A few pics from my new Tumblr archive…

I got super annoyed last month because I tried to sign up for a Tumblr account, and thedesignfiles.tumblr was taken. I got all grumpy and went to see who had ‘stolen’ my name. OH. It was me. In a brief moment of forward-thinking many months ago, I had absent-mindedly made a Design Files Tumblr account, and then promptly forgotten all about it.

Wow I totally outsmarted myself with that one.

ANYWAY. The point is… I now have a Tumblr! I know, I know… bit late in the game… but I didn’t realise how cool it was until I discovered the ‘archive’ function. OMG! so great. A virtual pin-board… so easy to use – just one click! No captions, credits or links to worry about. Everything is done for you! For me I guess it is a special and more personal eye-candy archive, somewhere I can save all the gorgeousness I come across without necessarily having to research, explain and blog it ‘properly’.

My new favourite fellow Tumblr-ers include The Beautiful Soup, Apartment Diet, From Scandinavia With Love, The Brick House, Flipside of a Memory… be warned – they’re hyperventilatingly good.

Please check out my comparatively measly Tumblr page and see what you think. And tell me all your Tumblr tips because I am still getting my head around it…

One of my favourite recently tumbled things… incredible timber toys / sculptures by US-based designer Mark Giglio (aka Pen Pencil Stencil). (These amazing Japanese-inspired timber toy trees are all sold out of course! Sorry!)

Recently discovered via Tumblr – Danish blog Ungtblod. OMG so good you will die.