to get back into knitting. its a sign! me please. jess

  • Pip 6 years ago

    Yes please, such a shame I’m not close enough to get to a workshop,
    the knitting pack looks really great.

  • Sharon 6 years ago

    If ever there was a time for me to get crafty it would be now. How could you not feel the need with those beautiful needles. They are a work of art in themselves. …(and oh how i wish i was in Sydney!)
    Can you bring the gorgeous tent to Melbourne please?

  • Hannah 6 years ago

    oh divine. Have been wanting to start knitting again and what an inspiration.

  • Madeline 6 years ago

    What an amazing tent – might have to send a sneaky hint to my man! I wish I could go check it out!

  • Mandy 6 years ago

    oooooooh everyone at the next stitch and bitch will be so jealous if I turn up with this! So pretty!

  • Rachel 6 years ago

    Oh if only I could jet to Sydney from NZ for the workshop! I am a beginner knitter but get so much inspiration from people like Nikki….. Will prizes travel to NZ??? Love your blog, could spend hours here everyday, sigh.

  • Jo 6 years ago

    Such a great post! Love the tent and would love to win the prize too! I need that wool for chilly Melbourne mornings!!

  • Luz Algañaraz de Imbriano 6 years ago

    Fab giveaway!Pick me!:-)

  • Angelina Russo 6 years ago

    What a brilliant initiative by two brilliant people! Long time fan here! So wonderful to see how the work is being communicated on a large scale!! Go Nikki and Anthony!

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Ooooh, please bring the tent down to Melbourne…we need some more woolly scarf action here…it’s so chilly in the mornings!

  • Cathy 6 years ago

    Who needs therapy when you have knitting with hand spun wool, gorgeous screen prints and those incredible ebony needles!! I’m not too proud to beg for them!!

    Xx Cathy

  • Phoebe 6 years ago

    i heart knitting & i heart tents <3

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Fantastic tent, and such a generous knowledge sharing idea! Please bring the tent and the talent to Melbourne some day soon… k

  • lauren 6 years ago

    i have a new found love of sydney and a yearning for a yarn in that scrumptous tent!!

  • Sam 6 years ago

    It is so wet and miserable outside, perfect knitting weather! Would love the pack. Bring the tent to Melbourne!!

  • Caitlin 6 years ago

    What a splendiferous giveaway!
    If I won I could knit one and purl one all day
    And when I had finished my knitted creation
    I could parade it around in utter elation!
    And hurrah! what wonderful stories I’d tell
    About the gorgeously talented Ms Gabriel!
    And how magnificent is her and her clever man’s tent!
    Do you think she might maybe perhaps perchance….
    Put it up for rent?
    (Pretty please?!)

    x Caitlin

  • jade 6 years ago

    that looks like so much fun, and i love the bold designs!

  • Lu 6 years ago

    Hello, love the construction theme. My grandma used to knit the most amazing Kaffe Fassett jackets, she would love this. Lu x

  • Jo Ruchel 6 years ago

    Snazzy tent with lots of applications, I would love one of those and also a wonderful workshop, maybe there is a Daylesford opportunity where there would be lots of keen knitters. Talking, knitting, having fun, it all sounds gorgeous, I want to do it!

  • In the throws of first love – 12 years ago – with my now husband of 10 years, I began knitting him a scarf for Melbourne’s chilly winters…. three countries, two children, and five gold fish later, I have lovingly knitted 120 rows – a true follower of the “slow” movement!
    Meanwhile, my husband has bravely faced each winter……

  • Jasmine 6 years ago

    I need all the help I can get when it comes to knitting!

  • Jan 6 years ago

    Wonderful Nanna memories! And how fabulous to hold the workshop in such an gorgeous and inspirational tent! Hope the workshop is a great success!!

  • Kylie 6 years ago

    I want I want I want!! What a great way to kick off my knitting career! I have a feeling I’ll be just like my nana who took 6 years to complete a jumper for my dad. The wool faded so it ended up with a two toned effect!

  • Donna 6 years ago

    Wow wow wow, what a fantastic tent! Love the colour and bold design. Wish I could be there to knit in it too!!

  • iris 6 years ago

    nikki is such a talent. have always loved her work.

  • Taryn 6 years ago

    The perfect addition to our craft-a-noon next weekend!! Maybe we should construct some kind of tent for my loungeroom hmmm

  • Stephanie 6 years ago

    What a gorgeous give away. I am just rediscovering knitting and loving it! Please come to Melbourne!

