Best in Park – Dog Lover’s Giveaway!

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 30th August 2010
Best in Park ‘Dog Lover’s Kit’ giveaway! – collar of your choice, Best in Park identity medallion, Eric the Bassett, Walter Wall Plaque, and a lead of your choice!

You may remember many moons ago I blogged about ‘Best in Park‘ – seriously stylish pet accessories by Melbourne designer / dog lover Christina Teresinski!  Not surprisingly, since launching her gorgeous range only 10 months ago, Christina has been bombarded with orders, and has already launched some lovely new products including her ceramic ‘Eric the Bassett’ ornament pictured above…!   There are also new doggy wall tiles and even something for the kitty-lovers out there… do pop over to the website to see the full range!

BUT before you dash off, you should totally enter this super-generous Best in Park giveaway!  Up for grabs is a ‘Dog Lover’s Kit’, hand selected by Christina, comprising –

1 x Collar (winner’s choice)
1 x Lead (winner’s choice)
1 x Identity Medallion
1 x Walter Wall Plaque
1 x Eric the Bassett

Total prize value – AU $241.75

Please leave your comment here before the end of the day to be in the running to win this fabulous prize!  Ensure you leave your email address in the email field so I can contact you if you are the lucky winner!  The winner will be selected randomly and contacted by email tomorrow.  If you subscribe to these posts by email, please don’t reply to your daily email, just pop over to thedesignfiles.net to leave your comment!  Thanks and good luck!

*Update – thanks so much for all your hilarious comments guys! The winning comment was #73 – Cate has been contacted by email!   Thanks again so much for entering… this competition is now closed :)

…and if you need MORE reason to love Christina’s work – Best in Park donates $4.00 from every online sale to the PALS (Pets are Loving Support) program run by the Lort Smith Animal Hospital in here in Victoria. PALS volunteers visit hospitals, nursing homes and day care centres with their own specially trained dogs, providing companionship & affection to hospital patients and the elderly. Oh the love.

by Lucy Feagins, Editor
Monday 30th August 2010


  • Rachel Franks 6 years ago

    My pup pipi would look fab with that gorgeous lead xx

  • Ngaio Parr 6 years ago

    Best in Park has some beautiful things – all of which my puppy Iggy would love to show off!

    Thanks for the lovely post! Ngaio

  • Hazel 6 years ago

    What an absolutely fabulous giveaway! I know my dog would absolutely adore these items!

    :) Hazel

  • Felicity 6 years ago

    What a lovely giveaway, fingers crossed for a win for my two lovely hounds.
    x Felicity

  • Pip 6 years ago

    Fantastic giveaway, my dog would love a new unchewed lead.
    take care

  • Hope 6 years ago

    My poor pup has a stressful week, these goodies would cheer her up!

  • Amanda 6 years ago

    I’d love this for the new pup in my life! What an awesome brand :) Love Eric the Bassett, I’d have him guarding my door.

  • DonnaZ 6 years ago

    The perfect prize for our new pup!

  • What fabulous products! My NT rescue dog Ruby would be mighty pleased with a few new accessories!

  • Dot 6 years ago

    Sophisticated designs! Very nice givaway. Particularly love the wall hung dog portrait, that can act as a hook to hold a stylish designed leash! Interesting I have a bunch of ‘best in park’ postcards! I was planning on sending to family and friends who are dog lovers! Will be checking out their store!

  • Stephanie 6 years ago

    I’ve only just found the Design Files (via Made590) and love receiving the daily blog.
    My dog, Hana, would look great in the “Best in Park” accessories. My son decorates Hana’s sleeping area with drawings and photos – I’m sure he would try to squeeze in Eric the Basset and Walter the Wall plaque as well.

  • Natalie 6 years ago

    I have been checking these out since I saw them at the designers market. Have been waiting for my puppy to grow big enough! What a beautiful prize. Natalie and Griffin.

  • thomas 6 years ago

    awesome! definitely pop my name in the hat please!

  • Erin 6 years ago

    Eric the bassett would look lovely sitting in my lounge room!

  • Melinda 6 years ago

    These are gorgeous! I’ll have to make sure I check out the kitty stuff, too…

  • Rowena 6 years ago

    What a great givewaway and a good organisation that they support too

  • Lisa 6 years ago

    Great products. The tan leather collars are gorgeous…well suited to my redhead pooch!

  • jennifer 6 years ago

    i would love some best in park items for my puppy howard! :)

  • liz 6 years ago

    Great prize! My dog Louis would look hot in this stuff!

  • Dorota Laughlin 6 years ago

    Zoe said I had to try my good luck!

