Soft mobiles by Made by Mosey
This little boys ‘Nautical hankey blankey‘ quilt is just SO freaking cute if one of you does not snap it up TODAY you must be crazy.

Yesterday I did a talk/presentation kind of thing for the Coco Republic speaker’s series. It went quite well I think…. there were lots of lovely people to meet – if you came along then THANKYOU for coming and being such a wonderful audience! (And thanks so much to CR for having me!).

Anyway, I was asked a few interesting questions, and one of them was about the best way to submit something to get your work on The Design Files. It is true – I get a bazillion submissions these days and I do struggle to fit everything in and I hate to disappoint people. SO, what is the best way to get your product/shop/artwork/craft on TDF? Welll.. there are really no rules… but how about sending me an email like this -

‘Hi Lucy,

Just wanted to let you know I’ve been working hard on new mobiles, bigger and better Hankey Blankeys and more bunting in lovely bright vintage fabrics.

I know you are super busy and have posted about me before (I don’t want to seem greedy!) and have a million other creative/crafty people lined up to post about but this is just in case you have a slow news day :) !!

Thankyou for your time. And keep up the wonderful and just excellent work!

Madeleine x’

So there you go. That is how you do it. Magic!

Also of course Madeleine’s lovely hand-crafted products are just super gorgeous – not to mention reasonably priced… and she had a lovely selection of pics for me to choose from which always helps :)

Yay for slow news days!!

Made by Mosey things are available to buy here!