  • Tia 6 years ago

    Wow – that is generous. I would love to be part of the draw to win a kit! Thank you :O)

  • Casie 6 years ago

    If only I was in Sydney. Workshop in Melbourne please! Love Nikki’s work.

  • Anna 6 years ago

    Oh, if only I didn’t live so damned far from Sydney and could attend the workshop. Super cute design!

  • emma 6 years ago

    swoon – pick me! pick me!

  • KT 6 years ago

    I’m joining the campaign to bring Nikki to Melbourne. And would love to win her gorgeous giveaway. Merci beaucoup!

  • Meeri 6 years ago

    LOVE IT :-)

  • G 6 years ago

    If only Sydney were a bit closer and I would be there in a flash. Gorgeous tent too.

  • Annika 6 years ago

    You always have the best giveaways :)

  • Amelia 6 years ago

    How clever! Making it in blocks makes it MUCH more do-able… I love it.

  • Genna Campton 6 years ago

    Ooh would love to play with the knitting pack. I’m in Melbourne too, we should definitely bring her here.

  • Elaine Pendlebury 6 years ago

    I am a knitting addict and so upset I will miss this weekend with Nikki. Thank you for your inspiration.

  • Susie 6 years ago

    I third the motion for a Nikki workshop in Melbourne.

    And pretty please do enter me in this giveaway.

  • Wing 6 years ago

    What an amazing tent and fantastic prize! I hope you come to Melbourne soon.

  • Ebony Morehouse 6 years ago

    Hi Lucy, pick me! pick me!
    I especially love the packaging & tote bag design.
    My fingers are crossed :-)

  • Lisel 6 years ago

    Oh I wish I was in Sydney, it looks fab. Winning this prize would be too :-)

  • CHloe 6 years ago

    it is wet and grey and knitting weather down here in melbourne!
    would love to win new project to play!

  • Erin Gray 6 years ago

    What a lovely new knitting bag this would make! I love her ‘construction tools’ branding on the knitting needles. Fantastic prize. My inner Nanna is relishing the huge number of other passionate knitters who all want this prize!

  • Brigid Sundborn 6 years ago

    please come to Melbourne!

  • Tamara Veltre 6 years ago

    Knitting fills my days, not to mention my living room, my bedroom, my closets…

  • Emma Sutton 6 years ago

    What beautiful clothes Nikki Gabriel creates, today is raining and cold in Brisbane.I love the comment about 120 rows of a scarf for a husband..she should win

  • Taryn 6 years ago

    not sure if my email was attached…

  • Lucie 6 years ago

    This could be the motivation i need to actually finish that misshapen scarf, urr actually i should unpick and start again with new construction tools!

  • Sama 6 years ago

    Love! Love! Love!

  • Fiona Edge 6 years ago

    WOW everything is beautiful and fun.

    Not in Sydney : (

    But would LOVE to win – how cute

  • Letitia 6 years ago

    Oh, it is super sweet package, and I would LOVE to win this! Happy Rainy Tuesdays x

  • Clare 6 years ago

    Oooooo! Would love to win these! I’m quite the knitting fiend, and love a good tote bag to carry my stuff around in!

  • Nat Power 6 years ago

    I just started my knitting winter project, would love some further inspiration. thx.

  • Katie 6 years ago

    Today in Brisbane it is wet and rainy, perfect Nikki Gabriel knitting weather ;)

  • DonnaZ 6 years ago

    My knitting projects are spread all over the house. Knitting tote and delicious new needles would help me consolidate and actually finish something!!

  • Kim 6 years ago

    LOVE the tent LOVE the bag LOVE the wool LOVE IT ALL

  • Kieran 6 years ago

    Wow a good excuse for me to get back into knitting.

  • Paula 6 years ago

    Ooooohhh yeahhhh!!! That looks ace!

  • Alana Phelan 6 years ago

    Ooo! Beautiful! fingers crossed…it’s perfect weather to knitx

  • flk 6 years ago

    Oh, it’s so gorgeous … love everything about it!

  • Mary Contrary 6 years ago

    I do love big fat knitting sticks, just like how I like big fat noodles

  • Barbara 6 years ago

    Knit Me! Knit Me! What a super giveaway! And a lovely rainy day to knit too, thanks for the inspirational post.