  • elizabeth 6 years ago

    My little foxie Atticus looovesss these collars and leads. I think they are fantastic too xx

  • Anna 6 years ago

    My Cassie would definately be looking the Best In the Park!

  • Marni 6 years ago

    Frog dog would love this!!!

  • Kelly 6 years ago

    OMG Lucy! I literally got a new puppy yesterday. She’s a Ruby Cavalier so she has the most amazing coloured coat. I’ve been hunting high and low for beautiful collars – so as much as I would LOVE to win a prize pack – I shall be hitting up that website regardless. So beautiful.

  • Suzy Whitefield 6 years ago

    Oscar’s name tag finally fell off his collar yesterday…10 years of wear…he would love to look snappy in his twilight years :)

  • Shaun 6 years ago

    My French Bulldog puppy Libbets is salivating over that chocolate Bedford collar! Although she might just be on to my toast…

  • HiiRagi 6 years ago

    oooooo….my pup is definately ‘best in park’, hands down.

  • Hannah 6 years ago

    Our third ‘child’ Jack would love this!
    What a great organization they support too.

  • Kate E 6 years ago

    Love, Love, Love, Love them.
    My boys have turned their canine noses up at all the ultra girly leads on the market but i know these would meet the paw of approval.

  • ruth hickson 6 years ago

    A great gift for a cherished member of the family!

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Wow, my Boo would look SO HOT in these accessories! Well done Christina for creating simple sturdy lovely things as they are so hard to find…

  • Gemma 6 years ago

    Rufus would love this! Great prize.

  • Amy 6 years ago

    great giveaway today Lucy! My puppy “tater” would look so swish in these gorgeous collars :) Keep up the good work – will be checking out the guest blog this week – upon a fold = love love love it !

  • Hilary 6 years ago

    Mindy, my little staffy x girl from the lost dogs home would look beautiful with that amazing lead. She deserves some glam in her life I reckon.

  • Jess 6 years ago

    Oh I would have a fight on my hands- my two little fremchie puppies would go mad for these :) But I’m sure I could splash out on a few extras… love, love, love Best in Park! *fingers crossed*

  • Luz Algañaraz de Imbriano 6 years ago

    Woof!!or as we sat in spanish: Guau!

  • Elaine Pendlebury 6 years ago

    Diesel would love to wear this collar in front of his friends

  • Lauren 6 years ago

    What a GORGEOUS giveaway!!
    And perfect timing too, because we picked up our gorgeous 7 week old puppy yesterday!!! x

  • Beck 6 years ago

    My mini schnauzer, Otto, would look very handsome in this little get-up!

  • fairchildstreet 6 years ago

    My black spoodle Licorice, would look so cute in these. They are fabulous.

  • JO 6 years ago

    Our deliciously divine golden retriever “Slippers Archie” would seriously be the most handsome kid on the block with these new accessories! Thank you ‘Best in Park” for bringing such fabulous design into the pet world and for giving so generously back to charity! Look forward to spreading the word !

  • george 6 years ago

    Jet would love to be ‘the best in park’. thanks for hosting!

  • Edwina Paddis 6 years ago

    Hi…..this is just too cute…the kids and I are trying to decide what would suit our Cooper best. It is Coopers 1st birthday next month and we would love to shower him in gorgeous gifts such as these. Good luck to all! Cheerio Edwina

  • Sharon 6 years ago

    Woof woof! Pawpawpaw…..ok Marlo, i’ll try my best to win an amazingly, uber cool ‘Dog lovers kit’. Everypup wants to look their best!!

  • kitty 6 years ago

    Very swish.
    How cute is Eric the basset!

  • Ellie 6 years ago

    Oowwwww how incredibly gorgeous. x

  • Jasmine 6 years ago

    Rafferty is claiming to be the best in park and we all know that rafferty rules!

  • Taryn 6 years ago

    Ohh Oscar would love this! and I would love that wall plaque!! Pick us Pick us! xo

  • Jo 6 years ago

    Ooooh apple would love a new collar and lead! Absolutely lovely designs – good luck to all!

  • Lyndsay 6 years ago

    Awww… being the fur-kid of two graphic designers, our pup is constantly subjected to this kind of thing, a little more surely wouldn’t hurt! :) Such a cute prize, such a great cause to support.

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    This is the perfect comp – my pug cross Lulu is in desperate need of a new collar and lead, but it’s so hard to find good quality ones in stores! If she won this prize, there would be some frenzied licking going on… from her, not me.

  • Alana 6 years ago

    wow – what beautiful designs, if my puppy rubin’s not careful… I’ll be stealing them in the night trying to pass them off as a belt for me!

