New Guest blog – Michelle’s Paris Diary

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 16th August 2010

Top right – Galerie Montmartre‘s Michelle Belle.  Bottom Left, ‘Le Boss’ – Stephan T!  Paris-themed posters from Galmont.

OK so today I am really excited to introduce a new and seriously brilliant guest blog – the Paris diary of Galerie Montmartre‘s gallery assistant extraordinaire Michelle Belle.  Michelle’s guest blog this week will feature highlights of her recent vintage poster hunting mission in Paris with Galmont’s co-owner Stephan Trbuhovich (aka ‘Le boss’).

NOW, Whilst Michelle has been really excited to share this lovely round-up since returning from her Paris adventure, we have been a little delayed, waiting for exactly the right moment, because for the past 2 months Galerie Montmartre has been rocked by the most challenging ordeal you can imagine.

Around 8 weeks ago, without any warning, Stephan T (Galmont’s much loved patriarch, cheeky jokester and all round gorgeous guy) suffered a massive bleed to his brain whilst at home with his two young kids.  Within minutes, he’d lost consciousness… and was found collapsed in the hallway by his wife, Galmont co-owner Shelley T.

Stef spent 3 weeks in Intensive Care.  The first week, it wasn’t clear whether he’d make it through at all. The second week, he stabilised, but no one could tell the extent of his brain injuries… the third week, things were looking more positive, and he was moved from Intensive Care to a Special Care Unit.  Much to everyone’s utter amazement – almost 8 weeks on, Stephan is now in re-hab, regaining his speech, his physical strength and his independence.  His incredible progress has stunned every doctor who has seen him… and APPARENTLY he’ll be home within 8 weeks!!

We didn’t want to share Michelle’s Paris Diary with you until we knew this story had a happy ending… luckily – the Miracle Man hasn’t let us down!  It’s been the toughest 2 months for Shelley, Michelle and the Galmont family.  But things are looking up!  Michelle has single-handedly taken charge of the gallery – the place is running like clockwork (Stef would be proud!).  Shelley is an absolute inspiration and has somehow managed to accept this challenge with grace and strength and not an ounce of bitterness.  And she’s back at work 4 days a week?!  What a woman!

For the full story and regular updates on Stef’s progress – please pop over and visit Shelley at her beautiful Femme de Montmartre blog!

But for now, enough doom and gloom… we hope you enjoy Michelle’s Paris Diary this week!  Michelle also has an excellent Tumblr blog you should check out if you love French Vintage Posters!

Michelle and Stephan do the tourist thing (aren’t you guys supposed to be working…!?)

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 16th August 2010


  • shelley t 6 years ago

    gorgeous lucy, this account of what has gone on in our lives is really beautiful. thank you.
    what your readers should also know is the way that you have been at the hospital on a regular basis with food, hugs and gifts despite your horrendously busy schedule. you have been a rock to team galmont and stephan, michelle and i in particular. we love you. x

  • Lucy 6 years ago

    Awww Shelley… you are just ridiculously generous! I feel so lucky to be a part of your beautiful extended family at this time and at any time! :)

    Can’t wait to see you and the big man tomorrow… I don’t feel my account reads quite as eloquently as your updates do… but I am glad to share Stef’s story here and hopefully encourage even more love and support from across the blogosphere!

    loving you right back! xxx

  • Sabine 6 years ago

    Ah Michelle this is a fantastic post and Shelley you guys must be so proud… I absolutely love the Design Files and read it religiously (well done Lucy) and adore Team Galerie Montmartre of course. My life has always been about vintage posters and you guys have kept that alive Melbourne side. Huge love for all of you, looking forward to seeing you soon. xxx

  • natasha budinski 6 years ago

    This is fantastic,
    i stumbled across your page being a new blogger and there was michelles face. a friend of my friend. Photos look great.

  • Kate James 6 years ago

    Beautiful post about Stephan & Michelle, Lucy. You did a great job of capturing Steph’s spirit in your description of him. Gorgeous photos of Paris too. With a bit of luck I’ll bump into you at the hospital…I’m long overdue for a visit. xx

  • Glenda Rowe 6 years ago

    Lovely to read this blog and see the photos of Stephan and Michelle in Paris on their last trip there!! Sure it will NOT be the last and with the progress Stephan is making with his rehabilitation, know that he will be back in France at some stage, once again astounding everyone with his courage and determination…I’m sure his immediate and extended family and friends have contributed to his wonderful recovery!!! XXX

  • WDF 6 years ago

    Its so close, so seductive – why don’t I go there more often?? Oh well then there’s also Aix, Avignon, Seville, Cordoba aaaargh!

  • missdunc 6 years ago

    wow what an amazing story, wishing Stef a speedy recovery!! xxx
    And what a beautiful trip to Paris too…

  • Brendan Hardy 6 years ago

    This is like a dream come true…
    I love love love French Vintage posters… there so addictive… And what a story of inspiration, this blog is going into my much loved collection. Design files does it again…
    Avec L’amore!
    XOX B

  • Michelle 6 years ago

    Tash! Long time no see. You definitely picked the best blog to get into.

    And thank you so much to everyone else for your kind and wonderful comments…. was a lot of fun to write this up for Lucy, and even better to read everyone’s thoughts. The only problem is… now I can’t wait to go back!

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