  • kitty 6 years ago

    What a gorgeous giveaway. Love her stuff.

  • Bec 6 years ago

    oh, i am in love – please pick me…! i promise to give them a good home!

  • Andy 6 years ago

    how cool, love the tent! great giveaway.

  • emgem 6 years ago

    Whee, more knitting stuff…

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Divine! Nikki’s prints are so inspiring! I wish I could have made it to the workshop.
    I could learn a heap from you!

  • genj 6 years ago

    Ohhh, lovely. I have just hit my knitting strides of late and am itching for more!!

  • Suzanne Gorman 6 years ago

    Love those ebony needles – love the tent too, what a gorgeous couple they make! Suzanne

  • Jill 6 years ago

    Great design, great concept, great giveaway – and so generous. love the tent, the tools and the materials but especially love the gorgeous knitting bag.

  • Kate Elkins 6 years ago

    I want to spend myu whole weekend there- knitting, learning, chilling….such heaven it would be compared to rainy Melbourne.
    Kudos++ for the husbands design skills and generosity in making the tent.

  • Linden 6 years ago

    WOW! Looks Great… and good to see they didn’t just target females…Guys Knit TOO!

  • Ari 6 years ago

    I heart knitting!

  • pauline 6 years ago

    Have been wanting to learn to knit for a while now! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • adele 6 years ago

    yes please! i just started my first knitting project (an apple green scarf) and this would be so wonderful!

  • sandra 6 years ago

    are they coming to melbourne? i would love to do this

  • Michelle 6 years ago

    For my mum. She is lovely AND she can knit.

  • anita 6 years ago

    maybe this would finally make me learn how to mend my grandma’s knitted blanket..

  • suzy 6 years ago

    Thx so much for including something for those of us not in Sydney so that we can feel part of the excitement.

    Would love to get back into knitting.

  • Lauren 6 years ago

    The print is gorgeous! I would love to do the workshop if I as in syd but the prize would be such a special treat!

  • Leah 6 years ago

    The perfect excuse to rug up and stay indoors for the rest of winter ;o)

  • jm 6 years ago

    yep, just what i need to help me get through the last of winter!

  • Monique Cannell 6 years ago


    I love the design files and would love to go into the competition to win the knitting pack by Nikki Gabriel. Please venture up to Brisbane one day : )
    My email is

  • Mimi K 6 years ago

    I’m a knitter from way back – would love to win this give away. Today in Melbourne it’s such a good day for knitting.

  • laura 6 years ago

    gorgeousness! knitting is the perfect winter sport… ;)

  • Amy 6 years ago

    How exciting that a knitting space will take over Sydney for a little while!

  • shka 6 years ago

    i WANT this!

  • kim 6 years ago

    oh please i would love one!! nikki gabriel makes such wondrous things!

  • ruth hickson 6 years ago

    Beautiful, all of it, wish I was closer to Sydney

  • Binky 6 years ago

    Knitted my first ever wonky but cute scarf last year. Need a new knitting project for this winter!

  • Edwina 6 years ago

    Nikki i just love your designs and the chunky yarn is just superb! i can see myself knitting and sewing in your divine tent. one end for me one for the kids. thanks.

  • Jen Arnold 6 years ago

    Oh my goodness! I’ve been begging my friend to teach me how to knit, this would be the push in the right direction I’d need to motivate me!


  • lisa rowden 6 years ago

    So desperately want to get my nanna on and get back into knitting……and what a truly funky way to do it… love love this!!

    Pick me please :)

  • Michelle Vivado 6 years ago

    OHHH, this gorgeous giveaway from Nikki is right up my ally, I can knit side by side with my lovely mother :)

  • Christie 6 years ago

    Your blog has inspired me to start one of my own – as a place to keep all the swoon-worthy things I discover on the net – so much to see and sigh over :)

    My first photo post was a Nikki Gabriel piece – swoon!

  • Kate 6 years ago

    It’s definitely cold and wet enough in Melbourne at the moment to continue with the winter knitting projects!!

  • katherine Quinn 6 years ago

    Yay Anthony! I would love to win this!!!

  • Georgia 6 years ago

    Those knitting needles are gorgeous and would make me a very happy knitter!

  • daisy 6 years ago

    what a beautiful knitting kit!