  • Kim 6 years ago

    LOVE love love the saxon set! Would be a fabulous 5th Birthday gift for our pooch Rusty.

  • Kerry 6 years ago

    My best friend just lost her sausage dog after 15 years of friendship she is look ing out for a new puppy and this would be the best welcome kit . great prizes once again thanks.

  • Dyllon 6 years ago

    These dog accessories are so chic, and masculine they look like they’ve fallen out of an issue of Vogue Homme. Seeing as Dogs are supposedly man’s best friend it may not be a bad place to advertise. Well done Christina, finally someone has designed some pet accessories, that are more “Parisian” than “Paris Hilton.”

  • Amelia 6 years ago

    Woof (dog for ‘yes, please, I’d love to win this’)

  • Vivian 6 years ago

    I love those collars! How wonderfully cool.
    I can just see my Pablo (golden Larador) running at the dog park looking the part and the envy of all the other pooches. I also love the idea of supporting PALS. What a great incentive. Keep it up – woof!

  • Steely 6 years ago

    omg.. i’ve wanted best in park gear for so long – it’s been in a separate email folder marked ‘buy’ ever since you blogged about it last year!

  • Isobel 6 years ago

    Fantastic prize Lucy. Lovin the pooch bling!

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Ooo these are very neat! We just got a new woofie (his name is Doug) from the animal shelter 2 weeks ago – I’m sure he would love these gorgeous accessories!


  • Tara 6 years ago

    Our Yorkie Burni would look (and act) like a stud with Best In Park’s items! Sweet designs!

  • imogen pullar 6 years ago

    Zooey the Dachshund would love some hot new doggy bling…x

  • michelle 6 years ago

    WOW these are some sophisticated doggy products. I really want to get a dog next year when my son is old enough to play with one. I’ve already started checking out the shelters websites for dogs . There are so many awesome dogs that have been abandoned, it’s really sad.

    If i win i think I will give the prize to one of my dog loving friends or sister-in-law.


  • Natalie 6 years ago

    My dog Harry has been forever complaining about his ‘wardrobe’.

    He’s always whining about his things:

    “Mum, dodn’t you think this lead is getting a liitle old…?”


    “why can’t i have a nice leather collar that doesn’t pull my coat, like the ones i see when i’m surfing on the interwebs?”


    “Mum, why do i always look so ‘mainstream’?”

    He’s right. His lead is a little old… and dirty, and his boring collar is a little bland and it pinches his fur… And although i’m not sure how he learnt words like ‘mainstream’ (probably all his surfing on the interwebs), he’s right about that too.

  • Belinda 6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing Christina Teresinski’s gorgeous work and for giving us this opportunity to win some of her pieces! I am about to get a pooch – she would look smashing in this gear.

    That’s a very generous donation on Christina’s part. Nice one!

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    How gorgeous! My lovely rescue puppy Hugo would look lovely in Christina’s range. Thanks for showing us another wonderful Australian designer Lucy. x

  • Beth 6 years ago

    Adorable! Our dog Buddy Love the mini schnauzer would look very dashing in one of the Best in Park collars. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous products x

  • Tamara 6 years ago

    Another lovely giveaway! My puppy would love these!

  • Kahli 6 years ago

    Ooh my black-lab retreiver cross great dane needs a new colar! Very cute products, I’ll have to pop in and have a look :) xo

  • Clare 6 years ago

    Oh wow! Our rescue mutt Buddy, who always looks so solemn, would look very refined in some of this gear!

    (our other pup, Lola, would just have to miss out this time. This stuff screams ‘Buddy’).

  • Lee 6 years ago

    My dog Moseby would look super elegant in anything by Best in Park! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that he’s the lucky dog.

  • Suzanne 6 years ago

    I can see why they are so PUPular!
    My dog Renno would be smartest looking dog in town in those.
    thx S

  • Cate 6 years ago

    Such beautiful products – count me and my canine companion in!

    (and Yay for PALS! the Lort Smith is such an amazing hospital, that has taken great care of my furry peeps in their time of need)

  • Clare 6 years ago

    What a lovely selection of doggie couture! Now how to keep my Ella Bella from getting her teeth into them?!

  • Camila 6 years ago

    My 3 pugs would have to fight over this dog lovers pack! Gorgeous!

  • suzy 6 years ago

    These are so stylish, would definitely suit my little Honey. Such a great range!

  • Mandy 6 years ago

    Awwwww! My dear doglet is itching for a doggy makeover! She is currently quite depressed by an outdated collar and on her walks, her lead just outright embarrasses her. Time to spruce the old dear up a bit!

  • Marjory 6 years ago

    I especially love the black and white lead; very stylish, plus soft-looking and flexible. My Jack Russell would love it!

