Brand new Great Big Stuff at Third Drawer Down!
Giant ear pods – which I think actually work?! Incredible value at $69!

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, ‘OMG, she’s finally lost it’. But before you start getting all logical and wondering why on earth you might need an enormous pencil or gigantic earphones… bear with me!

As a props buyer and sometime events stylist – I have actually had to source oversized items such as these more often than you might imagine. Thank God You’re Here was especially fond of these wacky props – I recall requests for a giant toothbrush, a 6ft fountain pen, a 3m high cricket bat and oversized kitchen utensils on more than one occasion. And frankly, I am quite excited to know that if I ever need an oversized paintbrush, I don’t have to find a props maker at short notice and fork out $3000 to get one made. Because Third Drawer Down has them for just $245.00! That’s great value!

Encourage conversation at your next corporate function with oversized nametags!

Ok ok I hear you… not everyone requires such peculiar items in their everyday working life. But just take a moment to consider the possibilities…

- Office workers! Encourage a smile in your dreary cubicle by offering guests an oversized hamburger instead of a chair to sit on.

- Teachers!
Set up an oversized pencil or ruler in your classroom for instant ‘cool teacher’ cred.

- Parents!
Imagine the photos at your kid’s next birthday party with one or more of these props on hand! Stick French berets and moustaches on all the kids and have them pose at an easel with the oversized paintbrush!

- Students!
Cause a stir at your maths exam with this ruler under your arm…

- Architects / designers!
– Talk your client into ordering 20 x corn cobs as outdoor seating for their new cafe! (Come on now – there are enough plywood stools in the world already!)

Retailers! - draw customers to your shopfront! Hang that pencil (or ruler) horizontally, attach hooks side by side along it’s length… ta dah! – an instant eye-catching display for accessories, clothing, hangsell items… at least it’ll guarantee a smile!

IF YOU TOO have a vivid imagination and are just a little bit bonkers (like me), perhaps you can think of the perfect spot for an oversized corn cob in your home / office / workplace! Third Drawer Down are very excited to offer this wacky prize to one lucky Design Files reader!

Please leave a comment here today to be in the running! Entries close at midnight tonight – May 6th 2010. A winner will be picked at random and announced tomorrow… good luck!! (Australian residents only, sorry!).

Be in the runnning for the great big corn cob – leave a comment here today!