Bedroom details from the Sydney home of illustrator Renee Anne.

Love that polka-dot Castle bedlinen!

Gorgeous girly details in the living area…

Love Renee’s heart-shaped polaroid collage!

Oh my goodness TWO gorgeous home tours in ONE DAY?! How good am I? You guys are totally spoilt :) ha ha!

This is the beautiful little pad of Sydney-based artist / illustrator / blogger Renee Anne! Renee lives in The Hills district of Sydney with her boy James, who runs his own t-shirt biz – Foreshore Dynamic. So in a 2 bedroom apartment, with James’s work and all Renee’s art and illustration supplies, they have to be very strict with their storage and home organisation!

Renee has been a loyal TDF reader for as long as I can remember.. she often leaves me lovely comments and of course I am always curious who is reading, so it wasn’t long before I started visiting Renee’s own fab blog and folio site. She is certainly one talented lass and her blog is absolute girly gold so you must definitely visit and bookmark bookmark bookmark!

Renee says she has a little creative ADD(!) and loves the idea of doing lots of different creative projects… (sounds familiar!). Last year she co-curated a group art show titled Once Upon… she loved the experience and can’t wait to play host at more art shows!

Renee’s many talents do not stop at illustration, art curating and brilliant blogging – she also has a particular knack for making (and photographing) insanely delicious breakfasts! I am serious. I think a career in food styling beckons! (I am serious Renee!)

Delectable food styling by Renee…!

Check out Renee’s artwork here, her wonderful blog here, her etsy store here and her Flickr here! But be careful… those breakfast photos are likely to have you licking your lips and contemplating much more decadent morning meals from now on… don’t say I didn’t warn you!

ps) Renee and I are also collaborating on a special little Sydney-centric project for The Design Files… I am so excited…! Stay tuned!

In the background – what Renee calls ‘the dreaded Purple wall’!!

Love the bottom shot of Renee and James’ evening laptop fest! I, too, am guilty of the post-dinner ‘laptop-in-front-of-TV’ thing….

living / dining / kitchen / everything

hand-made paper garlands hanging in the window…

Dining area