  • clairsy 6 years ago

    Hi Lucy!
    My old beagle Masaki would love these doggy presents (actually he probably wouldn’t notice, he thinks he looks best smeared in poo, but I would like them!)

  • Joan-Maree 6 years ago

    There are no such stylish accessories for Sydney canines. My dog, Pepe, would look uber cool in Best In Park.

  • amanda 6 years ago

    I could turn the North Melbourne Dog park into fashions on the field with one of those collars!!!!! xoxox (Waggs the spanidor)

  • Emma 6 years ago

    our brand new pup lucky bell recently popped out of the shop and ended up in the care of the lovely people at the lord smith c&d home. We appreciate the extra love supplied to this wonderful melbourne institution x “do you think mean people are just nice people without puppies.”

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    I think my dog’s Baz and Charlie would strut their stuff in these beauties! Do dog’s know about alternating days and sharing?

  • Nicole 6 years ago

    Luna my 8 month old rescue puppy is now learning to walk on the lead. She(we) would very much enjoy the lovely prizes on offer – I think it will make learning new skills a much more enjoyable task! She’ll be talk of the town around Princes Park that’s for sure!

  • Thea Samios 6 years ago

    Oh yes please! I think my Zoe would look fabulous in these designer wares.

  • Ed 6 years ago

    My dog Alby Mangles was very sad at dog school yesterday. We were away last week and missed the dog trials. All his friends have now been moved up to Gold class….and he was the only one who did not graduate…maybe a new lead and colar will help him catch the tail of cute Judy the Dalmation?

  • Kieran 6 years ago

    Awesome these would be great for my dog, so cute :3

    Good Luck Everyone!

  • EmmaC 6 years ago

    If I win this, I’ll definitely have to buy a matching set for my second choccy lab. No second class dogs at ours. Love Best in Park’s work :)

  • Lu 6 years ago

    Best in Park indeed, I think the cat might get jealous.

  • Alex 6 years ago

    I’ve long been admiring the gorgeous wares and cute graphic design of Best In Park. Check out their gorgeous gift packaging – so cool. The leads look both stylish and sturdy. A win win for my ridiculously strong, poorly trained dogs who take me for a walk, rather than the other way round!

  • Cath T 6 years ago

    Very stylish indeed! Just what my little dude Dave would look uber-cool in x

  • pauline dumont 6 years ago

    Scooter just loves to look the glam weimaraner!!! Scooter would guarantee he wears the ‘best in the park’ gorgeous dog accessories. We love this fab gift,!!!

  • emma aiston 6 years ago

    frankie our sausage dog wants to win these!!

  • Camilla 6 years ago

    Having just adopted a lovely little Jack Russell Fox Terrier cross, I have been looking at pet accessories once again after having not had reason to purchase them for about two years. Its so fantastic to see someone creating something that little bit different to the average offering. Fingers crossed for Max the Fox Russell to win!! If not, I will certainly be visiting the site to purchase very soon.

  • yvonne 6 years ago

    ohh pretty. i have two dogs that will totally dig this….

  • harperleethecockerspaniel 6 years ago

    I would love that…. alot

  • Riley 6 years ago

    Bobby and Cooper are by far the Best In Park. If Best In Park means running around like 2 idiots…

  • Celeste 6 years ago

    our fingers (and paws) are crossed!

    love celeste and ruby x

  • Anthea 6 years ago

    This would definitely elevate Daph from farm dog to style princess in Carlton Gardens!

  • Sara Silm 6 years ago

    Ohhhh! How truly DIVINE Lucy! This fab supplier is so right for our family this week. After 3 years of saving, my 7 year old daughter Annabelle finally has enough for a dog of her very own. She doesn’t know it yet but we’re surprising her this Friday after school with the sweetest little Wire haired terrier rescue dog named Dorothy. She’s a little bit shy and skinny right now, but with all the love on hand, I’m sure she’ll be best in park in no time!

  • Soda 6 years ago

    Hi, I’m Soda, a brown border collie cross kelpie. Sometimes I think I’m a model, and can come across as vain and shallow. Other times I’m love herding the fluffy white dogs in the park, and being generally naughty- like rubbing myself in dead squid, poo, dirt etc.. Its complicated being me. I think sometimes I was born to be a Hollywood dog, and am wasted living in inner Sydney, but then, I wouldn’t get to wear all the bling that my doting mothers buy me. Please- I am a totally deserving of a new lead, and really am “best in park”. Promised signed photos if I win!

  • Casie 6 years ago

    We used to have basset hounds! Now a miniture schnauzer in dire need of a new collar. Count me in!

