New cushions by Sydney-based Ponyrider

Lovely pennant flags from Ponyrider’s new ‘wallwares’ range

As if their first range of gorgeous soft furnishings wasn’t fabulous enough, Sydney-based Ponyrider have done it again with a second range of equally covetable designs!

Designer Kelly Searl strikes the perfect balance once again – a simple limited colour palette, retro typography, quirky-but-cute love hearts, a hazy photoprint perfectly edged with striped piping… and even an incidental nod to Rosalie Gascoigne (?) with those pieced-together cushions and quilts. Aggh. So very brilliant.

…and just when you thought you couldn’t possibly buy another cushion and/or teatowel… Ponyrider’s new range of ‘wallwares’ offer a neat alternative to the ubiquitous housewarming gift – including printed pennant flags, and possibly the loveliest wall decals I have ever seen. Promise! Pop over and check ‘em out!

You can buy Ponyrider things online here.

Ps) like all the bestest clever creative types, Ponyrider has a lovely little blog!

Oh my. The bedspread. So perfect!