Various Modernist Homes via the brilliant Modernist Australia blog. This one in Brighton is currently for sale – details here.

Kew home – listed here

Kew home – listed here

Another one for sale in Brighton.. ooh la la check out that bathroom!

Stunning Eaglemont mid-century masterpiece – as blogged by Modernist Australia late last year

Sorry to say I don’t have a specific Australian home to share today… a few in the works but none quite ready to go I’m afraid! Along the same lines, I thought I would share a great little find discovered recently by the very clued-in Jenny Butler (Apartment Therapy‘s Australian contributor!).

Modernist Australia is a fabulous blog dedicated to Australian Modernist homes… with an especially brilliant nation-wide Modernist real-estate round-up, highlighting some of the most beautiful untouched Mid-Century Australian homes on the market! Never has an orange tiled kitchen or speckled beige Nanna carpet looked so appealing! (I am serious!) ….If you can get past some of the questionable furniture in these homes (mainly sofas) – the expansive Eames-inspired windows, interior wood panelling and pristine original cabinetry truly hold timeless appeal.

Plus, you gotta love MA’s unapologetic stance when it comes to suburban residential development – in reference to the home pictured below – ‘a plea to all Sydneysiders; do not to let this building be one of the many demolished at the whim of the monied-up philistines who run your town. ‘ Ouch! Nice one.

Hands off, Philistines!

OMG can you believe both of these kitchens have the exact SAME orange tiles for their splashback? Brilliant.