  • Ally 6 years ago

    I have an amazing rescued hound called Lucky. While not that chuffed with the name, we didn’t have the heart to change it after he had such a rough start in life, and 6 months later its like he has lived here all his life and we just people we named him after the cat from Alf. He would look pretty dapper in a best in park get up!

  • Claire 6 years ago

    Would love to win! Although with two cavalier king charles spaniels I would have to buy another whole set so one puppy didn’t get too jealous :)

  • jess 6 years ago

    zoe was sick on the weekend so she could definitely do with a present. x

  • Angie 6 years ago

    My little dog would look so stylish. :)

  • Julie B. 6 years ago

    How cool is Best in Park. I know it’s extravagant buying accessories for pets but it is kind of cool!

  • Lou 6 years ago


  • PInky 6 years ago

    I have a dog who I suspect is really a cat in a dog suit; he walks along the back of the couch, likes to drape himself over your shoulders like a French-bulldog fur stole and prefers to sit his 13kg body entirely on the warmth of your lap.
    This is the kind of couture he thinks he deserves!

  • Emily 6 years ago

    Argh! Best in Park has the raddest dog gear. It is sickeningly good.

  • stefany tiong 6 years ago

    Animal couture! Radical. Hope i win this pack, so my dog can walk in style =)

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    My gorgeous dog gives me so much love and affection and cheers me up what ever mood I am in….just for that i think she deserves a present from your amazing range, fingers crossed!!

  • Liz 6 years ago

    One of my friends put me onto your site and I love getting inspired by the photos of lovely things. I have two dogs who both deserve a prize because they are lovely rescue dogs. Go to http://www.rescuedwithlove.org if you would like to adopt a dog (and you are in Melbourne) :-)

  • Sophie 6 years ago

    I think it’s the smartest accessory suitable for dog, cat, children or husband! All mine would look great in them.

  • Karena 6 years ago

    the best designer gear i’ve seen for doggies. Great stuff “best in the park” love your work. Lloyd my labradoodle would love to strut his stuff in this designer gear.

  • philip 6 years ago

    woof woof, we love it!!

  • emma lipscombe 6 years ago

    grrrrrr woof woof ! !

  • Cameron 6 years ago

    Finally, Alfie could show his face in public…

  • Meredith 6 years ago

    Oooh how lovely! We have just met our brand new Schnauzer puppy on the weekend and she will be arriving at our house in a few weeks. She would love to grow into these fabulous accessories!

  • Tom 6 years ago

    Love it..!!

  • Magnus 6 years ago

    My pooch would be fighting off all the bitches with these accessories… Help a brother out here and give me the prize!


  • Lorena Mair 6 years ago

    wow, this accessoires are just gorgeous!

  • Caitlyn 6 years ago

    My dog Hau would not only be the smartest boy in the park but now also the most stylish! I love the design but love even more that Best in Park also contribute to PALS.

  • Jessica 6 years ago

    oh yes please.

  • Alice 6 years ago

    After the arrival of a new puppy to the family our 2 year old beagle Rupert would certainly feel like the true ‘top dog’ in some awesome gear from Best in Park!

  • Martha 6 years ago

    Thank you for donating to organizations like PALS! My pup Maxwell is being trained as a therapy dog and can’t wait to visit kids in the hospital, wearing his most dapper Best in Park collar!

  • Lily 6 years ago

    Eee! I lovelovelove Best in park! So cute! My little dog Jelly who is an RSPCA baby would look so lovely in their stylish threads!

  • Sam 6 years ago

    I love Best in Park! I saw these guys at the Fed Square Design Market and loved them!

  • Kara 6 years ago

    I was just looking at that website last week. Sunny would love some new accessories. Thanks DesignFiles.

  • Jayne 6 years ago

    What a lovely give away and kudos to Best for their donations to PALS – I’ll just have to buy something ASAP so my puppies have some smart new togs and to give a lil something back to Lort Smith who fixed up my lil one when she took on a car less than successfully!

  • Claire 6 years ago

    Louis the Pug would love a new collar to fit around his big chops!

  • mae 6 years ago

    I would love these for my little cheeky Harry.

  • Katie Smith 6 years ago

    The last collar I bought for my beautiful baby was online and the proceeds went to the poor puppies effected by the Haitian disaster … I ended up sponsoring a dog whilst browsing the rest of the site too! I love that you can buy great accessories for your most precious fur child whilst helping others less fortunate. Best in Park – thank you

  • Tess 6 years ago

    We’ve got two beautiful dogs. Both pre-loved pound hounds they’re very loving Kelpie xs. Alfie (an albino Kelpie) is very handsome and would look in these great products. Alfie is a male dog but is commonly confussed for a girl because he’s so affectionate and loving. We have a 1 year old (human) daughter and Alfie thinks he is her mother – always waiting by her cot and keeping her face clean with lots of licks! Woof!!

