Down Girl – The Ikat Collective

by Jenny Butler
Monday 23rd August 2010

- Say hello to newest Design Files guest blogger – Lizzy Wilson, aka Down Girl!  A graphic designer by day, Lizzy also has a passion for fashion, and will share 5 inspired style trends with us this week on the guest blog!  Oh my! hold on to your wallets! – Lucy x

ASOS Ikat Print Skirt, Clip Shoe by Jeffrey Campbell, Wooden Rings from Belong Jewellery, Frame Peacock Wallet from Sportsgirl, Tribal necklace by Forever 21, The ‘Special’ Leather Belt by Phuong and Sebs belt co., Dream catcher earring from Sportsgirl, Java Ikat Pillow by Koko and Province Bag by Elliot Mann.

Hola! Happy Monday! Before I get too excited telling you about my (and I’m sure many of your) new LOVE for the current ikat/peruvian textile trend, I better introduce myself! My name is Lizzy Wilson (aka Down Girl), I’m a newly donned Melbourne graphic designer working at the very gorgeous Ortolan studio. I am also the girl behind the blog ‘The Things She Sees’ and weekly ‘Down Girl‘ inspiration emails. I am so honored that Lucy has asked me to be a guest blogger on The Design Files, where I have 5 days of free reign in this very section of her amazing blog! Wow!

For my guest blogs Lucy has asked me to do a ‘Down Girl for The Design Files’ feature. Down Girl is a little silly persona I have created, which I take on in my weekly ‘inspiration emails’ that I send to the girls at work. The girls at work had no choice but to receive these emails however, my first and only subscriber request was from the super lovely Lucy Feagins herself! So that makes the total subscribers, umm 7!

Also, before we delve into a week of amazing finds, I want to admit that I am by no means a fashionista or trend forecaster, but simply a lover of fashion and this week I am going to show you a few of my latest trend obsessions! Okay, so first up is my newest discovery…

IKAT prints! Oh and lets just mix in some Peruvian bags for fun too. The ikat print is created in the most amazingly intricate way, something similar to tie-dye however applied to the threads before they are weaved on the loom into a piece of delicious fabric. I promise you Summer is going to boom with ikat prints, they are so gorgeous and summery and just so, so beautiful to look at.

As for the bags, its all about that fluoro/bright colours and fantastic weaved patterns, the bigger the better I say. I haven’t found one yet (well one that’s of a price I can afford) but I will! And when I do, I will let you know! Speak tomorrow!

Brightly Bags & Aztec Skirts,
DG xx

by Jenny Butler
Monday 23rd August 2010


  • narelle 5 years ago

    Nice one down girl!

  • little bean. 5 years ago

    could you be any more on trend down girl?! i want all of the above! i also want to subscribe to your weekly inspiration emails. keep up the good work, can’t wait to see what you pull out of the hat tomorrow! x

  • jojo 5 years ago

    You are so down GIRL! What a lovely collage – love that skirt! I would also like to sign up to your emails please!! Hmmm what will tomorrow bring?? xox

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