  • Anna 6 years ago

    Can’t think of a more appropriate day to promote knitting – cold, wet and windy! Currently knitting a very basic scarf for my husband but your giveaway looks like the perfect opportunity to be a little more adventurous. Pick me please. Anna x

  • elise 6 years ago

    I hope the designfiles gods are shinning down on me today!

  • mae 6 years ago

    I’d luv to be in the running to win this prize.
    Awesome tent.

  • Taminga Marges 6 years ago

    I love it. Very inspiring. It makes me want to learn how to knit. Yes please.

  • Michelle Hyams 6 years ago

    Contrary to widely held beliefs, it does get cool up here in Brisbane, and we love to knit. I’d love to see you come up here and share the knitting love! Such a cute idea.

  • Melissa HUnter 6 years ago

    i would love to win this prize. the pictures are amazing. love the reds!

  • Sam 6 years ago

    Thankyou so much for your blog – it is my daily dose of gorgeousness and clever design. I would love to win Nikki’s goodie bag – my grandmother taught me to knit and I am just getting back into it. Nikki’s site will now be in my reader as well. And the tent! I love it. What a clever team they are. Thanks again for your wonderful site.

  • toohey 6 years ago

    oh oh i would love those BEAUTIFUL knitting needles to add to my collection

  • jess 6 years ago

    Love the bold geometric print design and chunky knitting needles!

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    I love her stuff, just beautifully designed. That tent is amazing, what a lot of precise work went into that!

  • swell design 6 years ago

    Sounds great

  • Adrianne 6 years ago

    Yipee – no more excuses for not learning to knit!

  • amy 6 years ago

    you have the best giveaways!!! Love it!

  • Jasmine 6 years ago

    ohh my gosh i am in love, i adore those needles. wonderful post as always. thanks so much for sharing

  • Brendan Hardy 6 years ago

    Thats so unfair.. I want to know when Nikki comes here to Melbourne… how awesome… what a great tent too. This is the cutest little kit. yet again you have something amazing to give away. put me in the draw!!! lol. Just another thing to inspire my crazy knitting… yep yep. Cheers Brendan

  • Lara 6 years ago

    I would so love to win this Fabulous prize, then maybe I could teach myself to knit.

  • Lisa 6 years ago

    Amazing! Amazing! I would LOVE to win this and share with my grandmother! xx

  • okologi 6 years ago

    wowa weewa…i didn’t realise how many people love knitting! i think it’s time i learnt, and what better way?

  • Maureen 6 years ago

    It’s knot fair! Melbourne needs a knitting tent too. Gorgeous ebony knitting needles!

  • Gemma 6 years ago

    Great prize – wish I was in Sydney!

  • Iwandee Suvanmani 6 years ago

    oooo those knitting needles and the bag!!

  • karen harris 6 years ago

    love it…..

  • Red Horse 6 years ago

    What a wonderful response to this competition – it seems there are plenty of very keen knitters out there.

    If I hear one more commentary (in places other than the design files, obviously) about the so-called ‘revival’ of handcrafts (like knitting) I’m going to have a go at someone with a knitting needle. Preferably one those gorgeous ebony ones. Clearly it’s a craft that never died. And it’s seeming resurgence is more about knitting practioners finding a voice, than about any sort of resurrection.

    Vive le knitters.

  • jamsandwich 6 years ago

    Knitting is the new black – well here in melbourne anyway. Those needles look awesome.

  • Kimberley 6 years ago

    Gorgeous! Thank you, for your inspiring and always beautiful site xox

  • Natalie 6 years ago

    I just love this- what a fantastic giveaway!

  • jonahliza 6 years ago

    this is beautiful! and what a great giveaway <3

  • sharon clues 6 years ago

    I’ll be in Melbourne but would love to go into the draw…

  • micha 6 years ago

    how gorgeous, has inspired me to pick up a needle or two…

  • ladygrey7 6 years ago

    What a great tent! What a great husband! What great knitting needles!

  • Sue 6 years ago

    What an inspiring environment to be creative in. I have been coveting those ebony needles for some time … they are on my christmas list. Nikki Gabriel is a very clever and stylish lady and I reckon I would be as innovative with my knitting with a pair of those needles clickety-clacking in my hands!

  • kristen 6 years ago

    what great encouragement for this first time mum to start
    knitting some lovely winter woolies for her bubs.

  • Sally Dixon 6 years ago

    Thanks for this post & links. I’ve just starting knitting this winter and need some non-Nana ideas. Lincraft books are soooo uninspiring. Cheers.