  • lizzie oswald 6 years ago

    Pick me pick me.
    We’ll have the coolest dog at the park, if not the most obedient…

  • Silvara 6 years ago

    Ooh how cute! I just got the most adorable puppy (Toby) who at 3.5 months is driving me equally insane by his cuteness and antics :D

    This would def add to the aww factor :)

  • neddy 6 years ago


  • Leslie Rowlands 6 years ago

    My little Border Terrier, Derby would like to work the runway in some of those fashions!
    Love to be a super dogma.

  • Estelle 6 years ago

    My puppy Norman would just love a best in park collar and lead, very spiffy!

  • brigid 6 years ago

    hamish (my schnoodle) often takes himself for a walk by carrying his own lead while we’re out.
    it gets a lot of ‘awwws’. and new lead would be awesome for him.

  • Lisa 6 years ago

    My pup would be so stylish with these accessories!

  • JANE 6 years ago

    Love this blog! Love my dog! :)

  • Jess 6 years ago

    Oh, absolutely love! My husband and I were just in the pet store yesterday getting quite despondent over the average range of collars and leads available. This would just make our little dog Billy, who we rescued recently from the RSPCA, look so, so classy! (P.S. You can see photos of Billy on my blog if you want to see the cutest, most mischievous thing ever!) xx

  • Megan 6 years ago

    Wow, my little Truffle would love these!

  • Alethea 6 years ago

    My Cavoodle, Rosie, is looking at me right now as I write this. She’d be a tops advocate for the Design Files AND Best in Park. x

  • Andrew Bennetts 6 years ago

    Love this giveaway! Fingers crossed!

  • Rebecca Marshall 6 years ago

    Larry the Lagotto rather fancies himself as the best in park!

  • alana waterson 6 years ago

    mr dudley the oversized groodle would not chew these to bits- surely.

  • Jess Wickham 6 years ago

    Gorgeous gorgeous, freddie would LOVE one. Pretty please xxx

  • Erin 6 years ago

    My woofa would love ‘Em, what a great prize!!!

  • Ruby and Remus 6 years ago

    My name is Ruby and I’m a whippet and although I’m already the best looking dog at the park, I know I would look even hotter with these gorgeous accessories… They would really suit my colouring. I might even share some of them with my baby brother Remus, the Manchester terrier, but only if he stops chewing on my ear!

  • tiffany 6 years ago

    Gorgeous. I so love Eric the Bassett!!

  • Kylie 6 years ago

    These are so stylish! Who would have thought our pet pooches could outshine their owners! Yes please – count me in!

  • Michelle Fraser 6 years ago

    My boy “Charles” would look fabulous in these at the next Dog Show. Our fingers and paws are crossed!!!

  • Mel 6 years ago

    Pippet & I love Best IN Park, bigs fans already.

    Mel x

  • Lisa Pola 6 years ago

    My Saffy dog is always best in my park. Love your products.

  • Kate 6 years ago

    oh yes

  • Jess Kav 6 years ago

    My parents dogs would love these, they are not spoilt enough! And I might keep just one, it might help to convince my housemate to let me get a puppy xx

  • Aysegul 6 years ago

    Please count me in for my dear Hera..Love the products..

  • sarah aubrey 6 years ago

    My dogs need some styling with those winter coats they’re sporting. Love your blog!

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    Never seen this brand before but OMG love it! Our little schnauzer would look spunky in this gear!
    Pretty please with sprinkles on top! x

  • helen c 6 years ago


  • Lizzy 6 years ago

    ohhh, how Enzo would die to be this chic. Fingers crossed. xx

  • Bianca 6 years ago

    These would compliment MONTE”S personality just fine … this has also helped with what to give my gorgeous sister for Christmas, who spoils her Samoyed. Thanks for blogging about these products.


  • Sam 6 years ago

    I suspect Otis would be completely indifferent, but the collar and lead would suit a Wolfhound.

  • Susan 6 years ago

    I have 2 gorgeous dogs a black flat coated retriever and a golden lab, they both need collar and lead updates and would both look very gorgeous in these leads and collars,

  • Kristy 6 years ago

    My little man Bear would love such stylish accessories. I think the colours would work too seeing as he’s a chocolate lab. Great competition and loving the blog. Keep up the great work. Luv K

  • becca 6 years ago

    My buddy Monty Doodle would rather have no collar at all but I these would look spiffing on him. Fingers crossed for me. If I’m not a winner, then off to the website

  • Mat 6 years ago

    Like the sound of that!

