Loungeroom. Top image – woodcut by Greg Ades, House print by Reg Mombassa, Shoot by Richard Lindner, abstract painting on wooden panel by Simon Browne.

Artwork from left – Untitled Portrait of Gemma by Matthew Gordon, large abstract painting by Linda Carol (a gift from Gemma’s parents), white ceramic sculpture by Buffy Jones, Comic Cat by Gus McLaren (McLaren Ceramics).

Kitchen details…

Top Image – far left, Kate Moss as Marilyn by Banksy (Sorry Banksy, cropped in half!). Giant Kitten by Vivienne Strauss (plus Anzac Biscuit recipe!). Bottom – messy but cute above the kitchen sink. :)

Back to Melbourne today for another local home – this is the home of Melbourne artist and Outre Gallery manager Gemma Jones! I have been chasing Gemma for a home tour for little while, and finally squeezed in a visit to her fab Yarraville pad last Monday (just before hopping on the plane!)

Gemma’s home is actually a cool old shopfront – she has set up her office and studio in the shop section at the front, and beyond is a 2 bedroom home she shares with one housemate and one super cute cat! I love the brave colours (yellow walls!!), and all the wonderful little details in every nook! Not surprisingly, Gemma’s fantastic collection of artworks and framed prints is very enviable – there’s a brilliant mix of work by talented artist friends, family, and many of the brilliant artists represented by Outre.

Huge thanks to Gemma for sharing her home! She is so super sweet, she gave me tea and cake – I am so spoilt! You can find Gemma many places all over the web… do check out her website, her brilliant blog and her artwork on etsy and Flickr …AND like all the best internet addicts, she’s on Twitter too ;)

Thanks so much Gemma! x

Bedroom details. Top image – small oil on board paintings by Gemma Jones. Bottom image – Tim Biskup original drawing, small canvas by Rachel McGrotty, larger greay painting – Mummy’s Little Monster by Gemma Jones.

Moe bedroom details. Top photo – far left: Kittens by Alex Avtzoglou (aka Pickle Deluxe), Aesthetic Apparatus poster drawing by Peter Maloney (Gemma’s cousin), original painting by Angelique Houtkamp. Bottom – Mark Ryden Tree Show Pennant, Yoshitomo Nara flip clock.

More amazing artwork and prints!! Top image – original watercolour painting by Angelique Houtkamp. Bottom image Bird Filled Sky, silkscreen print by Tim Biskup, Glass Shop by Yolo Tanaka small paintings by Sdevn Marshall.

Rod McLeish collage / drawing, Detroit Cobras poster, Misha Hollenbach (PAM) painting

Studio / office – far left silkscreen print by Dalek, far right print by Rinzen, other paintings by Gemma Jones. Bronze sculpture on left “Eliza” by Ben an Tony Jones (Gemma’s brother and Dad), original Yarraville Railway Station sign, Brunswick bowling chairs, vintage, pedal car found on side of the ROAD(!!), and all canvas painting by Gemma.

Needlework top image is by Pip of Meet me at Mikes! Bottom needlework is vintage.

Crafty corner in the studio!

Cats like cameras.

Shaggs and Goose by Rona Green, Lightening Bolts and Clouds from Service Station, from Gemma’s holiday in the Catskills. A Statue representing Brahma by Ben Jones (Gemma’s brother).