  • J Manly 6 years ago

    What a flash way to start learning how to knit!
    Me please?

  • Hatqueen 6 years ago

    What a fantastic giveaway and opportunity to meet Nikki Gabriel! Wish the Festival was being held in Queensland.

  • Nichola Jephcott 6 years ago

    Awesome looking prize! Pick me.

  • kathryn hall 6 years ago

    What a lovely prize. fingers crossed for me. Love that tent. What a beautiful print and a marvellous red.

  • Kylie Smith 6 years ago

    That screenprint is divine! I have just run out of friends’ new babies to knit beanies for, so unless there is some sort of biological miracle, I am in need of a new project!

  • Becs 6 years ago

    if only i could jet away to sydney for a knitting workshop! a pair of those fabulous ivory needles would be perfect for the 3 skiens of kelly green wool I have set aside for a chunky cowl scarf…

  • nicole 6 years ago

    that would be lovely, pass some of these cold days away knitting.

  • Jeremy Smart 6 years ago

    This would be just what I need to start KNITTING!

  • Sampling 6 years ago

    Would love one of these kits! and what a beautiful tent!?

  • Dee Peraic 6 years ago

    Love NG’s work!! Fingers crossed I get picked! Her kits are divine!

  • jes 6 years ago

    so disappointed that i am not going to be in Sydney this weekend – looks like so so much fun!!!

  • Josephinr Ryder 6 years ago

    Such a beautiful little kit! Knitting in a tent sounds like my dream afternoon, I wish wish I was in Sydney right now!

  • aimee 6 years ago

    i am drooling all over myself, nikki’s work is so lovely! i will continue to admire her from the afar (california), and am hoping i win this kit! thanks for the giveaway :)

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    the workshops look incredible – i wish i lived in sydney! x

  • claire 6 years ago

    am thinking this would make a lovely present for witty knitter i know…thank you again for such a great giveaway.


  • jessie 6 years ago

    such a lovely giveaway – workshops like this actually make me want to learn to knit or try and learn to knit for again!

  • Soph 6 years ago

    I love the idea of knitting big – the workshop looks like such crafty good times.

  • mish 6 years ago

    Ooh, the knitting needles are so lovely!

  • kate 6 years ago

    fantastic tent, beautiful prize, please pick me! xoxo

  • Erin 6 years ago

    How gorgeous! wish I was in Sydney so i could attend

  • Kerry 6 years ago

    To sit and knit – what a wonderful dream

  • chrissie 6 years ago

    I would simply love to have this incredible giveaway so I can knit knit knit. But I am probably banned from winning because I’m related to Lucy. Damn.

  • Vanessa 6 years ago

    Oh what fun! Melbourne too please!

  • Naomi 6 years ago

    A very nice package, well done Nikki!
    I hope you have some lovey knit wits to join you in your custom tent.
    Next year at State of Design Melbourne perhaps?
    x N

  • Chin² 6 years ago

    Love the needles! The chunky scarf I would make with those will keep someone warm and happy.

  • evie 6 years ago

    I am so jealous of that tent. It is gorgeous. What better place to shade from the sun and be creative.
    I’m just learning to knit and would just love to win the knitting kit.

    evie x

  • Little Miss P 6 years ago

    oh, to be in Sydney this weekend! You lucky, lucky people – have the most inspirational time in Nikki’s fabulous tent. If I win this giveaway I shall sit in my very own tent & teach a friend to knit (but I might not let them have those sexy needles! They look divine!). Thank you Lucy & best of luck to Nikki for the weekend of events. It will be a sell out! Lx

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Simply gorgeous – Nikki’s workshop AND the tent!

  • Joshua Monaghan 6 years ago

    Hey, would be great to win these as my girl will totally dig them. Cheers

  • Isobel Hutton 6 years ago

    I want one of those tents for my backyard! Its Fantastic!

  • Jyotsna 6 years ago

    Absolutely stunning tent :) The kits are an Awesome giveaway.

  • Prudence 6 years ago

    Oh my GOODNESS! I’ve been lusting after Nikki’s needles…… lust lust lusting away!…
    and now they could be MINE!!! it’s too much, I need a lay down.

  • Myf 6 years ago

    I confess, I am a total knitting tragic.
    There I said it.

    And I would love this kit!