  • Julia 6 years ago

    Alfie the Jack Russell is used to pretty budget accessories, he would look mighty handsome in a new collar from Best In Park!

  • Paula 6 years ago

    Please please please pick Suzi (Suzi Quattro) and Lennie ( Detective Lennie Brisco) the world famous dancing and singing sausage dogs …..we recently admired best in park at the design market and Suzi hasnt stopped talking about it ever since…. ‘when am I getting a new lead and collar?’ ….on and on…over and over…..please save me……….

  • Angela 6 years ago

    Hoshi’s most favourite thing in the whole world is his frisbee, but I think one of those very handsome collars could come a pretty close second!

  • Matthew W 6 years ago

    woof woof woof . bark bark bark woof woof .

    Very stylish and cool doggie day wear ,

  • Jacinta 6 years ago

    o love love,
    My long awaited new friend is due home next month!
    Fingers crossed for the little munchkin Xx

  • kirrajamison 6 years ago

    lulu has been trying to get her paws on some of these goodies since you last blogged about them…and she has very fine taste!

  • michelle 6 years ago

    how much is that doggy in the window?
    woof woof
    the one with the wagglely tail

  • michelle 6 years ago

    how much is that doggy in the window?
    woof woof

  • Vanessa 6 years ago

    Can my dog Griffin put his paw up for this? Too gorgeous! :)

  • Jill 6 years ago

    Manny, the handsomest kelpie-border collie cross in the world would love to look even more handsome when he takes us for walks. Best in Park has a very stylish range and is to be commended for supporting Lort Smith; thank you.

  • Candy 6 years ago

    What can I say Rupert’s lost 2 kilos… a hell of a lot for a Cavalier… so he deserves to look stylish with this sensational gear.

  • Karen 6 years ago

    very classy merch. for our classy puppies. only the best will do!!

  • Bruce 6 years ago

    The girls (lillie and Tilda) would be very impressed with a stylish new look!

  • Joh 6 years ago

    I did not know about their LORT smith donation system. How good is that! Would love this pack for my dawg Russell. He wears a tux sometimes. Wanna photo?

  • loolah 6 years ago

    There’s a Great Dane sitting at my feet who would LOVE a new collar and assorted etceteras!

  • Ashley 6 years ago

    Lillie would love their stylish range, which seriously lacking over here in NZ!

  • amy sloss 6 years ago

    I know the perfect sausage dog for this prize!!

  • Jarrad 6 years ago

    My new puppy needs some new gear as he keeps growing out of his old stuff

  • Penny 6 years ago

    Will, my mini schnauzer did has back in on the Million Paws Walk – a beautiful lead would make him feel much better for next year!!!!!!!!

  • Eloise (Eloctre) 6 years ago

    I love these cute little doggy accessories, something so stylish obviously originated in Melbourne! Great giveaway!

  • kathryn 6 years ago

    I love these! I have just moved to melbourne from NZ and my dog wallis (and my husband) are flying over to join me on the weekend. this would be a perfect (and very stylish) start to her new life as a melbourne dog!

  • rachel 6 years ago

    cutest accessories for puppies!

  • Rachel 6 years ago

    My darling dog just had surgery on his neck and I haven’t been brave enough yet to tell him that there will be no walkies for 2 weeks. It could soften the blow to tell him that when we do eventually venture out, he’ll be the smartest looking pooch in the park!

  • Suzy 6 years ago

    must love dogs!

  • Kate & Honey 6 years ago

    Honey Pearl would <3 this awesome prize!

  • Elizabeth Deylen 6 years ago

    Melbourne girl Emma – the visually-impaired, 11 year old, cute and fluffy, red cockertriever would love to impress the pack down at Princes Hill with her designer ensemble. Bark in the Park would suit her out-and-about and round-the-town joie de vivre. Smooch from the pooch.

  • Jen 6 years ago

    Woof! Woof!

  • Elizabeth Deylen 6 years ago

    Of course, Emma meant to say Best in Park but was barking so excitedly that bark was the word I used. She corrected me immediately………as a diva should.

  • Sandra 6 years ago

    wow! i know a dog who would look even cuter (which i never thought possible) with some best in park gear.

  • Hi Lucy,
    My name is Teddy http://ted.fit2.bur.st/teddy.jpg and I am the second cutest puppy in Western Australia.

    My arch rival Rover who has the title of cutest puppy, has a Best In Park collar and lead.. so he naturally wins the contest every year :(

    Oh please Lucy, won’t you give me a Best In Park collar and lead please, please,please?

