Down Girl – The Patchwork Collective

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 25th August 2010

– When she hasn’t got her ear to the ground sussing out the latest fashion trends, Lizzy can be found rallying the troops who are taking part in her brilliant Project Patchwork! (Sheesh do you think you’ve got enough side-projects on the go, Lizzy!?)  Today Down Girl unites patchwork and  fashion – a pretty perfect match!   Lucy x

Arabella Ramsay Denim Quilt Dress, Karen Walker Oval Pink Coral Ring, Alexander McQueen Calamity Patchwork Print Shoe, Chloe Patchwork Bag, A.P.C. Quilt designed by Jessica Ogden & Jean Touitou, Tilkah Smoke and Mirrors Bangles, Nike Liberty Patchwork Dunks.

So, it was bound to come up!! The patchwork trend! Something close to my heart and a new found love of mine. I didn’t even realize how ‘on trend’ I was when starting my year project ‘Project Patchwork’. It was a coincidence, I assure you. Feeling all grandmothery I was SO relieved when I recently saw the stunning Arabella Ramsay collection. Click here to know what I’m on about.

You know when you discover something you thought was totally original, and then you see it appearing everywhere around you? Well, that’s kind of like patchwork for me this year. I remember seeing patchwork in the Isabel Marant collection Spring 2009 Collection, but that was about it – back then I never saw much more. The fashions of Spring 2010 by Arabella Ramsay and Chloe in particular have lovely Patchwork statements in their collections that are truly beautiful and subtle.

I think there is a very fine line and perhaps an art to patchwork being used in fashion, it can look very dowdy to say the least. I think Isabel, Arabella and Chloe have the right idea – just a simple touch or suggestion is the key.

Get your needle and threads out ladies and gents! I feel a DIY project coming on!!

Ditsy prints & geometric shapes,
DG xx

by Jenny Butler
Wednesday 25th August 2010

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