  • Angela Mottram 6 years ago

    Please bring your gorgeous tent to Melbourne Nikki where all the serious knitting happens!
    It looks portable and is high season for knitting here.

  • Mummageorge 6 years ago

    Ebony needles, too lovely…

  • Sharyn 6 years ago

    What beautiful inspiration for some winter knitting! Hope I’m lucky . . .

  • Karen 6 years ago

    I wish I was in Sydney (and without 3 kids) to escape for 3 hours!

  • Lou 6 years ago

    I wonder if Nikki Gabriel will be the sweet mistress to lead me away from knitting variations on the square. Me and Jo Sharp never worked out…

  • Margo Carlon 6 years ago

    I love to sew, haven’t knitted in years but I am sure my mum would appreciate it.
    I would love to give screen printing a go.

  • craig 6 years ago

    Noice ! You can never have too many tea cosies, mocassins and mittens ♥

  • wendy 6 years ago

    Refreshing idea and so beautifully put together. Inspiring.

  • Fiona 6 years ago

    Me please!!!!

  • olga 6 years ago

    Would there be a workshop in Melbourne? That would be lovely :)

  • Sophie 6 years ago

    I love a nice knitting needle, these ones are very nice!

  • kate 6 years ago

    this tent is amazing, i wish i had a screenprinting husband! i wish i could join the sydneysiders in their knitting skill building, but alas, i live in the great west. instead i’ll have to construct my own knitting tent and imagine i had knitting buddies.


  • Marcia 6 years ago

    SUCH a fantastic concept – Nikki’s construction knitting…so clever! Could definitely do with the pack to further develop my basic knitting skills – I can only knit scarves!

  • Priscilla 6 years ago

    Love the needles – love the giveaway – always need an excuse to knit
    Thanks for the site and the inspiration – Cilla

  • Priscilla 6 years ago

    Wow just read the interview now am even more excited – got to look at more of this


  • Stitchybritt 6 years ago

    Oh man. Oh man oh man. I’ve got a feeling 208 is my lucky number. Please let it be so!

  • Yet another generous and exciting giveaway.

    Love the tent. I want that too!

    Thanks for introducing me to yet another fabulous artisan in Nikki and for that matter Anthony too.

    Sandy K

  • siska 6 years ago

    bummer i can’t be in sydney this weekend. looks so lovely!

  • elissa c 6 years ago

    Oh my goodness! This is amazing! I love those knitting needles.

  • Rosa Coy 6 years ago

    Now we just need to convince Nikki and hubby to come to Melbourne! Thankyou for introducing them. Love their stuff…..

  • Yess 6 years ago

    hope to be the lucky winner!

  • Mark 6 years ago

    I would love to knit pick with this beautiful equipment…!

  • miranda 6 years ago

    I love Nikki’s work and would love to win one of the knitting packs.

  • pascandjo 6 years ago

    my mum (who just checked out design files for the first time when i told her about nikki’s project and is rather intrigued!) is in need of some refreshing, contemporary knitting guidance to inspire her talents – she’s not old enough to be knitting knee rugs or crocheting tea cosies just yet!

  • SuJin 6 years ago

    yikes! just too awesome!!!!!!

  • anna 6 years ago

    what an amazing giveaway!! that tote bag is great.

  • Jenny 6 years ago

    Love Nikki Gabriel and Design Files!

    Gorgeous tent design.. and it’s lovely how the knitting needles look like pencils making the act of knitting look like air doodling!

    It’s moments like these that make me wish I lived in Sydney!

  • Natasha 6 years ago

    What a wonderful giveaway. I’ve been getting my knit on of late, also!

  • Briana 6 years ago

    Thanks for posting about this designer!

  • camgurl 6 years ago

    awesome! i love!

  • I would love to win something from Down Under..especially tools that look that luxurious!

  • Camila F. 6 years ago

    Amazing kits!!! I would love to win one. Nikki’s work is out of this world!

  • Ilse 6 years ago

    wow! would be lovely to knit a comfy winter something with!

  • Case 6 years ago

    Ohh i would love this!

  • Kim Turner 6 years ago

    Hi Nikki
    Bring your tent and we’ll set it up at Vesta in Queenstown.

  • sarah 6 years ago

    knit, purl, knit, knit, purl.
    purlific prize from a talented purler!

  • kate 6 years ago

    Stunning giveaway, I wish I was that talented

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