    My owner is saving up for other Best In Park designer doggy gear, but she maxed out her credit card on Castle bed linen from your awesome blog the other day (apparently, she couldn’t resist the yellow velvet pillowcases).

    Yours, woofingly,


  • Michelle Brady 6 years ago

    Ollie my Silky Terrier is currently wearing his predecessors leather hand-me-down collar – sentimental sure, but he is 13 years old and probably deserves his own stylish gear. Only problem is that if Ollie starts wearing designer accessories then I’ll need an upgrade too.. x

  • Bec 6 years ago

    My aunt and uncle have just adopted a new puppy, Primrose! She is ever so pretty and I’ve been looking for a sweet ‘welcome to the family’ gift for her! I think these would be perfect!

  • Rowie 6 years ago

    That would look gorgeous on my puppy! it would be an ambassador for doggy fashion!

  • jm 6 years ago

    now heres a giveaway that REALLY gets me excited!

  • emgem 6 years ago

    Best in Park make fabulous gear for pooches. My Olle would look wonderful in it.

  • E-Gene Soh 6 years ago

    Awesome prizes. My dog could not be more excited with these great looking collars!

  • Miss Pacman 6 years ago

    I adore that “Best in Park” ID tag!

  • luciana 6 years ago

    steve would look dashing!

  • phoo 6 years ago

    i love best in show!

  • steve 6 years ago

    i want them all!!!

  • luciana 6 years ago

    love the wall plaque

  • keisha eremic 6 years ago

    Love these! My pug would be the talk of the neighborhood :)

  • Rosemary Nick 6 years ago

    We recently rescued a puppy from the Humane Society and within 20 minutes we were head over heels in love with Lilly. She would be so proud to wear any of these beautiful collars!

  • Camila F. 6 years ago

    This is the coolest giveaway ever! That tag is priceless, so good!

  • Sarah 6 years ago

    Mungo the “Wonder Dog” needs a little doggy chic for the street.

  • My wayward whippet would be dashing in these. Keep up the good work, Lucy!

  • Nikko Moy 6 years ago

    Great cause! My German Shepherd and Welsh Corgi would love to sport a little fashion!

  • Sally 6 years ago

    Little Jim would look great in those! And what a great cause too.

  • Kate 6 years ago

    Geordie, our little wirey-haired fox terrier would look so handsome walking down the street with those collars and leads! Pick me please Lucy!
    Kate x

  • Courtney 6 years ago

    Pa-LEASEEEEEEE!!! My pug Basil would look like the most gorgeous pooch in the world with that get up on, strutting his stuff!

  • Jasmin 6 years ago

    Oh my… I found Best in Park the other day by mistake and fell in love. My little Alfie would look so handsome in one of those collars!

  • lucy 6 years ago

    i may be too late, but i was away and saw your giveaway upon my return… scrolling through all these posts does show how popular you really are – and well done you!
    I know Basil the Bean would love some new attire – or just chew on it – but I really just wanted to say, please keep the doggie treats coming. Cos clearly we do love our furry pals. As shown by my partner who is currently walking our little monster IN THE RAIN!!! Now THAT is dedication!
    Cleverly gving me time to relax in front of TDF after a long day of meetings. Fantastico! x

  • Leah 6 years ago

    My husband and I just adopted a 9 week old border collie/kelpie from what could have been short lived life for a puppy. Her name is Kyby (pronounced kigh-bee) and she is chocolately-brown, with big blue eyes and is so adorable! I would love to be able to spoil her even more than I do by giving her some stylish accessories! Thanks for reading xo

  • maree::melbournestyle 6 years ago

    Our little Patch died about 3 weeks ago. Lex and I had to take her to the vet and it was so sad to be with her and devastating to have to put her down. What a phrase. Anyway, we took her to Aireys Inlet and buried her with a dog choc wrapper, a stick and her ball in her favourite sunny spot. She loved that spot because it was elevated and she felt taller than a teensy jack russell/foxy and she could see all around and see us all without leaving her sunbaking. I don’t have a pup anymore but my friend Keran has the handsome Murray (labrador), and Jenny has Teddy (Airdale – spelling?) and I’d give it to them if I won these handsome goodies. Patch is forever on the Fridge, a great pic I took of her adoring Lex on the beach at Aireys.

  • Sophie Linden and Jo 6 years ago

    Jo would look both stylish and smart in a Best in The Park. When we went on adventures, walks both in the country or town.
    If he was lucky enough to win one of the surprise packages, he would just be getting what I planned on purchasing my boy for his Christmas present early. I adore the style of the Italian leather which is used for the collars and leads.

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  • pet products online 3 years ago

    Hi…My puppy will look smart after wearing this fabulous pet accessories.
    Cheers :)

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