It is weird to post a picture of myself like this. Anyway. Hello!

OH MY GODDDD! Sorry for the delay this morning… still ironing out the glitches… but I am so so so super excited to say hello from The Design Files’ brand new home – WORDPRESS!


Whilst it may not *look* massively different from ye olde Design Files, this has been a HUGE task! I have had lots of amazing help and advice along the way… Big hi-fives all round to these super clever people! -

Kat Macleod at Ortolan – for the lovely new site re-design… same same but just a little different, a little more grown-up, smarter and more polished! Tab navigation up top (more tabs to come!), some new font action, some of Kat’s super gorgeous handwriting up there on my masthead… and a new yellow pebble! I love that pebble! Thankyou Katty!

Glenn Todd at Dvize - OMG you have no IDEA the brain power it takes to migrate 2.5 years worth of posts, pictures, comments, links from one place to another across the interwebs. Not to mention giving me a crash course in WordPress and HTML and everything else I need to know to steer this ship solo! It was a mammoth task – thankyou Glenn!

Also a little hug across the oceans to the legendary Grace Bonney, who, despite having 90,000 twitter followers, has still found time to send me some super encouraging tweets and advice about the big move to WP! So thoughtful and truly generous with her advice – there’s good reason Ms D*S is at the top of her game! Thankyou so much Grace!

But mainly, Thankyou guys so much for reading, for your endless encouragement, and your patience during this big move! I am really excited to make this site even better for everyone reading! I hope you find this new site friendly and easy to navigate… but also I hope it still feels like The same old Design Files! I am super excited to have the ‘Australian Homes‘ and ‘Interviews‘ organised into thumbnails for easy browsing! (I still need to add some more…) There is still a bit of ‘coming soon’ going on… but do have a click around and see what you think! I would love your feedback!

OH, and if you notice any little hiccups or broken links I should know about, please let me know! Thankyou!  x