I don’t often blog about fashion, but I just had to share these gorgeous finds by Sydney-based fashion label Rittenhouse…. Their spring/summer ’10 range is just pure simple understated loveliness. These pieces seem somehow more French than Australian in style… love the layering, the muted colours and soft stripes. Purchase from the Rittenhouse website or from stockists listed here.

HOWEVER what really caught my eye whilst browsing the Rittenhouse website was their 2009 collab with Swiss husband-and-wife artists Michael Husmann and Pascale Mira Tschaeni (aka Husmann/Tschaeni) Oh. My. Goodness. I cannot believe the gorgeousness. Unfortunately many of the loveliest pieces are sold out. Which totally serves me right for catching on about 9 months too late. Where have I BEEN!? bleh.

Rittenhouse / Husmann/Tschaeni 2009 collaboration