Artworks created from anodised alumnium by Donna Marcus – from top left – Lounge, Parlour, Spareroom and Observatory, all 2006.

Queensland-based artist Donna Marcus makes seriously AMAZING artworks from re-purposed kitchenware and aluminium… How completely brilliant is it to see such beautiful and inspired creations made from something as mundane as salvaged cookware…!? When re-arranged and re-contextualised by Marcus, these lolly-coloured pots and pans seem so precious – almost jewel-like… a truly magical transformation.

Re-Entry – photos by Matt Hurst

Donna currently has an incredible large-scale installation showing in the Atrium at Federation Square.. entitled Re-Entry, a collection of hanging sculptures are suspended like surreal multicoloured clouds or ‘intergalactic space-junk’! The installation is constructed from over 1000 aluminium pots, pans, colanders and fry pan lids! Love it.

Fed Square are so great with things like this. Nice work Fed Square art curator dudes, whoever you are! :)

Re-Entry – photos by Matt Hurst

Re-Entry will run at the Atrium in Fed Square until May 29th.

Donna Marcus is represented in Melbourne by Dianne Tanzer Gallery.

Thanks to Matt Hurst for the tip off and the shots! x