Comma in Daylesford – photographs by Dianna Snape

Love that hand-drawn map on the blackboard wall in the kitchen! Such a sweet and friendly detail…

This stunning Daylesford property has been designed and styled with such warmth, care and attention to detail, you could be forgiven for thinking you’re looking at the perfect family home. But this is no ordinary family home, this is Comma – a truly exquisite four-bedroom rental property in the heart of Daylesford, and the personal project of Melbourne-based Jane and Matt Martino.

Comma is such an incredible achievement for the Martino family! After years of holidaying in Daylesford, Melbourne-based Jane and Matt decided to buy land in the area just over three years ago. With their combined skills (Matt is an artist and freelance designer, whilst Jane is Executive Director of communications agency Undertow Media), the pair took on the challenge of designing, building and marketing Comma as a boutique holiday spot. Fast forward to 2010, and they’re the proud owners of this beautiful property – designed by Matt and built from the ground up! ALL THIS with three boys, ages 2,3 and 4….!! WHAT!?? Incredible.

Matt and Jane have launched the Comma Group with their gorgeous Daylesford property… but it seems they’re not keen on slowing down anytime soon! They plan to open another property in Byron Bay in 2011, which will also be built from scratch. Jeepers creepers… These guys really love a challenge!

Huge thanks to Jane for introducing me to this beautiful home, and for sharing all these stunning pics! Please visit the Comma website for more info about this very special rental property! Bookings are handled by Daylesford Getaways.

Views over Wombat Hill